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3yr ago
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permalink Wouldn't that be great? People getting to connect over shared interests and artists with their own profile page and compatibility connections.

Plus, you could track your own listening habits. & group pages!

Just a thought. :)

P.S. - this would be good also because is mostly dead - it doesn't have community features anymore.

3yr ago
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permalink that would be great but I'm sure it takes a lot of time.. is merely for listening music only so it's really kinda boring.

But I prefer if JPOPASIA will return the CHAT area wherein we can chat at the same listen to music. Jpopasia is boring today unlike before.

3yr ago
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permalink Officially there's no chat, but the Cometchat is still accessible:
> Chat <

3yr ago
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permalink As great as that sounds... I think it would be quite hard to do. First of all both sites owners would need to negotiate about it. Then how would you mix the sites? And as Lyrre here said it would take a lot of time to do.

3yr ago
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permalink It sounds good on paper but in practice it'll probably never happen. Combining the two sites into one would make this site far too unwieldy. It would take a monumental effort to somehow organize a kind of compromise between us and lastfm.

Also JPA has to stick to what it says on the tin and only have Asian music. It would be very difficult to only filter Asian music because of the nature of lastfm. Logistically, it's a near impossibility.

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