What are your favorite Jackie Chan's movies?

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10yr ago
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permalink I LOVE Jackie he is the best my fav film I think would be all of them. Sorry I just can't chouse one, I guess I just that big of a fan of him. He's just too funny, well happy posting to all fans of Jackie

10yr ago
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permalink I really like him! I like that movie I think it's called Rush Hours or something like that. It's hella funny!

10yr ago
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permalink yeh yeeah!! I love the Rush Hour Series!!!! :RBhalo: Chris Tucker with Jackie Chan= HILARIOUS!!! Love them!! :RBhalo:

10yr ago
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permalink oh and besides I really like all Jackie Chan movies!! Well the funny ones. :) [edit]Last edit by dilaChan on Saturday 03 Jan, 2009 at 22:06 -66.7%[/edit]

7yr ago
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permalink i must say this is a bit awkward for me 2 chat like this

10yr ago
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permalink HAHA the rush hour series. that was hilarious...

he was in the forbidden kingdom too right? that one was okay.

i loved that drunken fistboxing one. :D

10yr ago
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permalink i lik him but not luv.. :laughing:
i lik all him film...i forget what the name is... :nod:

10yr ago
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permalink i say way back a classical fight in chinese long time ago thats mine forgot the name tho

10yr ago
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permalink jackie Chan is awesome.

I like Rush Hour(1,2,3), Forbidden Kingdom, The Myth, Shanghai Noon and Shanghai Knights.

He also a singer. I didnt know that

10yr ago
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permalink I cant really deside witch movie i like the most since all his movies are good!..I alo like that he sing...He's crazy :P...I can't belice that he has been in like 80-100 movies XD

10yr ago
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permalink Ignore this post...[edit]Last edit by Kentayum on Tuesday 20 Jan, 2009 at 05:19 -10.1%[/edit]

10yr ago
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permalink All of the Rush Hours, but my fav is Rush Hour 2 :giggle:

10yr ago
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permalink Police Story 1 and 3 are my favorites since they contain some of the craziest stunts from JC. The hanging on the side of the bus by umbrella and the pole slide in a shopping mall before crashing through several panes of glass in PS1 is unreal.

10yr ago
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permalink i also like him really much
my favourite movie of him is the new police story with Nicholes Tse

it was a really good action movie with touching scenes :)

10yr ago
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permalink City Hunter


Rush Hour

Rush Hour 2

The Medallion

The Myth

Who Am I?

10yr ago
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permalink i like a lot of his old kung fu movies. the best one ever is the original drunken master from the 70s

7yr ago
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permalink I hope so too :) Nice to meet you too.

10yr ago
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Quote by evilteabag
i like a lot of his old kung fu movies. the best one ever is the original drunken master from the 70s
I totally agree, his Police Story films from the 80s are also classics.

10yr ago
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permalink Rush Hour is defiantely some of his funniest movies to me. I love all three of them but to me the first one is the funniest and best. :)

10yr ago
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permalink i love his movie of Robin B Hood or something like that and well all the rush hour series hehe but Robin B Hood the most its like super funny but at the same time sad :RBhalo:

10yr ago
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permalink :D well as we all know, than jackie chan is a great actor.
My favourite film is Rush Hour.
Actually all three films. :P
But i guess that more or less i like all of his movies. :D
The best asian actor ever......

10yr ago
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permalink He is amazing. What else can I say? What else can anybody say?
To think that he is 55 and still does all the stunts by himself, it is absolutely unbelievable.
I read an article in a newspaper about Jackie and there was a list of bones he has broken, more than 50. Almoust all of them twice or three times. Ouch. And he still continues acting, he does what he loves to do. Nothing but respect for him.
He is extremely funny and I bet that everybody who used to work with him and who are still working having great time filming, because he is just such a nice guy.

As for a favorite film. Pffff...I liked The Myth quite a lot and Forbidden Kingdom, both movies are based on legends, beautifuly filmed. There are not just fighting scenes but interesting story as well. Especially Myth, so touching. Forbidden Kingdom, oh my. You have to see this film, it is a MUST. Fighting scene between Jackie Chan and Jet Li. You don't want to miss it, believe me.

To be fair, I like all of his movies because his fighting style is different every single time, it never repeats. Can't wait to see Shinjuku Incident, it should be a blast.

10yr ago
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permalink I'm amazed that so many are saying how good Rush Hour is. They're probably the weakest movies that Jackie's done. To see the master at his very best you have to watch his Hong Kong output - the Police Story trilogy, Armour Of God, Drunken Master 2 and even Project A. Anything he's ever done in Hollywood comes off second best to the movies I've mentioned.

