The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved

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10yr ago
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permalink u know i was at abook store the other day and they have dollar books outside. You wud think they suck or be bad books but i found very interesting and well i cam across the namles coverless book it was black and i picked it up. The title insde said the bermuda triangle mystery solved. i am currently reading it and i like it so far. It does not sound very interestng but it really is ^^ and wow u find out things and throries scientists have about this book i recomed for ppl wjo like to wel read seomthing new informational and idk xD

10yr ago
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permalink hmm sounds interesting :D

10yr ago
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permalink ^^ thnx xD it really is interesting i reccomend u read it! lol and blue had to change the title ....sorry for horrible spelling! :D

10yr ago
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permalink I heard about that. Its on those Unsolved mysteries shows. Its not that it's been solved, but there is a more scientific theory then things just disappearing. It has something to do with the geysers in the water that sinks the ships and may even cause the planes to crash because of their great height.

10yr ago
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permalink Sounds cool... I always like the Bermuda Triangle mysteries... but I still like to beleive aliens are responsible for it. :D

10yr ago
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permalink the Bermuda Triangle was the topic for my research paper...
and i say that the explanation for the disappearances is really reasonable...
i've thought before that it would never be solved...
but i guess there's no more mystery behind the Bermuda triangle...

9yr ago
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permalink hmm sounds kool ive hear it was good im still on my quest to find a copy

9yr ago
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permalink i wanna read it now :/

9yr ago
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permalink I wanna read it too :nod:
I was always fascinated by the Bermuda Triangle growing up.
They'd show all these crazy documentaries on TV
and I'd imagine all sorts of madness that could be the secret behind it :RBohNo:

9yr ago
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permalink Yeah but have they really solved it or is it all still hocus pocus? I would love to hear a REAL, SCIENTIFIC reason for the bermuda triangle.

9yr ago
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permalink I heard lots of stories about the Bermuda Triangle. The most one I like is Mary Celeste. I always wondered what happen to the people on board. Didn't I heard that the crew found a dog only and the instruments for navigation were gone, too.

This has nothing to do with the Bermuda Triangle but it's related... Do you guys remember the movie "Pocahontas" well in the movie they made a colony and called in Jamestown- established it as the first colonized colony in America. Well, there was actually a colony named Roanoake before Jamestown exist.(I think that's how you spell antieway..) There was this one story that told what happen to the island/colony. The crews that ship stuff to the island went back to England (or some other country-not sure)and couple of weeks later they came back and saw the "isolated" colony.

There was no one living thing in the village, the animal were dead, and people went missing. I mean they had theories saying that the people got abducted by aliens, other said that the crews took to long that they moved out.(but even if they moved out they would've leave a message) But there's one evidence the left the wonderers hanging... in the village the crews were searching for people, and they came upon a particular oak tree. On that oak tree the word Roanoke was carved.. Now on this day on people still wonder what happen to this colony (of course it wasn't established as first colony)-someone came up with the idea that indians or alien took/abducted them..

8yr ago
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permalink Have you read Reader's Digest's Worlds Greatest Mysteries and Hoaxes book?

8yr ago
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permalink i watched on natgeo about bermuda triangle.
a witness said that he traveled through time
do you think that it also happen to other victim?

5yr ago
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permalink Amazing :moved:

5yr ago
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permalink many have been told, to little answer. Last thing i knew is that there were pyramids under the ocean. Also ontthe other side of the planet is the Devils trianagul, japanese have a lot of deseapered ship and crew men long before the bermudas made echo. Call them alien, intraterrestrials, anotheer dimension beeing, one thing is sure...

4yr ago
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permalink I have also that book but I haven't finished it.

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