WHAT manga books did you have??

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8yr ago
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permalink Well, I have 4 manga's in my house...2 volumes of SAVER and 2 volumes of Tsubasa Chronicles..It cost a lot of money but still no one will never ever pigil me to bought my favorite manga's...<3<3<3

8yr ago
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permalink All the published volumes of Zone-00, 6 volumes of Kuroshitsuji, 2 volumes of Shaman King, and 3 volumes of Naruto. So much money but so worth it~~ <3 <3 T_T

8yr ago
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permalink I have 3 volumes of Naruto, 9 volumes of Kimi Ni Todoke, 2 volumes of Samurai Champloo and a yaoi -I give to you-. I want to own Let Dai and Boy Princess.....saving....

8yr ago
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8yr ago
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permalink wow sis...i want to buy prince of tennis :D

8yr ago
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permalink i got only one... Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo (part 20)... my gosh.. it is so old.. actually.. i got it from our neighbor before when they were cleaning their house.. i asked for it and the old man gave it to me.. he said i wouldn't be able to understand it anyway.. hahaha!

8yr ago
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permalink just too many of them... till my bookshelf can't fit them all... huhu

8yr ago
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permalink I have about maybe 14?? idk I know I have 4 of Meripuri which is a very short manga series I wish they added more.. but then it would take me forever to read lol... (now I want to read it) I have 3 DNAngel books, and maybe 4 or 6 Inyuasha books.. O:)

8yr ago
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permalink 17 volumes of lovely complex shojo beat manga volumes 4 and 3 Shounen jump Volume 2 and 7 And some Vampire knight volume 4,5,6,7

7yr ago
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permalink I have many books(150+) on different languages(Russian, English and Spanish)+2 guide books(Bleach SOULs on English and Death Note 13 on Spanish) and 1 artbook(Bleach artbook on English)

7yr ago
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permalink i have loots manga about 500 books and about 60 difrent manga siries

7yr ago
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permalink i have 4. . . .hehehe. . . . wild adapter,orphen,confidential confession and hana-kimi . .

7yr ago
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permalink some super old pokemon and digimon manga

7yr ago
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permalink I have a lot but most of them are Doraemon ^^ Doraemon introduce me to Japanese ;)

7yr ago
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permalink I have 5 manga books, I have Fruits Basket volumes 1-4 and then I have a Fruits Basket: Year of The Cat Fanbook. :)

7yr ago
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permalink I don't remember the titles because I have a lot of comicsin my room. but almost of them is shoujo manga :D

7yr ago
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permalink I never was really big on manga, but I loved the story KouKou Debut~
I got the 2nd and 3rd book when Borders was going out of business :'(
I also got the first K-ON

7yr ago
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permalink Fruits Basket, Shaman King, Naruto, Vampire Knight, Fairy Tail

7yr ago
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permalink i have naruto..

7yr ago
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permalink for got how many...but i have several naruto books...3in1 one piece book...one inuyasha book and i think thats it....yeah thats it.

7yr ago
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permalink Full Moon, Kuroshitsuji, Dragon Ball Z ( :P ) , Vampire Game, Beast Master, Cinamoroll, Tokyo Mew Mew, DN Angel, Fruits Basket, Strawberry Marshmallow, Death Note ~

7yr ago
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7yr ago
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permalink I have huge manga series of Detective Conan with me. I think, reach 48 series. And so, Inuyasha and all kind of manga.

