what do you do to make friends with someone?

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5yr ago
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permalink both in real life and in cyberspace :3

//i wanna make friends here at JPA//

5yr ago
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permalink We can just join social networking we know, try greeting the strangers, start to talk with them, have a discussion about the things we have in common, and keep being nice and friendly with them. The last thing is just do your best to keep the relationship we've made with them. O:)

5yr ago
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permalink you just have to act yourself and then they probably find you. but you must greet them everyday in order for them to get use to you.

if ever they betray you after you become friend, never give up. your still living and breathing and someday you will find a really good friend. ^^

5yr ago
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permalink you just gotta be yourself and people who are compatable with you will find you

5yr ago
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permalink uhh say hi to them :P heheh

5yr ago
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permalink Cyberspace - message a person and ask questions to get to know them and such. Maintain the friendship by conintually talking to them which may be difficult if you aren't always online. T_T

In person - pretty much the same thing. I've met people in cafes, libraries, school, bars, clubs and the like. Sometimes there is something that sparks a conversation, introductions are exchanged and if the conversation goes well and you feel a good connection or something with the person or people then you exchange contact info. To foster the friendship you continue talking or set up days to hang out and such. :D

5yr ago
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permalink hurmm just being urself... or for example here.. just hit the person u're interested to be friend with and say hi to that person... and then have a normal chat.. or weird one if u want

4yr ago
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4yr ago
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permalink I'm just gonna introduce myself. Done.

4yr ago
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permalink I'm just myself when I make friends, usually this means me annoying people with a shetload of questions to find out what he/she likes and then more questions after I found out what he/she likes.

After that it's usually evolved to a friendly mood and I build from there I guess.

That being said, I'm very picky about who I befriend or not tho.

4yr ago
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permalink Me: "hi"

"Do you like k-pop ?.. No ? so~ Anime ??.. this.. that.."

i try until i find a topic.. then we can be friends :D

4yr ago
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permalink Talk to them

4yr ago
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permalink [i]I have no clue i just usually speak with the person like once or twice or i'll say hello or something but it's hard to make friends XD [/i]

4yr ago
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permalink I just act like my normal, weird, geeky, anime/Japan obsessed self.. If they can't except my weirdness then we can't be friends.. Pretty much

4yr ago
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permalink Having a small conversation... :D

4yr ago
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permalink I think simply having things in common is the biggest thing~

4yr ago
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permalink Before that you need to know if. If you have the same interests :D

3yr ago
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permalink If you have common interests then its really easy once you start talking

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