What kind of languages do you speak? [part 2]

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8yr ago
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permalink Click Here for "Part 1"

What languages do you speak?
I speak Greek, English and a little Japanese.

4yr ago
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permalink wow! I want to learn Greek! >.<

3yr ago
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permalink I speak English and Croatian.

8yr ago
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permalink i speak english, chinese, im learning french in school and i know a bit of korean... like reading kanji but not really understanding it... XDD

8yr ago
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permalink i speak italian and my english is quite good i think
i've studied french in school and i understand some of it, but i can't speak it
i'm trying to learn some japanese and korean but i'm still far

8yr ago
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permalink i speak two languages... filipino and english...

i tried studying spanish,, but i flunked it.. and quit on the fourth session... :RBcrying:

now i want to study japanese ... :RBhalo: ... just want.. i never got to the first level... :RBheart:

8yr ago
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permalink I speak Polish (my native language ._.), English, Russian, a bit German and Japanese (still studying hard 'cuz I love it ^^)

Some day I would like to know maybe Finnish (I know one song in Finnish and it's pretty nice :D)

8yr ago
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permalink My mother tongue is italian. I speak english, spanish. I studied french for 8 years but a totally suck at it. Now I'm studing japanese but I'm only at the beginning :)

8yr ago
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permalink Alanina,greek,english and I learn Japanese at school

8yr ago
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permalink I speak English and Japanese <3

8yr ago
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permalink my native language is Arabic, and I can speak English, French and a little Japanese

8yr ago
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permalink Russian *_*
latvian :RBundecided:
a bit german, japanese, ukraine :)

8yr ago
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permalink I speak English fluently and I can understand Japanese and limited Mandarin-Chinese.

6yr ago
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permalink I have a lot of respect for those studying Chinese!

8yr ago
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permalink My native language is french. I speak english, manage in japanese and fond of mandarin chinese.

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8yr ago
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permalink I speak german, english and I'm learning french and spanish at school. In my volunteer classes, I learn japanese though I'm not good at it yet.
I'm reading a book about learning italian which I got from my friend :)
To sum it up: fluent german and english, average french, a bit spanish, tiny little japanese and italian. I shouldn't learn so much :D

8yr ago
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permalink Dutch, English and a bit of Japanese, French and German

8yr ago
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permalink my native tounge is spanish (from mexico) i know english. but i am currently studying japanese. im only at the beginning

8yr ago
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permalink I speak german, french, english and portuguese :RBstickout: and understand quite good spanish and italien :D

8yr ago
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permalink my native language is english and i've been studying french for three years and german for five years :smilec:

i know quite a lot of japanese too, but because i've been teaching myself i'm not very good :embarassed:

(i've also been learning latin for three years - although i guess that doesn't really count, seeing as you don't actually speak it.)[edit]Last edit by AmyEmily on Friday 28 Jan, 2011 at 17:16 +4.5%[/edit]

8yr ago
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permalink Latvian - native
English - 9 years of learning...
Russian - every latvian knows Russian...
German - 3 years, beginner
Japanese - few months ^^

6yr ago
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permalink nice..i speak perfekt german :D

5yr ago
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permalink wow!! very nicw..

5yr ago
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permalink privet! kak dela? ti otkuda?

8yr ago
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permalink Well here they are:
Romanian - native
English - almost native level
Spanish - intermediate
Japanese - intermediate (studying at school)
French - had studied for 6 years, but only a beginner level.

8yr ago
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permalink I speak English, Spanish, some French. I also am learning Korean, Japanese, and Manderin....I think that is currently correct :giggle: I want to learn many many more languages though :D

8yr ago
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permalink neat

8yr ago
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permalink Arigatou Gozaimasu!!! ^_^

7yr ago
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permalink oh! :O too much! great! ^^

7yr ago
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permalink Thank you very much!!!!

8yr ago
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permalink My motherlanguage is German, my English is nearly as good. I'd say my Spanish level is advanced, and my Japanese is definitely beginner! Oh, there's a few words I can say in French and Italian too.

Interesting that everyone here speaks so many different languages - I love it! :)

8yr ago
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permalink I'm from Serbia so I speak Serbian. I speak Hungarian (my mom is Hungarian), English, still studying Japanese, a few words French, a little German, a few words Korean and Chinese, Croatian and Bosnian since it's almost the same as Serbian.

8yr ago
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permalink Hey :) Ne znam nikog iz Srbije na JPA :))

8yr ago
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permalink I speak Indonesian,english,malaysian and javanese(lol). I'm learning japanese n dutch now....

8yr ago
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permalink Sundanese??

8yr ago
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permalink I speak German and English, learned French and Russian at school (but don't remember very much) and started Japanese and Spanish :D

8yr ago
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permalink My native language is English, and I can also speak German and Japanese.

8yr ago
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permalink ENGLISH. JUST ENGLISH. I know, sad right? I wanna learn japanese and french and korean though. :P

8yr ago
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permalink I speak Thai
little English(only in college 555+)
now I'm studying Japanese!

8yr ago
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permalink i speak FILIPINO my native tongue, English and a little bit of Japanese (words to be exact =D)

8yr ago
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permalink I speak spanish (native langauge) and english (I'm almost in the advance level).

I looking forward to learning Japanese too

8yr ago
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permalink Well, I speak Brazilian Portuguese and a little bit of English and Spanish. :D

8yr ago
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permalink I speak Danish, English, Urdu, Punjabi and a little German (had it 4 years in school but I'm still a beginner lol :P XD)

8yr ago
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permalink WOW amazing people in here *____*
wanna be as good as you guys are

I've grown up bilingual
-Vietnamese : native level
-German : Native level
-English : almost native level
-Spanisch : intermediar, i think :D
- Japanese : 5th year (with only 1 lesson a week T.T)
-Korean: just started
>> searching for teachers in both Japanese and Korean

8yr ago
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permalink So many languages! I feel sad :( I only know 2...
English - mother tongue
Japanese - studied for 4 years (lived there for 2 of them)

8yr ago
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permalink I speak English and Mandarin Chinese fluently, Taiwanese sub-fluently, and a little Japanese and Spanish. Hoping to improve my Taiwanese and Japanese ;)

8yr ago
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permalink English and Japanese.

8yr ago
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permalink Portuguese - native
Japanese - basic
Spanhis - I understand a little

8yr ago
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permalink Vietnamese
and studying Japanese ^^

8yr ago
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permalink Serbian is my native language. I also speak English & study Greek :)

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