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4yr ago
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permalink First thing fist, I am a fan of Japanese song and language, but I am not really good at the language. I've been studied basic thing about Japanese in a course of 2.5. But I want to self taught Japanese via Jsong. Here's a quite useful tool for that.

I copied the Japanese lyrics into the tool, it bascially also uses Google to transate the lyrics into English. But further than that, it translate into Romaji so that I can sing along with the singer. I also decompose the sentences into small chunks of speech, which will be useful for me to translate with a Google translated reference.

For example, the first paragraph of the song Mirai e by Kiroro
The translated Romaji is

"hora ashimoto o mi te goran
kore ga anata no ayumu michi
hora mae o mi te goran
are ga anata no mirai"

And from the references, I can do my own translation as:
"Hey, Look at your feet
This is the road you are walking!
Hey, Look at the way ahead
That is your future!"

What do you think, I compare with the version I found on jpopasia which is:
"Look! Pay attention to your steps
This, is the path you walk
Look! Pay attention to what's ahead
That, is your future"

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permalink A really good idea. :) (Just don't add lyrics translated by online translators).

4yr ago
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permalink Sure! It helps me to study instead of using the raw translation :p

4yr ago
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permalink Waah, that's so useful! It has some errors, but it breaks up the words so nicely and keeps line breaks in the lyrics. ;___; I'm going to start using this as a starting point when I romanize songs.

4yr ago
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permalink That's so useful~! Thanks for sharing this.. :)

3yr ago
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permalink The translation is a bit inaccurate but it captures the idea of what the singer is trying to express. ^^

3yr ago
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permalink oh thank you so much for this link
i always have trouble deciphering the kanji pronounciations

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