What introduced you to the world of japanese music?

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1decennia ago
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permalink It can be games, a specific band, anime, Japanese/Asian drama, or whatever has Japanese/Asian music!

Me? uhhhh....I'd have to say the FF (Final Fantasy) series!!!

1decennia ago
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permalink hmms.
ii was introduced to j-pop when ii watch-ed inuyasha.
maybe 2 years ago liddat ?
now im super in loveee with j-pop ~
cause it rocks :O

1decennia ago
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permalink hmmm i say all and morning musume and watching salior moon jpaanese and DBZ

1decennia ago
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permalink cuz sailor moon...and my best100X friend (in the world) is Japanese... :D

1decennia ago
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permalink I one day saw Hana Yori Dango on TBS and started watching it, but was maybe 3-4 episodes in. I went on the internet to find the episodes becasue I missed some and started falling in love with it :totallylove: especially the theme song. I wanted to know who the song was by, so I had to google it and yeah :totallylove: :laugh: I don't quite remember how I found the jrock Miyavi stuff though...*thinks* :lipsrsealed:

1decennia ago
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permalink for me...
it's begin with moon child movie..
i bought the dvd about 3-4 month ago...
act by hyde from Laruku and gackt...
i really love them both...
i think they are really2 kawaii...
so then... i tried to discover more about them...
and i find out that they both are singer..
and i started to listen to their songs...
great voice, great songs...and great performance...
since then...i tried discover more about jrock artist...
then the result is....
i'm really2 LOVE JROCK...!!!
hehehe...i love laruku,gackt,miyavi and the new 1...acid black cherry
i want to find more...
hye guys..
do you hv any suggestion???

1decennia ago
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permalink For me it was when I asked my friend from Holland one day if she had some interesting music cause I was getting bored with what I had. She sent me Jibun Kakumei PV by Miyavi. Took us all night before it was sent. But as soon as I listened to it, I was hooked. :D
After that she gave me Gazette and Dir En Grey, after that I was so into it I found things for myself. :)

1decennia ago
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permalink suggestions!! a lot:P
Alice Nine
uhm...you already know Miyavi...uhmmm...well, these are my favo:P

and by me it all started with manga!!
then anime.
I heard the opening en de ending songs and i searched them and so evertyhing began!

1decennia ago
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permalink i grew up listening to asian-music?....

1decennia ago
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1decennia ago
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permalink Ending, openning of anime. Some AMV too. That's how I started to be interested by J-Music.

1decennia ago
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permalink Because of anime openings and endings!
And the moment I heard various songs I got hooked and I will stay hooked for the rest of my life o.O!!

8yr ago
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permalink exactly the same :D

10yr ago
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permalink by my brother ...

he told me to listen to utada hikaru . first love..

that was my 1st fave song of j-pop!

10yr ago
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permalink im so grateful to Rumbling Hearts n go Dannar coz of them im where i am today going crazy for japanese music dat is :)

10yr ago
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permalink no one..but i coincidence to watch Utada Hikaru pv at MTV..and i started to like utada..the song is can u keep a secret..then i know mika nakashima..then so on..

10yr ago
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permalink when i first started watching anime, i liked the music in the opening and ending themes
then when kingdom hearts came out i started getting into utada hikaru songs.
but what really had me getting into j-music was IMF (international music feed)
that's when i first saw a clip of an cafes PV "maple gunman"
it was love at first site.... :laughing:

10yr ago
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permalink because I like the language, and then i thought it was a good idea listen to music to start learning the language.
that's how i start listening to j-music.
i remember that in that time i was uploading a video on Youtube, then dont know why, i saw a Ayumi Hamasaki video, Trauma, the one of a concert, when she forgets her lyrics lol
and well.. that's how i start with the j-music and the Ayu-love lol

10yr ago
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permalink Okay first heard J-Music through Naruto. Didn't really get into it until I joined Veoh. I was watching Soul Eater and I liked the beginning song for it so I looked it up. Then I started clicking randam videos this user had on their account. ... this is how Gazette came into my life and so did my love for J-Rock :D :RBstickout:

10yr ago
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permalink ummm when i started becoming a fan to the band Tokio Hotel i wanted to know what real japanese music was like, so i looked it up and found Miyavi...which lead me to The GazettE...which got me hooked :RBheart:

10yr ago
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permalink I remember it clearly! xD

I was sitting on my couch, just playing with some music, then I clicked something on the television (On demand stuff rules!) And it was a L'Arc En Ciel song, I can't remember the name of it unfortunatly. But I remember the video! xD

Hyde was in a corner and it was outside, there was fencing around him... And that's pretty much the video, other then the whole band getting together occasionally.

