What Japanese Clothing/Style Do You Like?

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9yr ago
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permalink I'm just curious about what everyone's preference is when it comes to Japanese attire.

I myself prefer the flashy and outrageous. The crazy colors and makeup I just find so fascinating.

9yr ago
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permalink mm i 2 that.i also like (sometimes) the VK attire.i like how they can really work it out.

9yr ago
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permalink I really love the VK attire, it's like so awesome, how they can pull it out.

9yr ago
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permalink I admire them (the VK artists) for being able to carry those outfits during a whole 2h live show. I do not want to smell their dressing room after that.[edit]Last edit by JustIronic on Sunday 02 May, 2010 at 15:56 +11.2%[/edit]

9yr ago
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permalink I love the VK attire, though... I think I kinda a agree with JustIronic xD
Also, I kinda like Japanese fashion at all, but mostly VK, gothic lolita and Harajuku 8D

9yr ago
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permalink VK,Gothic lolita and harajuko :rock:
actually i wanted to wear kimono attire.. keke~! ^^

9yr ago
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permalink mm i agree but to bad i cant wear thehere in the us.cause 1 my mom will look at me weird ( i dont mind id find it funny anyway) 2you simply cant walk out in public like that youll get odd looks and people tend to shy away.

9yr ago
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permalink I actually like almost all J-rock/VK attires and costumes. I just don't like VERY colorful costumes 'cause they seriously blind my eyes. And if the wearer looks uncomfortable in it. Makes me uncomfortable, too.

My favorites are those which are borderline out-of-this-world and outrageous but at the same time awesome and amazing. (If there is such a thing.)

9yr ago
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permalink Interesting..not something I would wear though

9yr ago
7,045 jpops
permalink I love how VK artists dress too! I mean, they always looks soo friggen awesome! Especially the style of their hair! :RBheart:

9yr ago
5,332 jpops
permalink i luv it! XD esp Visual Kei and Oshare Kei! i just luv how creative they can b in their outfits and stuff! the designs r also just so amazing!!!! XD haha anothr thing i LUV bout J-Rock X3

8yr ago
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permalink I love jrock attire! :RBheart:
Especially visual kei, oshare kei, and gothic lolita!:RBhalo: :RBhalo: :RBhalo:
I wish I could pull off the fashions though. :RBfrown:
I still love it!!!! :D

8yr ago
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permalink I love visual kei styles...but not for me, for people who can pull it off.
I like their hair and makeup, in particular
( :RBohNo: yayy GazettE)

8yr ago
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permalink I am mixed currently.
I do a mixture of lolita and a light garu style (not at the same time though lol)

Though my nails ... are 100% Koda Kumi inspired ^^

8yr ago
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permalink Oooh! I love JRock makeups! JRock look prettier than girls! hehe. so funny^o^ Umm. Miyavi is prettier than girls! I'm jealous of him! I guess I'm uglier than those handsome JRockers..

8yr ago
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permalink I think more Jrockers should wear kilts. When i become a jrocker i am going to wear my kilt on stage.

8yr ago
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permalink i LOVE everything about nagoya kei oshare kei visual kei

8yr ago
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permalink I just realized my answer is not what this thread is about. Although there is a tartan for Japan.

8yr ago
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permalink I really love VK clothing. :)
I admire the artist's ability to be able to pull it off, because I never could, LOL. Flashy and intricate outfits are fun to look at. I have to say that I like the more casual looks the best, though. ie. Nagoya kei.

8yr ago
4,231 jpops
permalink I would have to say Visual Kei is EPIC! I would love to wear the clothing like Versailles... just.....Epic xD

7yr ago
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permalink I don't have one.

3yr ago
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permalink I like the brand Na+H and clothes by Rion (a vkei designer).

3yr ago
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permalink I kinda like VK style but I wouldn't probably wear them because I believe it wouldn't suit me. I also like the Cute Lolita style, i love the feminine look of it.

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