what anime realates to ur life in the most way

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1decennia ago
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permalink mine has to be deathnote cause i want to rid the world of all bad ppl and be justice

1decennia ago
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permalink you dO?? haha! Another Light Yagami...:D

hm...maybe mine wud be schOOl rumble..hahaha :P

wait, i dont really know..haven't thought of it actually...:noo:

I'll go think about it first!^^

1decennia ago
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permalink SlamDunk only in gradeschool ti'l 2nd year highschool :boogie: :boogie: :boogie: :boogie: :boogie: :boogie: :boogie: :boogie:

9yr ago
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Whoa. You're like Light Yagami really.

well mine is, Lucky★Star I guess.
*laughs* everyday life of an otaku. :D
Konata is soo me. I can see myself on her really.
I can actually relate my life in all anime. in different situations of course.
but i choose to say Lucky★Star. :RBhalo:
all because of konata. believe me, we are almost one.
we are so the same.

here's some info about konata. :D

★A childish girl whose main interests are games, anime and manga. She is one of the protagonists of Lucky Star.
Konata Izumi is, more by default than anything else, the "leader" of the main characters. Nicknamed "Kona-chan" by her friends, she is an eccentric but friendly and outgoing girl, with a mischievous but good-natured sense of humor. She can be smart, but she hates studying, thus her grades are a bit uneasy. However, she is an expert in pulling an "all-nighter". ;) :RBhalo: :D

In contrast to her studying habits, she loves video games, to the extent that she can compete against Kagami Hiiragi on trivia games. In addition, she loves anime, which is also due to her father, Sojiro Izumi's influence, along with the games. He buys H-games for himself, so she is able to play and enjoy them. In fact, when she became eighteen, Konata was overjoyed, since she could now go buy and play H-games legally.

8yr ago
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permalink Hmmm...theres this one manga that I think might be pretty close, but I just found it and just started it. Its called "Hidamari Sketch" because the main character attends a special art high school, and so do I, and the characters seem weird and so are my friends. xD

8yr ago
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permalink InuKami bam bam

8yr ago
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permalink mine would be yamato nadeshiko..because i can understand how sunako feels when the people look on what they see..

maybe alice gakuen too.

because i admire mikan..she always face the problems that comes to her life

8yr ago
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:think2: :think2: :think2: :think2: :think2: :think2: :think2: :think2:

SCHOOL RUMBLE>>>!!!... :jangel: :jangel: :jangel: .. BUT I'm no tenma... :otsu: :joops: .......

8yr ago
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permalink Nana was really emotional for me because of how much of me and my best friends I saw in both of the main characters, it was crazy but i loved it. I've never seen an anime before that addressed that type of deep friendship before, they usually only focus on love.

8yr ago
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permalink Ouran High School Host Club and Fruits Basket
My best friend is just like Kyoya, She is The Evil Overlord of Darkness!!! :RBveryAngry: <-looks just like this sometimes. She has the exact same mentality and behavior. She is cold and calculating, but very loyal to her friends just like Kyoya. My other best friend is totally Uo-chan from "Fruits Basket", she even kind of looks like her :D She adores her friends, just like Uo-chan. She basically acts just the same. I could be Honey-senpai or Honda Tohru depending on how you look at it, I share characteristics with both :D

8yr ago
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permalink ouran... Me being a boy-ish girl, and being mistaken as a boy... that was what made me get my account "as a boy"... But no hot guys around me and no host club xD

8yr ago
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permalink love hina .... just keitaro the main charactor though

the continuous concept of him trying to get into tokyo uni and failing at several attempts... is pretty much like me XD

8yr ago
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permalink mine is Kimi ni Todoke. i used to be just like Sawako..now that im a senior in hs now my bf and my choices changed my life :)

8yr ago
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permalink Kimi ni todoke, I don't have a bf or anything but I wasn't really noticed that much during my primary but when I moved school there was this boy who kind of I liked and he was very chatty to me plus he was popular aswell so hoe introduced me to everyone so now I'm okay :)

8yr ago
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permalink Naruto . . the character is Deidara, he change me into strong girl . . >.<

7yr ago
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permalink Naruto.... i think because Gaara almost like me... hehehe....

7yr ago
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permalink Minami-ke ->family life is almost identical

7yr ago
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permalink Neither. That's why I like them. lol

7yr ago
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permalink Sailor Jupiter - cuz she is tough and doesnt let ppl bring her down!! she fight back!
Sailor Saturn - on my days when I am sad and I tend to feel darkness take over me..
Sango - she has had family that are gone and she wants to try her best to protect her brother!

7yr ago
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permalink Hm...mine would probably be a mix of Fairy Tail and Reborn. If I ever had to fight, it would be for my friends. And besides, my friends are a little bit like the characters in those stories, it's way too creepy to see the similarities.

6yr ago
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permalink Especially now, it would be K-ON! I'm graduating this year with my three best friends. We don't have a band, but we are as close as Yui/Mio/Ritsu/Mugi are. Watching the last episode was really really painful for me because I started thinking about leaving school, moving to a different city, joining a university and being apart of my friends. It will be very hard, and I'll miss these high school days a lot...

6yr ago
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permalink ao no exorcist: rin okumura, having the same dad with the awesome attitude. .

naruto:sakura, hell, when some dude was pestering my best friend, i punched him hard. . . totally making them see me as a tsundre woman. .

6yr ago
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permalink Definitely Naruto :D

6yr ago
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permalink maybe naruto.....i have others in mind but they won't come out :D

6yr ago
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permalink Naruto....

6yr ago
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permalink Sket Dance may be... haha

6yr ago
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permalink Honey & Clover

Both series that so far had real life issues that I face in life.

5yr ago
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permalink Kimi ni todoke and sukitte ii na yo~~
at the beginning of the story, the main character's condition just like me

5yr ago
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permalink Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun? Was like in SAO before.. Aww Memories lol

5yr ago
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permalink Kimi ni Todoke
But i don't think my life will end up as happily as Sawako's did. Yeah....i don't think i'll be as lucky as her

5yr ago
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permalink if I decide to run away from house, then Honda Tohru from Fruit Basket relates to me in most ways. Only I still live with parent. But my house always like that.

4yr ago
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permalink Soul Eater because the characters are literally what me and my friends in high school were like and like we each had a lot in common with one of the main characters of the show

4yr ago
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permalink I'm going to go with Black Rock Shooter, because I feel like my close friends have that connection (not sure about the whole other world thing though)

4yr ago
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permalink I'm going to go with either Sailor Moon or Full Moon o Sagashite. Both for the same reason which is I can relate to the main characters. I'm lazy and love to eat like Usagi. And I love to sing and dance but I have obstacles in my way like Mitsuki.

4yr ago
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permalink Ao Haru Ride :)

3yr ago
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permalink Lucky Star and Watamote.

3yr ago
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permalink Say I Love You because I relate to Mei so much except that she has the most amazing bf ever.

3yr ago
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permalink Watamote and Lucky Star. Always alone but hang out with the same people.

3yr ago
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permalink Right now Kimi ni Todoke XD

3yr ago
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permalink Nana... There are characters that are so like me... And the friend that I love the most has same name as me, so yeah...

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