But then it went to like, Gazette and Kinya Kotani (Thanks to gravitation) There is one anime I watched that had awesome music, but I could never find it ANYWHERE! D: I still can't.

10yr ago
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permalink You know the opening song for Hana Kimi...

Ikenai Taiyou by Orange Range...

I try to find it in internet...

Then,I try to find another japanese music...

That is introduce me into this world... :D :D

10yr ago
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permalink The Video games was a start till Inuyahsa came out, and even than, A friend of mine gave me my intro to different artist's i jpop

10yr ago
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permalink to be honest, the first time I was exposed to ANY type of jpop was when I started watching Bleach...and before I started liking the music, I was really into the anime haha and then the Opening and ending themes grew on me, so I downloaded them, and in the process of me looking for the music online I came across JPA!!! and thats when I truly started to really like Jpop xDDDD

10yr ago
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permalink I was just surfing the web one day and somehow ended up seeing the GazettE's filth in the beauty pv. And it all kind of snowballed from there. I still remember being like what those are all boys? :RBsarcastic: And know i love visual kei :RBheart:

10yr ago
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permalink Anime theme songs did it for me, I think.

10yr ago
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permalink hana kimi... i was looking for a drama to watch n came across it.. after that i just got addicted to japanese drama music etc. Iono i just love japanese stuff now and hopelly save enuff money soon to visit japan(one of the spot i want to travel to)

10yr ago
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permalink Mostly Anime :] GTO had one of the best openings IMO :]

10yr ago
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permalink @niceguy GTO does have one of the best Opening themes ever xDDD Takashi Sorimachi is pretty awesome!

10yr ago
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permalink I have to thank Yu from Cinema Bizarre for that xD
I was watching a video about there Hamburg Party, and Yu - being the Miyavi-obsesser he always is - played ten seconds of Neo Visualizm by Miyavi.
Liked the song and got addicted to Miyavi. Then in no time to Gackt, Dir en Grey, the GazettE, you name it. xD

10yr ago
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permalink Hmmm..probably too much American music lol. I was like dang I need something different! Then I found this site! :D

10yr ago
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permalink Hmmm..probably too much American music lol. I was like dang I need something different! Then I found this site! :D

10yr ago
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permalink Dragon Ball Z! ahahahaha xD
When i watched that when i was young i started liking japanese music as well XD lol
and i was like 5/6 years old then xD hahaha

but I got addicted when I watched Hikaru no go XD

10yr ago
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permalink anime (Yakitate Japan and naruto were the first ones) and jdramas (especially Hana Yori Dango)...... i easilly fall in love with theme songs...
I like
Utada Hikaru
Morning Musume

10yr ago
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permalink My bro listen to JMusic and then he introduce me to Jdramas... Mostly I like the soundtrack of the dramas that I watch so I search it and it became an addiction really...

10yr ago
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Quote by R2krw9
Hmmm..probably too much American music lol. I was like dang I need something different! Then I found this site! :D

Yeah, I wanted something different, too. Then I went through my friend's CD's and found some Nightmare and Gazette. I borrowed them and fell in love. :RBheart:

9yr ago
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permalink during my childhood, i just listen to j-songs in anime opening and ending songs...

on one lazy afternoon of year 2006, my japino cousin lent me a cd of mika nakashima when i told him i got tired listening to my cds.

i found it weird at first to listen to a song which i cannot fully understand. it was such a blur...but later on, the music and the lyrics sound clearer and i started liking it despite the fact that i don't understand the lyrics.

