Want to make some friends from Japan ^^

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6yr ago
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permalink Hey!! So I would really love to get to know some awesome people from Japan....well anywhere really, haha. I would love to make some friends! I love to write and I just really want to meet new people and chat about some randomness ^_^
I'm easy going and funny, so let's just talk!! haha
Interests: Jpop music, Japan, cars, anime and manga, drawing, joking around, haha

6yr ago
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permalink Try a sight called mylanguageexchange.com I have japanese all around word and they offer penpal from almost all languages <3

6yr ago
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permalink I also want to learn some japanese before going there :)

6yr ago
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permalink Agreed. I have family but its hard to contact them I would love to just get in touch with it.

6yr ago
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permalink i have a friend from japan ^^ she is haru-chan, and she is so nice
but it would be awesome to meet more people from japan :crazy:

5yr ago
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3yr ago
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permalink I would like friends from Japan. I love their culture.

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