What do you think about RPG games ?

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8yr ago
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permalink Please Reply :D

8yr ago
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permalink Video games? I like a lot of the older ones, but it seems most of the series I enjoy the most have been stopped. At this point, I enjoy the Shin Megami Tensei games the most. I like the edgier and more adult atmosphere, strong translations and relatively difficult gameplay. Other games are good though. I've never really gotten into western RPGs too much, even though I've played a little bit of tabletop.

6yr ago
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permalink I LOVE Atlus games too!!

8yr ago
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permalink In my opinion the best type of games!

7yr ago
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permalink When I play games I seem to prefer RPG's.

7yr ago
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permalink I prefer RPGs over other genres. I love the older RPGs from BioWare, especially titles such as Knights of the Old Republic, Jade Empire etc. I also love a good mature story such as Deus Ex, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, and more.

I'm quite excited for the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 game from the creators of The Witcher 1 and 2. Both of the latter are awesome RPGs. The Dragon Age series is also good, along with Mass Effect's trilogy.

I do have some issues with BioWare as of late, I think they're basically copying themselves. It became painfully clear when replaying Knights of the Old Republic. They've reused a lot of things from that game in Mass Effect. A pity, but oh well.

I've never tried Japanese RPGs though..

7yr ago
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permalink I like RPGs that have a very well done story line and fun gameplay. I dont like it when they are dull and too easy

7yr ago
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permalink I love them ! :D

7yr ago
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permalink they're very good to play, but sometimes i get bored of it

7yr ago
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permalink I grew up playing JRPGs loved them, I've move more towards the western style now since the JRPG scene hasn't really changed much. I still do love the persona series.

I like the munchkin card game too.

7yr ago
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permalink Love them! I prefer RPGs and MMOs to any other genre, 'cause they don't have a set storyline and you can do what you want >.< plus the feeling of getting really high levels, and the cool graphics for attacks ^^

7yr ago
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permalink Its cool! you can do what you want, just like real life... but not all things you want though.. haha :p

7yr ago
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permalink i think cool and have an interest interesting in every game
therefor i haven`t bored if i play game RPG

7yr ago
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permalink RPGs are fun but if you don't get any friends easily it or make any online, it becomes boring :\

6yr ago
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permalink One of my favorite game genres :)

6yr ago
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permalink They're the best games~

6yr ago
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permalink I enjoy RPG's the most :)

6yr ago
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5yr ago
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permalink Love RPG games :D :D :D There the only genre of games I really play.

5yr ago
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permalink I love love RPG games they are my main genre of the games I would play.

5yr ago
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5yr ago
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permalink I like them! :D

5yr ago
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permalink i love all RPG games .

5yr ago
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permalink RPGs are my favorite; the fact that you can level up to your own discretion and change weapons, armor, accessories, etc. to your own liking is just so cool.

5yr ago
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permalink I love RPGs they are my favorite game type.

4yr ago
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permalink I like RPG.

4yr ago
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permalink While i love RPGs it seems like Fantasy RPGs on consoles at least are starting to die out. and it makes me sad

4yr ago
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permalink RPGs will have to be my fave game genre, especially JRPGs :3 For me, I think the aspect that appeals most to me in RPGs is character development as well as the plot.

JRPGs in particular often have a hard-hitting, deep and intricate storyline that often tears at the heartstrings. I think it's the emotions that one might feel which makes it so good. You feel as if you're in the game and that you feel as if you can interact with the characters. Because of this I get a bigger kick out of RPGs than any other genre. :D

4yr ago
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permalink Some RPGs are pretty good. I love RPG games especially some MMORPGs. :D

4yr ago
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permalink RPGs are great. I like building up my characters and customizing them to suit my playstyle.

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