Want Tips on Simple & Easy Fashion

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7yr ago
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permalink I like a simple Fashion that can make me comfortable to go anywhere... and how to make my hair healty...

7yr ago
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permalink well,ummm, lets see if i got what your topic says heheh. Example, in me, i like to use t-shirts or tank tops, sneakers, not to tight jeans. For hair, just a simple ponytail, no spray,gel or moose, cause that can damage the hair, only a leave in conditioner <--has nutrients for the hair. No makeup, just lip balm or chapstick, i like to use aloe, which is natural, and body lotion with spf cocoa or aloe<--helps protect you from the ultra violet rays from the sun and skin smooth. I also like to put a bit mascara to open up the eyes a bit and bronze for my cheeks, just a bit. :crazy:

7yr ago
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permalink For me fashion is wearing the clothes that I am comfortable in. Also for special occasions, I wear some simple accessories like an ear cuff and a simple pendant along with my outfit.

6yr ago
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permalink Can't go wrong with a simple white top! It can go with so many bottoms and occasions and accessories too

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