9yr ago
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permalink i remember i always watch cardcaptor sakura, dragonball and digimon when i was around 7 or 8. but at that time i wasn't into j-music much. but i can sing along the soundtrack. and few years back i saw [former] hey! say! 7 on music station and started to get hooked with je boys especially. that's how i found kat-tun and everyone. i also started watching bleach anime, [usually i just read the manga] and i found yui and aqua timez and been loving them since... while i was looking for yui's lyrics i came across this extremely cool side and had been keeping up-to-date with j-music....
[too long, hee hee... :RBstickout: ]

9yr ago
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permalink Eh...well I "role-play" on myspace,so one day I went to this other roleplayer's MySpace [he roleplays as Yumehito :totallylove:] and I noticed his song was in Japanese,but at first I was just kind of creeped out by it. :joops:
I went to look up Ayabie just out of curiousity and noticed it was a Japanese band so I was like. "Eh,whatever."
Then another day I went to his profile again and he had TheMe by Ayabie as his profile song,and I liked it a lot!
So I went to YouTube looked up the video,watched it and fell in love with Jrock :giggle:
Yep yep.
And I'm glad that happened.hehe.

9yr ago
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permalink i typed Tinkerbell in on youtube and it came up with SNSD's Tinkerbell. then i found more of their songs and searched 4 lyrics which brought me here. then i found some JPOP .thats is what got me into Jpop. LOL

9yr ago
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permalink Well my friend listens to alot of Jrock and kpop and such. So one day i asked her if she could put some music on my mp3 for me...and long and be hold i got into jrock! the first artist that she told me about and that i got into was Gackt...so of course he is my FAV!

I learned about other genres of music by myself...one artist just leads to another! ^^

9yr ago
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permalink Uh....I learned bout Jpop when i was watching Naruto and i really like the opening songs....

I tried searchin 4 em...when i found the songs i searched 4 the lyrics which led me here and eneded up learnin more songs in Jpop.....But I alrdy know the JE artists from Hanadan.....i learn bout it when i watched it found Arashi then found bout the others...What i really found out more here in Jpop...is Jrock...

9yr ago
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permalink well,actually,when i was 8 yrs old.my auntie who works in japan before has a japanese album-so i kept on playing them and singing to it-that's when the time i started in japanese music,then year after.my uncle who is an avid fan of utada hikaru has a lot of cd he bought then-i continued singing to it..the first song i heard from utada was first love.

9yr ago
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tv shows..
sanae shitani..

k? xD

9yr ago
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permalink um...okay
i guessed an accident, i was on google and well...perhaps a random search

anyway a Buck Tick vid came up Romance and well...i fell in love with the man singing... :RBblush: and the song of course

and i started searching for more vids and i found this site years ago but never signed up......
and really this site introduced me to japanese music....

I had heard of BoA and Utada Hikaru and well anime really to be honest
although it is blurred and im unsure what came first

9yr ago
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permalink [i]Randomness.
I think I was on YouTube searching for some video. (I forget which.) and then suddenly An Cafe comes up,and I was all like "WTF?".
I mean,I was a tad freaked out at first.I had never listened to any music other than music from England or the USA.
But then I started listening to them even more and I fell in love. :RBheart:
After that,I searched for more Jrock and Jpop. :D

9yr ago
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permalink I have liked geishas like always. I have liked them forever, and when I was little older (10 years old or so), I started to search stuff about them and through that I found yaoi and after that J-fashion and then J-music. Japan has been my favourite thing for ages.

9yr ago
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permalink well i just heard one japanese song from my sisters' phone... and i just love it and became addicted to it... the song was anata ni aitakute... and that was the first japanese song that i love...

9yr ago
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permalink when I was 3 or 4 my older brother used to watch animes and because of that I was able to appreciate it because when your still young while singing it of course it's really uneasy. yah i remember sailor moon, ect but some I really sis forgot because it's really a long time ago promise!!!! having 4 years between your brother in some times times not really healthy in my mind when I was young (actually very young) I did watch Fushigi Yuugi! bear with me!!! :RBcrying: :RBcrying: :RBcrying: :RBcrying: :RBcrying: :RBcrying: :RBcrying: :RBcrying: OMG!!!!

9yr ago
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permalink at introduced me to the japanese music world was the anime death note. i loved the songs the world and alumina of nightmare and i became a great fan of them. then i searched and i found other bands like gazette and dir en grey and now i don't know how life without that woould be XD

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