Tips for Talking to Your Crush

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permalink Okay so I'm sure this is something that everyone including myself struggles with... when you have a crush on a guy or girl and you so desperately want to talk to them but you don't know what to say! So I'm starting this topic so we can all help each other out with the eternal struggle of "how to talk to bae" as the internet would so eloquently put it

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permalink There's many ways you can approach this. You can pretend to ask him/her for directions. When he/she replies, say something like 'you have a nice accent' and try and guess their nationality. Once he/she replies, you're pretty much set for a convo. I mean, no matter what kind of country they tell me they're from, I'll have a lot of questions and convo-starting comments in mind. From there you can work your way out. It's not too awkward and it works quite well. If you're a little uncomfortable, bring someone you can trust.

Or you can find something that he/she has in common with you and talk about that. If he/she's doing the same course as you, ask about him/her a question about homework or assignments or something along those lines etc.

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permalink I usually am a tsundere type, so when I am around someone I like I act all cold and harsh at first because I am very shy, but in general I can recommend to just come and say "Hey! How are you?! :D" with a smile, and then let it flow, all the nice gibberish talk like "I have just thought of saying hi, hey, isn't it a bit cold here?" or something like that. Sometimes it is hard to make the first step, but once you've done it it's gonna get easier and you won't feel so uncomortable about that.

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