Updates November 2012

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6yr ago
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permalink Some updates this week!

- Gender can now be changed in the settings
- Untrue fans
- Untrue fans directly at fanned page in your profile
- "Lyrics view" link below the lyrics at the videos page, some users like this view better

Enjoy! More updates coming soon :)

6yr ago
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permalink ok~ thank you for informing~ <3

6yr ago
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permalink thank you for information

6yr ago
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permalink Thanks for the info~~~~

6yr ago
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permalink ohh, oke..thankyou for the info!! :D

6yr ago
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permalink does untrue fans return the Jpops?

edit: know the answer to the question already..

6yr ago
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permalink When will the result of the Jpop Awards 2012 releasing ??

tnx for the response ! :D

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