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6yr ago
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permalink Ok so in December I am getting married to my college sweetheart. Since he is Japanese, besides the fact I love all things Japanese music, I am trying to incorporate a bunch of Japanese songs into our Ceremony/ Reception. I have a few good songs for a few of the main parts of the wedding, but I am still lost at what to do for some. So any recommendations would be much appreciated!!

Here is what I have so far:
Background music: No idea
Moms, etc. formal escort : No idea
Other processional event : No idea
[i]Wedding Party : Sakura Sakura[/i]
[i]Bride : Wedding March[/i]
sand ceremony : No idea
Recessional: No idea

Nothing so far... but since most of the family is American, I might just let the DJ play what he/she wants

Grand entrance : No idea
Dinner : No idea
Cake cutting: Adam Sandler - I wanna grow old with you (suggestions is you have it)
Bride & groom first dance: Gackt - Love Letter
Father/Daughter dance: Heartland - I loved her 1st
Mother/Son dance: Seamo - Mother
Wedding party dance: no idea
Other special dances: No idea
Open dancing: No idea
Garter toss: Litchi☆Hikari Club - Shikkoku no Bara
Bouquet toss: no idea (HELP)
Last dance : No idea
Grand exit: No idea

6yr ago
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permalink Congratulation to you ^^ and I don't know whether I can help, but hey, I do have a bit of recommendations..

The background music: W-inds- More than words.
Hahaha, I choose more than words cos after all, you 're marrying your college sweetheart, right? hahaha, you should check out the english lyrics ^^

Cake cutting; wow kinda special moment cos you both 'll be cutting cake together right?? :o ahhaah, you can try Elvis presley - stuck on you.

Wedding party dance- Shanice wilson- Saving forever for you. ^^

Grand entrance- Shania Twain - You 're still the one.
Hahha, I love that song. After all, it 's about a couple being so long together and no matter what happen, it 's still the one ^^

Last dance - Shimokawa Mikuni - Kimi ga iru kara ^^ (check the english lyrics out)

Grand exit - W-inds - be as one ^^ (check the english lyrics out)

hmm, the others I guess I can't help.. but oh well, you should try to check the japanese lyrics ^^ hahahah, and again, congratulation on founding your other half ^^

6yr ago
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permalink Congrats~ :D

I don't know where you can include them. You better choose it yourself, but there are some romantic songs I'd recommend:

  • melody. - Our Journey
  • ONE OK ROCK - wherever you are
  • ONE OK ROCK - Notes 'n' Words
  • Utada Hikaru - Goodbye Happiness

6yr ago
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permalink What a great idea!! :) I'm not sure if these are befitting of a wedding, but who knows.

Utada Hikaru's First Love.

Ai Otsuka - Renai Shashin

YUI - Understand

BoA - Love Letter

Toshiki Kadomatsu - You're My Only Shinin' Star

Angela Aki's Kiss Me Goodbye

Kourin - Aishiteru

Lena Park - Fall in Love

Ayumi Hamasaki - Dearest

6yr ago
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permalink miyavi - kekkon :)

5yr ago
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permalink Boa - only one
SNSD - all my love's for you

5yr ago
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permalink Yiruma's River Flows in You could be a good background song

5yr ago
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permalink GLAY - Zutto Futari de

5yr ago
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permalink UVERworld - The Over

5yr ago
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permalink 'Konayuki (Powder Snow)' by Remioromen

5yr ago
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permalink Think u x-Fujigaya Taisuke

5yr ago
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permalink background music: Miki Imai Pride
im guessing you are already married now?? if so, congratulations!

3yr ago
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permalink Hajimari no Melody by hey say jump

3yr ago
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permalink Ai wo Sakebe - Arashi

3yr ago
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permalink i recommend
anata by tegoshi yuya
asu e no tegami by teshima aoi

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