9yr ago
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permalink i like almost all of his films.becoz he's so funny.and all the actions,he did by himself.no stuntman.his movie that i like most are rush hour(1 n 2),shanghai knight,shanghai noon,around the world in 80 days,rob b hood,and so on..so many that i 4get its title..

9yr ago
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permalink I like Aroun The World In 80 Days with Jackie Chan in it,has anyone else seen it?

9yr ago
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permalink my favorite movies from Jackie Chan's is Shanghai Noon and Shanghai Knights.i love both of the movie.I think it the best movie he ever act.It so diffrent from his other movie and he also acting with my favourite Holloywood artist Owen Wilson.He so funny :D .This to movie combine comedy and action.All the action so cool and i always this two movie over and over.I think i will not get bored.

9yr ago
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permalink Hm... i think i like almost all of his movies.. the action is great the comedy is also great ^^
and i have watched roob b hood for 3 times or maybe 4 times... o.o hahaha

9yr ago
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Quote by Perfume4Ever
I'm amazed that so many are saying how good Rush Hour is. They're probably the weakest movies that Jackie's done.

Well, I don't think so, Rush Hour is a new movie comparing to others but there is still a lot of humor in it, thx to Chris Tucker, I love that guy. He and Jackie make perfect duo.

9yr ago
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permalink i love all jackie chan's movies...
but Who am i ?..is the best.

9yr ago
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permalink My Favorite Jackie Chan Movies is
The Myth

Funny n touch too :D :RBcrying:

8yr ago
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permalink RUSH HOUR that was really funny and hilarious movie.I love jacky chan play in that movie :D

8yr ago
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permalink only RUSH HOUR :giggle:

8yr ago
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permalink My #1 is Rush Hour.

the others:
The Tuxedo
Shanghai Noon
Boh lee chun

8yr ago
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permalink Rush Hour and The Tuxedo.

8yr ago
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:RBblush: [ doll'master ] :RBblush:


:RBblush: || michiko-sama || :RBblush:

8yr ago
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permalink rush hopur as it is the only one i seen and i shore it on sunday

8yr ago
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permalink His newest one, The Karate Kid (2010)
he does a really good part

8yr ago
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Or this movie is the only one that I’d watched were Jackie is the lead. Fufufufuf~
I love it!
I mostly watch chinese movie of jet li....>.<

8yr ago
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permalink i could say all..if not this man i would be never interested in asia so i love him and all his works<3 but first place i would give new police story<3

8yr ago
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permalink I really enjoyed the Karate Kid. When Jackie cried in that film it yanked my heart out. :RBcrying: I also liked Jayden Smith. I thought he was adorable!

8yr ago
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permalink Rumble in the Bronx

8yr ago
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permalink I like him in the Myth and forbidden kingdom........

especially for the myth coz there is love story behind the plot...

:RBheart: :STwink:

8yr ago
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permalink I just saw Forbidden Kingdom yesterday and it is so great. Love Jackie Chan in it. :RBheart:

Shanghai Noon was also fun. :STbigSmile:

Tuxedo not so much because I knew the answer to the riddle long before they even told you what the riddle was. :noway:

8yr ago
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permalink i like the tuxedo
it was so funny especially when he sung like James brown

and of course rush hour 1 and 2



and his new film karate kid with will smith's son , i want deeply see it

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_m_7BSo5ZP7M/TBh7LYjeEDI/AAAAAAAAAmE/UnQwsYn3qi4/S1600-R/The+Karate+Kid+2010.jpg[edit]Last edit by bluesweater on Sunday 19 Dec, 2010 at 04:09 +5.1%[/edit]

8yr ago
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permalink Rush hour series of course!

8yr ago
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permalink Rush Hour movies of course! they are so funny! So excited abut the 4th one coming out! and the new karate kid movie. it was awesome! only time i ever really wanted to watch the karate kid movies. didn't care about the originals.

8yr ago
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permalink there's Rob B Hood, the Rush Hour series, all the police stories, shanghai noon, shanghai knights, The Myth, Mr. Nice Guy, ALl the movies where he does those dangerous stunts.

8yr ago
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permalink One of the funniest ones = Twin Dragons...XDDD

8yr ago
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permalink Armour of God II: Operation Condor

I love the girls drink water.. haha..
and their faces.. :)

8yr ago
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permalink Rumble in the Bronx, Who Am I? (the rooftop scene is one of the best fights ever), Rush Hour, and Mr. Nice Guy.

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