Sushi vs. noodles (ramen, udon, etc)

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1decennia ago
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permalink Sushi is good for all those healthy lifestyle lovers. The more toppings, the more reason you'll love it (since you won't get bored from the taste!!)

On the other hand, udon is good when you want a more filling and warm meal. You can put in many toppings and spices to suit your taste =)

So... which one do you prefer??? Sushi or udon??

1decennia ago
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permalink I cant pick...they're both too delicious :RBsealed:

1decennia ago
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permalink I like both Sushi & Udon :lovec:, so I can't pick one of them :RBohNo:

and Sashimi too of course

and they are indeed a very healthy food :otsu:

1decennia ago
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permalink i like sushi more than udon.. :RBstickout:
well.. maybe because i like salmon a lot.. hehe

1decennia ago
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permalink i cant pcik i agree with hakka

10yr ago
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permalink I love it all! :D :D :D

10yr ago
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permalink i never et both of it..... :RBcrying:

but i think maybe sushi the best :)

10yr ago
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permalink YURIE SAYS THE SUSHI IS BETTER!!! XDDD. Actually, I like them both, but...SUSHI!!!! XDDDD

10yr ago
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permalink of the two, for me sushi wins every time

10yr ago
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permalink uhhh...i must say udon...coz it makes me fallin' in love with japanese food 4 the 1st time... :RBheart: :RBheart:

10yr ago
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permalink Udon is noodles?

I wouldn't know, both I might like, but thanks to my instant noodles I don't care for any other XD so sushi which I've never tried

10yr ago
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permalink You guys are just too cruel, it is impossible to pick just one of them, so I like both :)

10yr ago
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permalink Mm
I like sushi a lot better than udon
yayy maguro!
(and btw, if i had to choose between udon and ramen, ramen baby! haha)

10yr ago
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permalink udon all the way. i'm a noodle freak plus i have a lot of fun trying different stuff with them. i even came up with a dessert one.

10yr ago
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permalink hmm i love udon, and i'm not much of a sushi eater (tho i tend to gravitate towards the expensive ones xD)

well this is stupid, here we have two cook art dishes.....sushi is completely on a different level, the skill requiring to become a sushi chef is different than being an udon chef. preparation doesn't seem all that different, but if we go by the skill and techniques that have to be used to make each dish, then i'm for sushi. i believe sushi is more carefully prepared over udon (mostly), and variey in sushi (there's so many different fish out there in the sea, and fugu...puffer fish takes real skill to avoid the poisonous areas) is wider than udon (but who knows, maybe ppl can create new ones?). plus, sushi is more expensive a piece depending on what fish, like fatty tuna could go for about $15 USD a piece!

well...i can't really say, this question compares two foods on levels that shouldn't be compared. i think ramen vs udon is a better choice

9yr ago
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permalink i love both of them. sushi is a delicious and delicate meal, even though i guess sometimes it wouldn't be considered a full on meal since all you're really eating it a small piece of fish on a little bit of rice. maybe if you eat it in large amounts it's considered a meal, but other than that.
udon is a great MEAL whatever time of year. but i think that it's best served in the winter or fall. the hot broth warms your insides. and udon is a real meal. i really cant decide which one is better. if you're in the mood for a hearty meal than udon would be the way to go. but if your in the mood for a delicate yet delicious meal thats healthy for you (i think).
I JUST CANT DECIDE :RBohNo: :RBohNo: :RBohNo: :RBohNo: X: X: :omfg: :omfg:

9yr ago
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permalink I love them Both :RBheart: :drool:
Its such a hard thing to choose... But since i prefer hot meals(the weather is usually cold here :RBcrying: ) then I'd say UDON :pray:

9yr ago
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permalink [size=9]I don't like fish all that much, so I'll say udon!![/size]

9yr ago
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permalink honestly, i haven't eaten udon yet. :joops: but i think i would really like it. for now, i'll choose sushi cause i'm a sushi freak XDDDDD

and i actually feel full whenever i eat sushi...tons of sushi XDDDD

9yr ago
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permalink I like Udon more... but sushi is great too! :D But... :RBundecided: I can't really decide which one I like...

9yr ago
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permalink I had sushi before and liked it; but, I never had udon. So, I would have to say sushi is better.

9yr ago
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permalink I would probably pick udon (if I couldn't have both at the same time...haha).

9yr ago
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permalink SUSHI !!! <3
It's The Best !! Kekeke


9yr ago
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permalink SUSHI !!! <3
It's The Best !! Kekeke


9yr ago
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permalink Oh thats soo hard ...I love them both!!!
both soo delicious! :jangel:

9yr ago
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permalink mmm sushi or udon??i like both sushi and udon XPi cant decide!!mmm...I take all two in one dish u.u

9yr ago
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permalink SUSHi SUSHi SUSHi SUSHi MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM G00D :P ..HAVEN'T TASTED UD0N I W0NDER iF iT'S G00D! :confused:[edit]Last edit by Azndramalover76 on Thursday 10 Dec, 2009 at 12:20 +7.4%[/edit]

9yr ago
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permalink both good, but i think Sushi!

9yr ago
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permalink sushi = <3

9yr ago
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permalink sushi or udon?? well since i haven't eaten udon... i don't think i have im sorry but i would say sushi for me!!

9yr ago
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permalink Sushi! :love:

8yr ago
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permalink Sushi....

8yr ago
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permalink Sushi~!!

8yr ago
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permalink Hmmm I haven't taste udon yet..
But sushi is one of my favorite food.

8yr ago
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permalink RAMEN, UDON!!!! They are so good! I really dont like seaweed or rice to much, I wish I liked sushi but I hate it! :RBcrying:

8yr ago
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permalink sushi, i love
if i can eat, i'm gonna eat whenever i see it
love, and i tend to go to places that have it

have i ever had udon... I dont know
i'm not a noddle person as it is, so i don't think i'll ever like it over sushi
but is there different kinds...[edit]Last edit by ningyoutsuki101 on Sunday 25 Jul, 2010 at 00:20 +5.4%[/edit]

8yr ago
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permalink Sushi..................

8yr ago
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permalink I love them both ! but i have to go with sushi! <3

8yr ago
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permalink both great but SUSHI :RBcrying:

7yr ago
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permalink Ramen!
Love Ramen, but thinks that sushi is ok

7yr ago
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permalink I want to know why there are no shushi made with Udon noodles. That would be tasty.

7yr ago
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permalink Noodles keep me full longer. Sushi is only a snack for me.

7yr ago
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permalink both...but i like noodles more...

7yr ago
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permalink Both, I could not pick one over the other.

7yr ago
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permalink It's seriously difficult to choose XD
I love both~

7yr ago
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permalink I try sushi once and it was, okay in my book. I would love to try out more types of sushi. Tho I don't if I should or not. :/ But I gotta go with RAMEN, baby! ;) I just love noodles and the different flavors they have. :D

7yr ago
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permalink SUSHI !!!
<3 <3 <3

arrghhh i'm hungry now~

7yr ago
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permalink love both, so its impossible to choose ><

7yr ago
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permalink I've tried Sushi before, since my best friend growing up was Japanese, its okay, but I prefer Udon. I always keep Ramen Noodles stocked for a snack...or when i'm too lazy to cook.

6yr ago
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permalink I prefer sushi (^ ^) It has a refreshing taste that I never get sick of (>w<)

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