What kind of drinks you love most??

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10yr ago
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permalink Tell me what kind of drinks you love most,
it can be any kind of coffee, frappe, slushies, juices, cocktail, etc..

for me, i love Green Tea Shake.
The sensation of the taste is very berry delicious.

10yr ago
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permalink i like...hot chocolate!!!!! :RBheart: and makes me addicted...:laughing:

i like mocha too...green tea not bad...

10yr ago
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permalink ooh earl grey milk tea with sugar! :RBheart:
it has a very unique taste but it's soo good.

actually i think i love milk tea in general. green tea & red tea :D

crysenthamum tea and oolong tea are good too. but not with milk o.o

i love passion fruit juice too. except in america they usually have the artificial kind so it's usually too sweet.

and of course starbucks peppermint hot chocolate. <3 ^^

10yr ago
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permalink Well I'll put all drinks that I like. Alcohol too.

I like Funlight, you can have them in different flavors, but I like blackberry the most. Or citron.

Then I like C.C.Lemon. It's japanese soft drink.
It's really ''oishii'' ;) I bought 2 litra's bottle to my home, but now I have drunk it : < but someday I wil get it more, thank god. It's just, I'm too tired to wait.

Then one my favorite is Fanta Grape. It's from Japan too *eh eh*
I bought also Fanta Grape bag x) It's really oishii too ! And I had 2 litra's bottle of that too, but I drunk it week after when I came back from Japan.

Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen. My friend had once juice what tasted like CHUPA CHUPS!
I reallu like it, but I don't know what juice that was : (

and and. Then I like cider.
I know, I'm not allowed to drink it, but it's good!
Then I like gin too, but that's not allowed too. Plah. Thank God, there's one year and then I allowed to drink whatever I like.

I do like also drinks where are many different things.
When you mix apple juice and gin lemon, it tastes really good!
Then if you put gin lemon, c.c.lemon and normal gin, it's good too !
Shame that I don't have c.c.lemon anymore : (((

10yr ago
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permalink I love thickshakes and milkshakes !! yummy~

10yr ago
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permalink I like milkshake too^^.. and jagermaister :P

10yr ago
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permalink tea,,any kind of tea,,but i like milk tea the most, with a lot of milk & less sugar! :otsu:

10yr ago
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permalink I like coke, hot choco, tea without nothing, tea with very less sugar, lime tea, all kind of coffee!!!

10yr ago
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permalink Big fan of Green Tea, for just whenever. For softdrinks, I really enjoy my Mt Dew. And when I'm at the bar, I almost always order a White Russian. :RBstickout:

10yr ago
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permalink I love the Ramune Soda! <3 And Green tea (Out of all tea the most, but I like tea in general!)

10yr ago
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permalink my favourite drinks is milo ais :drool:
it make from milo,milk,sugar and ice :drool: .
oh my god i cannot stand it :drool: .

10yr ago
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permalink My favorite drink is dr.pepper. I am in love with that and green tea!

10yr ago
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permalink I love Martini Bianco (on the rocks) during a sunny day, but on a cold winter evening it's definitely a port-like red wine with some green stuffed olives... :lovec:

10yr ago
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permalink Black tea with milk and sugar.
Iced tea. Lipton or red diamond brand.
Hot chocolate my own recipe.
Homemade root beer. It's slightly alcoholic!...It's funny because the product was clearly marketed to children much younger than I.

10yr ago
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permalink I really like double vodka with red bull, WKD Blue and Red Square. :STbigSmile:

10yr ago
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permalink Milk :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart:
Especially full cream or low fat.
Milkshake too!

10yr ago
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permalink i like Brisk Iced Tea...
Rasberry Iced Tea<< my favorite drink of all would have to be strawberry pearl drinks...
yummers ...i had some yesterday when i had went to chinawtown ..it
made my day...^^

10yr ago
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permalink Tequila, straight up.

Non-alcoholic, I love 7Up, milk (but only the one made from a local producer called Skånemejerier), and apple juice. :)

10yr ago
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permalink When I was a child I like soda so much, especially Coca Cola and Fanta ^^ but when i grow up I prefer milk lol and milkshake with ice cream, so tasty!
I think hot chocolate is so tasty too but I've ever drunk it before, I hope I'll have a chance to drink it

10yr ago
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permalink I'm surprised no one has said this yet:

I LOVE bubble tea! Also known as boba tea xD I especially like the strawberry and taro flavor ^_^

I like water, because it's healthy and yeah xD

I like tea, but I'm starting to like thai tea more o_o you know that cold tea drink that looks like a shake kind of? It looks like this:


Now I want some o___o; xD
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10yr ago
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permalink oooh i love milk!!!! all kinds of milk!! :RBheart:

i also like ice-cold water, iced tea, coke, fruit juices, fruit shakes, shakes, and many others! ^^

10yr ago
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permalink I love to drink orange juice, ramune, green tea, jasmine tea, water, sparkling apple cider, lemonade, and limeade.

10yr ago
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permalink My favorite drinks are orange juice, lemonade, green tea and most other teas, water, cocoa, milkshakes, strawberry juice, Coca-Cola and coffee, especially latte.

