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3yr ago
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permalink I really need to watch new movies badly :( Still searching but couldn't find any good ones. So, guys can you help me? Any genre can be accepted, I'll try to watch them.

3yr ago
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permalink Banshee Chapter
Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance
Battle Royale
Detective Dee
200 Pound Beauty

3yr ago
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permalink If you're referring to new. I would suggest, goosebumps and last witch hunter. :)

3yr ago
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permalink If you like japanese dramas I really liked buzzer beat or atashinchi no danshi<3
I really like the actress of atashinchi her name is Maki Horikita:) She is also in the movies Nobuta wo produce and hana kimi, which I also really liked:D
Another really good drama was Hana yori dango with Matsumoto Jun from Arashi<3
If you don't like j- movies I can refer you to all of the Harry Potter movies or the hunger games:)

3yr ago
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permalink Here are some Japanese movies
Sukitte iinayo
Kindaichi shounen no jikenbo neo movies

3yr ago
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permalink Action: Wanted
Comedy: Spy
Romantic: ha no
Japanese: Ichi the Killer
Chinese: Kungfu Hustle
Korean: Sunny
Drama: The Intouchables
Horror: Smiley

3yr ago
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permalink Assassination Classroom Live Action
Strobe Edge

3yr ago
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permalink Interview with the Vampire is a good movie.. Well if you are a fan of vampire movies.

3yr ago
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permalink The Fault In Our Stars

3yr ago
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permalink inception
van helsing
angels and demons

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