What Color & Brand of Nail Polish Lasts The Longest?

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9yr ago
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permalink When I went to Canada I stopped by a pharmacy named Jean Coutu, while I was in the pharmacy I saw a ton of different styles and types of nail polish. I bought a red named Sophany, a blue named Marina,and a black named Annie from Jean Coutu's line of nail polishes. I also bought a crackle by Sally Hansen. When I came back home I tried out the nail polishes. I found that the red lasted the longest, especially when there was only one coat and no crackle or designs on it.
SO, I was wondering the number of coats of nail polish, the brand, and the color affect how long it stays.I'd love to hear your ideas about this.
Please list the color name, if there is a specific one, the brand, how many coats applied, if there are any designs, what designs, what was used to apply the designs, and where the nail polish is from, as in the country or store it was bought at.
Thank you!

9yr ago
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permalink i like this brand called diamond. i just bought a like a pastel blue color and it looks pretty.

9yr ago
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permalink sally hansen work for me. :)

9yr ago
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permalink This silver sparkly nail polish, L.A. Colors.

9yr ago
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permalink Don't buy Rimmel's lasting finish. The finish really is great. And it's super shiny, but if you're looking for something that doesn't chip easily, then they're definitely not for you. Despite that, I went and bought another. The colours are cute, but they're hard to paint on.

9yr ago
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permalink Sally's works for me :)

8yr ago
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permalink Sally Hansen and O.P.I.

8yr ago
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permalink Gel polishes last the longest, but they take extra time to do and you have to have one of those UV machines to do it. Although Sephora, Sally Hansen, Incoco, and other brands sell a gel polish kit. A gel manicure definitely looks and lasts longer than a regular one.

8yr ago
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permalink I think clear lasts the longest of any brand

5yr ago
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permalink essie lasts quite long

i think more natural colors last longer because it doesn't look that obvious when it chips

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