10yr ago
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permalink my fav drink is mango ice tea, coke, sprite and lucky cup : :RBheart:

10yr ago
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permalink Italian Sodas! I've really been craving one. :)

10yr ago
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permalink mind if i join? ^^

these are my favorite drinks

non alcoholic:

pink chocolate
red iced tea
mocha latte
passionfruit juice
cold milk
nothing beats an ice cold coke on a summer day! ^^

vodka, preferably chilled ^^
soju (i love 참이슬 best!)
death by chocolate
green revolution
this tea i forgot the name of, it's perfect with milk

:RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart:

:otsu: :otsu: :otsu: :otsu:

:drool: :drool: :drool:

9yr ago
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permalink I love the taste of mountain dew... :STsmile: although I love the taste of Gatorade Propel more... ^^

I also like milkshakes and red tea... :cool:

9yr ago
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permalink MOJITO AND A MARTINI! :drool: i would have die without them
Oh and also Disarano, Havana Club, Gin Tonic
And for the non alchoolic:
Ice tea
Water[edit]Last edit by Kesuhu on Friday 24 Jul, 2009 at 18:14 +78.9%[/edit]

9yr ago
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permalink coffee, water, lychee juice

9yr ago
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permalink SUNKIST! :RBhalo:

9yr ago
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permalink sweet drinks are the way 2 go:D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of course i luv tea too :RBundecided: but juices, sodas and anything sweet is great:)

9yr ago
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permalink OH man, anything with sugar, lots of sugar. Mountain Dew :RBhalo: , Vault :RBhalo: , Starbucks Caramel Fraps :RBhalo: ... Yes yes yes :RBhalo:

9yr ago
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permalink And a good Vodka Red Bull is always :RBheart: :RBhalo: yes!

9yr ago
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permalink I LOVE COCA COLA!!! The best drink ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:pray: http://magicsport.pl/img/content/newsy_galeria_zdjec/189_pepsicoca_cola.jpg :pray:

green tea and apple juice too.

9yr ago
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permalink My favorite drink is Sprite. Anytime i drink soda, it's usually a sprite. I try not to drink it too often because I could get bumps on my face from too much soda. But, that's my favorite drink next to water and apple juice.[edit]Last edit by taylor on Tuesday 01 Sep, 2009 at 13:59 +7.7%[/edit]

9yr ago
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permalink I drink a lot of protein shakes (haha...gross, I know), but for the less healthy stuff, I really like Thai ice tea...ooohh, and halo-halo! (although that's only sort of a drink) Milk tea too.

9yr ago
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permalink There are several teas that I like. Stash makes something called liquorish spice. This is a greet little tea. It has a liquorish taste.. It used to be in all the sotres in pittsburgh. Now it is only in once or two tea shops int he city. It does not cost that much. The only reason I can think that it is not around is because it did not sell in the stores.

the other tea that I like is earl gray. It is a good old English stand by that has been celebrated for centuries. this is the tea that I drink in the middle of the day.

Of course one can no have tea without tea biscuts. The biscuts that i like are german for some reason. Liebenvitz is there name that I think. I am sure that i did horrible things to seplling of their name.

Well I suppose that is it for now on this subject.

9yr ago
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permalink Iced Tea, Green Tea, Lemonade (of many flavors, Kiwi, Raspberry, etc..), Hot Tea too, Water, Grape Juice, Cranberry Juice, any fruit juice really.

9yr ago
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permalink the drink ilove most are
- hot chocolate
- green tea
-peach tea
-vanilla and strawberry milk shakes
-peach smoothies
-strawberry banana smoothies
-kiwi strawberry smoothies
-mango peach smoothies...
almost any smoothies...........hehe

9yr ago
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permalink My favorite Cola is RC Cola. i also like the Moxie Cola but that is very hard to find out side of New Engalnd. Anyway I am not sure why every like Coca Cola or Pepsi so musch. I think Royal Crown is far better. It is something about the taste. It is fuller and more complex than other colas.


The one thing that I do miss is the fact that it is not longer sold at Arby's Restaurants. When I was younger this was something that you found in every one of their stores. Now it is something that is next to impossible to find in a Restaurant. I do think that If I ever have a Restaurant it will have RC on Tap.

Come to think of it I have many drinks that I like. Well I will post another one if I can think of it.

9yr ago
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permalink I love these juice-water-ice drinks with ice cream inside.
My favorite flavor is peanut.... :drool:
I enjoy ice tea lemon too.

I also like coke but its no healthy so i pretend it doesnt exist..

9yr ago
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permalink I love:

Milkshakes: Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberries etc...YUM!
Cold Oboy/choco
Warm Oboy/choco
Squash (drink) But only Swedish :P
Coca-cola- Vanilla flavor
Juice - any flavor
Latte - only coffee beverage I drink nowadays

and yeah..thats all, I think :)

9yr ago
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permalink i love soy milk!!!
it is just sad that the only soy milk store present in a nearby mall at our school was already gone :(

9yr ago
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9yr ago
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permalink smoothies! they never have ice chips in them like some slushies do. I like them.

9yr ago
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permalink MILK, only milk, I think I drink 1 or 2 litres of milk a day XDDDDDDD

and Coffee, capucchino, with cocoa and vanilla sugar and also cimarron, that's just the best =D

9yr ago
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permalink Cola
Ice Tea Lemon, Peach and Red Fruits

And Peppermint Tea :otsu:
And Im a good Girl and not drink alcohol or coffee :joops:


9yr ago
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permalink For me spring water, non-fat milk, freshly squeeze fruit juices, white & green tea, and freshly brewed coffee.. Mmmmm..!

9yr ago
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permalink I love tea, especially green tea with vanille and raspberry with vanille :), water, pina colada (I don't know how to write it <.<' sry xD), sparkling wine (sekt) and~ mh well red wine :)

9yr ago
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permalink I like arizona teas. And kool aid. <3 I don't like coffee or hot chocolate. But my favorite arizona tea is the diet green tea with ginseng. <3 i love the can, too.

isn't it pretty?

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