What kind of friends do you want? what kind of people? Personality?

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6yr ago
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permalink I want a nice, outgoing (social), mature friend how about everyone else!?

6yr ago
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permalink hmm.. nice, funny, care :D

6yr ago
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permalink I look for someone who respects the feelings of others, people who don't spread rumors and people who stick by your side when you are not feeling 100%.

6yr ago
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permalink someone with similar interests

6yr ago
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permalink hurmm lemme see...
i don't actually care about what type of personality a person should have to be my friend, since i'll be friend to those who wanna be mine... but.. as long as they know their limits in the relationship, that's good enough for me :)

6yr ago
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permalink I like talkative friends who make good reactions and share the same interests as me. They must have a good sense of humor and an easy-going nature. But looking at my best friends, they're not like that at all xD

6yr ago
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permalink Someone who is nice, willing to respect others, willing to get to know each other, willing to to be funny and play along with others... no backstabbing

6yr ago
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permalink Someone who is honest, respectful and with a good sense of humor, also someone who has some similar interests.

6yr ago
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permalink Someone who's REALLY friendly and would LOVE to talk to me

6yr ago
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permalink People who can listen what i want to say, and understand my point of view, who dont judging me. Honest

6yr ago
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permalink just loyal nice friends who are NOT FLAKES and never stop talking to me and dont hurt me...

6yr ago
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permalink I want fiends with the same ideals as me~~~

6yr ago
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permalink I guess a friend who shares the same interests as me?
Someone like me, I guess :/ who'd be there when I need it most.
But also they shouldn't put themselves down all the time. Seriously. |<

And er...IDK. Kehe~

6yr ago
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permalink i agree with beatus... that we should hang out with people with the same interests
but sometimes it just doesn't work for others
but it's also great to know people who we don't have the same interests
it's gonna make people share their interests as well

but i really want a friend that is true
wouldn't betray you, use you and and ask for some money

6yr ago
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permalink friends who are nice, loyal, speak the truth, honest,some same interest and
someone who care for you

6yr ago
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permalink Someone with similar interest, nice, caring, funny~^^

6yr ago
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permalink someone who can understand who i am and what i do, and one/s who are happy, sensible, funny, responsible, honest, trustworthy, and has patience and with similar interests :D

6yr ago
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permalink some one who will be there for you no matter what :)

6yr ago
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permalink cool and disciplined

6yr ago
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permalink I don't mind just so long as they're nice and can start a random conversation with me~ :) :) :)

6yr ago
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permalink Ones that won't ignore me just because I don't do what everyone else is doing.

5yr ago
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permalink a korean friend hu is super kick back nd is out going , nd forever knos hw to keep a convo going .. :)

5yr ago
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permalink there's no exact personality or type of person that i want as my friend.. because i just want to befriending ppl who wanna be my friends

5yr ago
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permalink I want a friend that is nice to me and can keep my story.

3yr ago
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permalink I want friends who can cheer me up and fool around with me but also be able to talk about serious things with

2yr ago
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permalink Well, of course they have to be understanding. They don't have to be accepting I'd prefer it if possible. Cheerful, but I don't mind negativity once in a while. We can cry together :D

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