What games are you looking forward?

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1decennia ago
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permalink for me its street fighter IV, Soul Caliber IV, Battle Fantasia, MGS 4 and King of Fighters XII

1decennia ago
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permalink all of those games you listed plus Ar Tonelico 2 and Mana Khemia 2 (if they get brought stateside).

SF4 is gonna be a good one. :D

1decennia ago
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permalink I am seriously looking forward on Metal Gear Solid 4 and a New Final Fantasy for the PS3 :D :D

1decennia ago
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permalink Just saw the Kingdom Hearts PSP trailer.
Looks so interesting!

In general, can't wait for any
Square Enix or Clover Studio games

1decennia ago
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permalink Umm i guess Fable 2 =D

1decennia ago
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permalink i saw the preview of final fantsy 13
so i cant wait :)

1decennia ago
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permalink Mirrors Edge, Tekken 6, Soul Calibur IV, New DOA series (hopefully), Valkyria Chronicles (for USA), Killzone 2, and Far Cry 2 are the top games I'm looking forward to as of now....E3 starts tomorrow gaming fans!!!! :D

1decennia ago
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permalink I'm looking forward to Kingdom Hearts III! I want it so fricken bad!!!

1decennia ago
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Quote by ItachiKibaGaara
I'm looking forward to Kingdom Hearts III! I want it so fricken bad!!!
actually its kingdom hearts final mix but III is good

1decennia ago
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permalink Soul Caliber IV

1decennia ago
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permalink Street Fighter IV, The Last Remnant, And Final Fantasy XII (For The 360). :wave: Bye Bye Money!

And Soul Caliber IV Rocks.

1decennia ago
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permalink The Final Fantasy VII Re-make that they are SOOOOOOOOOOOO teasing us with at the end of Crisis Core, Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII versus, Resident Evil 5, The Last Remnant.

1decennia ago
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permalink Killzone 2, Dawn of War 2, and Tom Clancy's Endwar.

1decennia ago
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permalink Pro Evolution Soccer 2009
Football Manager 2009
Gears of War 2

1decennia ago
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permalink Ooooh, let's see....

Pokemon Platinum
Kingdom hearts for DS

Final Fantasy 7 remake? I've so wanted to play Final Fantasy 7 because no otaku is complete without it, lol. Hope it's good and comes out for one of the Nintendo consoles because my family is Nintendo obsessed. My father, a Resident Evil fan, won't get a PS3 until Resident Evil 5 comes out. -sigh- Him and his violent games.

1decennia ago
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permalink Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World i love last game. the story line was so good can't wait like it comes out on November 11 :D

1decennia ago
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permalink Wangan Maxium Tune DX
Ryuusei no RockMan 3: Black Ace
Harvest Moon: Shining Sun and Friends

1decennia ago
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permalink I also looking forward to Left 4 Dead, Half Life 2: Episode 3 and Portal 2.

1decennia ago
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permalink Im definitely looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of God of War III!

Ooh and also Final Fantasy XIII (big surprise.)

Plus the new Kingdom Hearts... whenever it comes out.

1decennia ago
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permalink The Sims 3!!
Even though I don't like the way they look already.
And Resident Evil 5!

I work at Game Stop, and get all of the free stuff and first dibs =)

1decennia ago
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permalink PARASITE EVE!!!!!!!!:boogie::boogie::boogie::boogie::boogie::boogie::boogie::boogie::boogie::boogie::boogie::boogie::boogie::boogie::boogie::boogie::boogie::boogie::boogie::boogie:

Final Fantasy XIII & Kingdom Hearts BbS:boogie:

1decennia ago
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permalink Gears of War 3
God of War 3
FF 13
Diablo 3


1decennia ago
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permalink Bioshock 2!

1decennia ago
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permalink Resident Evil 5

1decennia ago
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permalink BioShock 2. :D

1decennia ago
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permalink Star Ocean the Last Hope and FF13 (all versions)

8yr ago
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permalink happy new year too
wow what the name of your dog?
lolo ^^

1decennia ago
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permalink Dawn of War 2 -WOOT finally I can wipe some wicked zenos out as space marines and then switch to skirmish and make my nids om nom nom some gaydars.
Colonial Total War - woo hoo more total war and this one has naval warfare in it. Plus i think the colonial era was when guns came to common use so bang bang smashy smashy lol.
Neverwinter Nights: Storms of Zephyr - even though its already out, I don't have it and can't wait to get it.

1decennia ago
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permalink Waiting for Kingdom Hearts (all versions) and Final Fantasy Dissidia and remakes.

Square Enix FTW!

1decennia ago
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permalink Definetly the rest of the Kingdom Hearts saga

1decennia ago
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permalink I'm just hoping that Way of the samurai 3 will be released in europe this year :madc:

1decennia ago
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permalink Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days
Pokémon Platinum
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (I could buy it now...)
The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks *Q*

1decennia ago
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permalink my top 10 games i waiting for.

1)Modern warfare 2

2)Final Fantasy XIII

3)Battlefield bad company 2

4)Red Faction: Guerilla

5)The sims 3

6)Halo3: ODST



9)Terminator: Salvation

10)Bionic Commando[edit]Last edit by keoskey on Wednesday 13 May, 2009 at 17:38 +38.4%[/edit]

1decennia ago
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permalink im looking forward for the sims 3 and the new final fantasy game in ps3!

1decennia ago
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permalink FF XIII, Dissidia & Kingdom Hearts

1decennia ago
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permalink FF XIII, Kingdom Hearts, and Starcraft 2.

8yr ago
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permalink i was sad.

1decennia ago
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permalink Even though I don't have a PS3 but the game I am looking forward to would be the new tekken game! ^_^

1decennia ago
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permalink I really, reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally want a new Zelda plz!!!! :RBhalo:
Oh, and Golden sun for DS too!!!
or another nice RPG since I just love them XD

1decennia ago
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permalink FFXIII, FFIV, and in english dissidia.

1decennia ago
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permalink bioshock 2

and well...

thats all

1decennia ago
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permalink Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Final Fantasy Dysidia, and Final Fantasy XIII.

1decennia ago
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permalink I'm waiting for:

Final Fantasy 13
Final Fantasy Versus 13
Final Fantasy Agito 13
Final Fantasy Disidia
Final Fantasy 14

I'm pretty sure there's more, but I cant remember it.

1decennia ago
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permalink MAGNA CARTA 3!!!!!

1decennia ago
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I'm a huge fighting games fan.. I loved all of the previous games in the NUN series.. can't wait for the 5th one!!

1decennia ago
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permalink Looking forward to Final Fantasy 13
Metal Gear Solid for the xbox360
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Forza Motorsport 3
Maybe:Halo 3 ODST (not a fan of Halo but curious about this one)
New RPGs for the Xbox 360 cause theres not much for it

1decennia ago
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permalink Kingdom hearts 358.2 days
Kingdom Hearts:birth by sleep
Naruto ultimate ninja 5
Final fantasy dissidia

1decennia ago
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permalink probably New Super Mario Bros. Wii cuz I haven't really heard of any good ones comming out soon =p

1decennia ago
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permalink I'm looking forward to FFXIII and versus XIII I really can't wait i'm sooo on egde! :RBhalo:

1decennia ago
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permalink The games that I am waiting for are Final Fantasy and Assassins Creed II

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