7yr ago
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permalink i have over 100 manga...uhhhh. cant even begin to list o.o

6yr ago
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permalink Xxxholic
Dogs; Bullets and Carnage
Honey and Clover

6yr ago
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6yr ago
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permalink 1-6 of Ouran Vol. 13 of Soul Eater, 3-4 of Kingdom hearts,1 of Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories, 1-2 of Fruits Basket, 1 & 16 of Wallflower, 1 of Black Bulter, 1 of Vampire Night, Death Note 1-3 and more but i cant think of them

6yr ago
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permalink *Clears throat* ~ Two Omnibus volumes of Bleach ~ Two omnibus volumes of Fullmetal Alchemist ~ Blue Exorcist Volume 1 ~ Volume 1 of Kuroshitsuji ~ Two omnibuses of Naruto and Volumes 1-6 of Ouran High School Host Club :D

6yr ago
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permalink Unfortunately just Naruto (vol 1-3) and Kimi ni Todoke vol 1 :(

6yr ago
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permalink I have 16 manga books,Bleach,Angel Sanctuary,Death Note,Absolute boyfriend and Nana :D

6yr ago
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permalink 2 old volumes of Shonen Jump and Grand Guignol Orchestra volumes 3 and 5

6yr ago
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permalink Naruto (10 vol), One Piece (10 vol), Death Note (12 vol), Bleach (3 vol), Hellsing (10 vol), Gente (3 vol), Nurarihyon No Mago (6 vol), Lone Wolf and Cub (4 vol), Trinity Blood (12 vol), xxxHolic (9 vol), Monster (2 vol), FMA (11 vol), Kamisama Kiss (11 vol), Pandora Hearts (13 vol), Berserk (2 vol), House of Five Leaves (2 vol) and Pet Shop of Horrors: Tokyo (8 vol)

6yr ago
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6yr ago
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permalink orphen book one :D

6yr ago
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permalink only naruto and bleach cause i can just ree]ad online

6yr ago
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permalink I've got the first volume of The Betrayal Knows My Name and Vampire Knight, first six volumes of Black Butler and Angel Sanctuary. :D

6yr ago
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permalink kuroshitsuji > 1-12
vassalord > 1-5
alice in the country of the hearts > all
DOGS bullets & carnage > 1-2
bokura ni matsuwaru etc.
liberty liberty

6yr ago
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permalink Naruto volumes 1-12

6yr ago
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permalink ☆ Kimi Ni Todoke volumes 1-15
☆ B.O.D.Y. volumes 1-11
☆ Naruto Shippuden (forgot what volume but it's the one where he meets his mom)

6yr ago
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permalink hmm, lets see i have Girls bravo, anne freaks, SGT frog, cowboy bebop, Battle vixins,Maburaho, and others i cant remember them even though i only have a few xD

6yr ago
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permalink NARUTO shonen jumps

6yr ago
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permalink The first volumes of Naruto Shippuden and Vampire Knight

5yr ago
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permalink Quite a lot..Happy Cafe, Kitchen Princess, Tokyo Mew Mew, Durarara, Shugo Chara, Attack on Titan, Sakura Hime, VS. Alien, Loveless, Black Butler, Madoka Magica..that's all I can think of. Only Kitchen Princess and Tokyo Mew Mew are completed though xD

5yr ago
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permalink Blood Alone volume 2-3
Alice Academy
Princess Resurrection
Dragon Ball

5yr ago
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permalink Naruto 25, 26, and 27

5yr ago
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permalink I have 7 books... 5 manga, and two normal.
I have:
yu-gi oh 38
Dragon ball 2 & 4
Dragon ball z 2 & 4
Left over
reading the muslim minds

5yr ago
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permalink Fushigi Yuugi :D some vampire series I bought in Japan that I'm translating, and two other series that the titles I can't remember at the moment T.T

5yr ago
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permalink I read a lot but only own Samurai Deeper Kyo, and some manga-magazines like Shonen Star and Hanalala (these version're only sold in my country, I think)

5yr ago
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permalink I have 3 volumes of Jigoku Shoujo, 2 volumes of Kuroshitsuji, 1 volume of Loveless, 1 volume of Hana Kimi, 1 volume of Angel Sanctuary and some other manga I have won (for example 4 volumes of Category: Freaks or 1 volume of Perfume Master)

5yr ago
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permalink I have 4 volumes of Black Butler~ I'm still buying them though :)

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