What language do you dream in?

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10yr ago
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permalink so you speak more than one language but which language do you dream in?

i speak English and 2 Chinese dialects, but i probably dream in English most of the time, sometimes i dream in Chinese, and sometimes in both english and Chinese together

what about everyone else?

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10yr ago
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permalink I dream in Japanese or Cantonese usually. Its so weird! When I dream in Japanese, its ike I am reading this manga written about me but I can hear what is happening. I think I read way too much manga... :RBconfused:

3yr ago
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permalink me too about manga most of the time >w<

10yr ago
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permalink I dream in English, but every now and then some Japanese or Spanish works its way into my dreams.

10yr ago
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permalink - Chinese
- Japanese
- Korean
- French
- English (my english is bad LOL) :RBconfused:

3yr ago
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permalink i would say japanese or english

10yr ago
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permalink japanese and english no other more this is my dream, no one can stop it accept god. i can do it :RBkiss: :RBkiss: :RBkiss: :RBkiss: :RBkiss: :RBkiss: :RBkiss: :RBkiss: :RBkiss: :RBkiss: :RBkiss: :RBkiss: :RBkiss: :RBkiss: :RBkiss: :RBkiss: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart:

10yr ago
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permalink I dream in Estonian and English...but sometimes also few Japanese & Russian phrases come to my mind. :)

10yr ago
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Quote by ElluMellu
I dream in Estonian and English...but sometimes also few Japanese & Russian phrases come to my mind. :)

hey sorry, where u from?

10yr ago
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permalink Sometimes English, sometimes Japanese, and if there was ever anything else, I don't remember it.

10yr ago
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permalink hehe ^_^ Japanese, Korean and English :DI LOVE THEM ALL :D

10yr ago
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permalink well i guess

English, russian,

i think once i was saying something in japanese but i dont thing i was saying anything good...! :RBohNo: :RBohNo: :RBohNo: :RBohNo:

but yeah theos are the miand languages...!

10yr ago
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permalink japanese of course...andd ????arabic :RBheart:

10yr ago
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permalink ahh...for me...i dream to know all languages in this world....^^

but i really want fluent those languages

- Nihongo
- Huayu
- English...(i can't speak very well in english actually)
- Korean

10yr ago
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permalink usually english...but at times chinese...maybe usually when im talking to my parents in the dreams :)

10yr ago
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permalink myself...dream about all of languages in this world. It`s kinda great ne :)

but usually I dream in English and Japanese :asd:

Sure I am desperately wanna be fluent in Nihongo :otsu:

but hey, thought that france is sexy language too :STbigSmile:

10yr ago
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permalink English and sometimes French

10yr ago
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permalink To my dissapointment, mostly in swedish, but often enough in english ^^,

10yr ago
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permalink Mostly in Polish, but sometimes it happens that also in English and (not anymore) Swedish (in Swedish there'd been only the most basic phrases before most stressing tests)

10yr ago
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permalink Wow I never thought about it before xD

I only dream in my mother language, portuguese...

I never dreamt in English or Japanese =/
Would be nice...

9yr ago
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permalink I would have some dreams in English (native language), but majority of the time it's in Japanese, Mandarin, and Korean :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :RBohNo:

9yr ago
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permalink swissgerman but sometime in english

9yr ago
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permalink in my dreams I can speak almost all languages XD
it's mostly Polish, my first language :RBhalo:
but I also dream in English quite often, sometimes even in Japanese, German and Korean (how is it possible? I can only say 5 words in Korean, lol) :RBhot:

9yr ago
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permalink I dream in English and Japanese, but one time i left a German soap opera on Tv when i fell asleep, and everyone in my dream that night spoke in german, it was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo trippy :RBconfused: :RBconfused: :RBconfused: :D :shocked: :hroll: :jangel:

9yr ago
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permalink Despite not being able to talk proper correct Japanese in real life, in some dreams I have perfect conversations in it. :RBconfused:

9yr ago
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permalink When I was taking spanish i used to have full dreams just talking randomly in spanish :RBconfused:.
My dreams are mostly in English (native language) but occasionally i'll have a random person in my dream start talking in spanish or I'll hear a few lines of Japanese or korean thorwn in there.

Oh! One time I someone talk to me in latin in a dream but i think it was because I was worried about one of my latin songs in choir. :nod: That's kind of an intersting language too, no?

9yr ago
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permalink i learnt latin - and now i've forgotten just about everything, but it was very useful to learn. i had a choice of learnign french, spanish, german or latin, and i went with latin. Maybe it was the way it was taught to me but i found it relatively easy to learn at the time.

9yr ago
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permalink I dream in gibberish. no joke about it.

9yr ago
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permalink Lolit depends. If I've been watching a japanese show I'll dream in japanese, but if I've had an english conversation with someone, it'll be in english.

9yr ago
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permalink im really addicted to japanese.. so i wanna learn japanese..
english is okay for me.. english is not that hard anyway..
because here in philippines, it's our second language.. :)

9yr ago
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permalink I dream in dutch/german/english/japanese,
in my dreams my japanese is always perfect lol, I wish I could also speak japanese like that in real life :P

9yr ago
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permalink well, Im from Sweden..but I think I dream more in English than Swedish
or, to be completely honest, I wouldnt hear the difference..

I sometimes dont even notice a text is in English.. :RBundecided:
so, I may dream in both...without be knowing about it

9yr ago
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permalink A mix between Chinese and english, sometimes french creeps in.

9yr ago
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permalink i dreamed of the Korean and Chinese languages.. maybe because they're the most language that i would like to learn to speak fluently.. and the dramas i grew up with are mostly Chinese and Korean series.. (though im a Filipina!)

9yr ago
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permalink dutch, chinese, and english
depend sometimes mixed up :p

9yr ago
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permalink Usually in english.. though my national language is finnish :D

9yr ago
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permalink i speak german and english and i dream most of the time in english :D

9yr ago
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permalink Portuguese. Never paid attention if english too. o.o

9yr ago
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permalink i wish i could be better at JAPANESE~

oh and i want to be fluent in Spanish too. i know some words or phrases, and i can understand spanish a bit, but i wanna learn how to speak spanish fluently~

and French sounds so magical~

and i love Italian accent~

of course it's impossible to learn them all, considering my time, and other stuff that matters~ well a couple of phrases maybe

9yr ago
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permalink english, korean and chinese =O

9yr ago
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permalink English and Chinese =D

9yr ago
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permalink Most of the time I dream in spanish (Im mexican) and english; like 50% and 50% since I speak both of them 24/7!!! :)
Recently I've been dreaming in italian :RBhalo:

9yr ago
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permalink I dream in english most of the time öÖ I also always think in english even though I'm german <__<'
sometimes even in japanese, even though I only speak it a little bit öö'

9yr ago
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permalink I dream in colors and in English. Well.., as far as I remember!

9yr ago
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permalink I dream mostly in English. Sometimes, but not very often I would dream in Chinese (Catonese)

9yr ago
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permalink Most of the time it's in english :RBundecided:

8yr ago
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permalink i almost always dream in english, but i can remember having a few dreams that are part-Japanese

8yr ago
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permalink I dream in Persian..sometimes English..

8yr ago
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permalink For me, it mostly depends on what I'm surrounded by (and can understand) the most during the day.
Like, when in Japan, I tend to dream in Japanese. But normally it's in English.

8yr ago
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permalink most of the times is english but, sometimes indonesian~

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