This exists? XD Hi everyone!!

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3yr ago
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permalink I have been using this site for a couple years now and never noticed there is a whole community behind. :facepalm:
Well, glad to have finally discovered you guys and girls.
I'm a 23yo guy from Croatia and mainly into j-rock.
If you are alone among your friends with japanese related stuff like I am, feel free to msg me to talk.
Yoroshiku ne ;)

3yr ago
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permalink Welcome to the humble abode~ feel free to contact me if you have any questions :)

3yr ago
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permalink Welcome to JPA

And yes haha, definitely a community here :P

3yr ago
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permalink Welcome to JPA!

3yr ago
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permalink Welcome,
Nice to meet you xwx)/

3yr ago
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permalink Hello and Welcome to JPA <3
Feel free to send me a message to my wall :)

3yr ago
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permalink Welcome to this wonderful site :) Give KAT-TUN a try if you are into Jpop ;)

3yr ago
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permalink Hello and Welcome!

3yr ago
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3yr ago
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