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5yr ago
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permalink Anyone here a fan of visual novels?

My favorites would include Kara no Shoujo, Katawa Shoujo, and Steins;Gate.

I also plan on playing Sunrider Academy, If My Heart Had Wings, Narcissu, and Melty Blood

4yr ago
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permalink I never tried playing them

4yr ago
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permalink I like watching other people play it on PC. I have quite a few on my phone which I play occasionally.

4yr ago
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permalink I tried playing some of them (like Bible Black), but they kinda get boring to me after maybe 20 minutes of gameplay. (:

4yr ago
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permalink i like them the art is always so great

4yr ago
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permalink DRAMAtical Murder is my favourite

4yr ago
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permalink I really liked the Infinity series (Never7, Remember11, Ever17) and ADORED Fate/Stay Night.

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