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6yr ago
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permalink I made this foum topic because i want to know what strange things you have in your language.To begin with i will tell you something about my language: Romanian language has the same letters like english, with 5 more letters: ă, â, î, ș, ț.
Now the strange things :
two simple words:
1. rău
2. râu
Hmmmmmmm..... very similar words isn`t it ? but is not like this.
The word " rău" means bad and " râu" means river :confused:
so if you write wrong symbol over letter "a" the word will have other meaning ....
Very weird:confused: :D :D

6yr ago
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permalink I don't think I find anything in my language weird. /cry
Or do I...
Well I find the word "Oppa" weird, I'm sure the entire world knows that world by now.
I just find that word lame. Bleh.
Oppa Gangnam Style.

6yr ago
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permalink why u think is lame ?

6yr ago
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permalink SIMPLE:
*1 in my language is pronounced as 4 in english language!

6yr ago
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permalink hahaha :) :) :d

6yr ago
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permalink u can find some words in my language has similar pronunciation as japanese but with different meaning...

6yr ago
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permalink English is a whole mess of strange things!!
Enough... gh, sounds like f?
the letter A can be pronounced like 50 different ways
Bad means not good... but you can want something really badly
English hurts my head @^@

6yr ago
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permalink english hurts my head too . i learn english from 9 years and now i have 18. i can`t say that i`m good but i`m not so bad :)

6yr ago
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permalink Spanish is... Just hard TwT, it has a lot of different times, and different ways, has words that are written in the same way, but pronounced different, pronunced the same but writte different, words that are the same almost but has a meaning completely different Ahhhhh and I've learn it like since i could remember but i can't still remember a lot of words that have accent or when did they have an accent e.e

6yr ago
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permalink oooh
we have also in romanian language that words
"mobilă" for ex if you don`t say the accent right it might mean "mobile" or something that it moves :confused:

6yr ago
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permalink anyway romanian and spanish language are like sisters :)

6yr ago
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permalink or verbs suck for spelling ;)
that's sort of the only thing that I can think of :p

maybe also our dialects... Dutch is being spoken in the Netherlands and in Belgium, but I'm pretty sure that someone from the Netherlands would have a hard time understanding us, epsecially when we talk dialect :p so in other words, Belgian Dutch is some sort of dialect from the Netherlands Dutch ;) and you also have many many dialects in the Belgian Dutch :)

5yr ago
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permalink There is something quite strange, it has to do with some characters in the alphabet and the way the are read. I'll show you what I mean ;)

In the Greek alphabet there are 5 ways to write "i" (see "i" in "ring"). These 5 ways are:
Η η, Ι ι, Υ υ, Οι οι, Ει ει (written in capital and "small" letters)

There are also 2 ways to write "o" (see "o" in "orchestra"). These 2 ways are:
Ο ο and Ω ω (written in capital and "small" letters)

And there are 2 ways to write "e" (see "e" in "elephant") as well. These 2 ways are:
Ε ε and Αι αι (written in capital and "small" letters)

5yr ago
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permalink My language-Belarusian-has historically 2 alphabets: with traditional Latin characters(few people know how to write in it) and with Cyrillic characters (it is used everywhere). We have problems with our Grammar, because the rules change very fast, the latest changes were made some 5 years ago. So, I don't really know, how I should right Tokio now: it's either Токіа or Токіо or even Токіё. That's why a lot of linguists try to spell everything according to the rules of 1920 or something year.
We've got a lot of soft consonants, dz' z', s', ts' and you can always tell a Belarusian from a Russian person)

5yr ago
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permalink almost no one who come from somewhere else cant say æ å or ø

5yr ago
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permalink And you enjoy it watching them try :D I would :D

5yr ago
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permalink can say *

5yr ago
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permalink The 'e' pronunciation in my language, Malay, can have 2 sounds. One sound is 'Apart' and another is 'Breaking'. One spelling can have 2 pronunciation and different meanings.

Semak (Apart pronunciation): Messy
Semak (Breaking pronunciation): To check

5yr ago
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permalink English has a lot of words related to animals: words for male animals, female animals, groups of animals, baby animals, animal meat.

For example
male horse: stallion (gelding if he's had the 'snip')
female horse: mare
baby horse: foal (can also say 'filly' if female and 'colt' if male)
group of horses: herd

male sheep: ram
female sheep: ewe (meat from an adult sheep is called mutton)
baby sheep: lamb (also the name for its meat)
group of sheep: flock/herd (this is the only four-legged creature that can be in a flock, otherwise flock is for a group of birds only)

5yr ago
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permalink If I will translate my own language to Japanese then it will be weird..
Example: Baka is cow in my own language meanwhile in Japanese it is Stupid or fool. Hana in my language means accusing someone in Japanese it is flower.
Sara means close and in Japanese it's plate.
And a lot more... hahahaha.. cool and sounds fun..

5yr ago
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permalink I speak English natively yet, I still find the language itself completely weird. The word 'Aisle' for example, why the heck is there an A in it?? Like seriously!! >_<

5yr ago
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permalink For me, it is more on why the heck is there a S in it lol.

5yr ago
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permalink Lots of memorization. Many things that you cant use logic to learn

5yr ago
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permalink REMOVED - SPAM

5yr ago
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permalink There lots of strange things about my language, English.
such as the words which and witch
One is: Which person are you talking about?
the other: Burn the witch!
which witch is which? :D

5yr ago
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permalink I hate that no one that doesn't speak any kind of Portuguese can't pronounce my name correctly. It's João and it sounds like jooan'oo. I know it's weird but it's the most common Portuguese name; it's the Portuguese version of John, Johann, Juan, Jean, Ian (all the same thing).

5yr ago
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permalink I speak American-English and I find everything about the language strange, mostly the pronunciation, especially now that I'm learning Japanese. :P Japanese pronunciation makes so much more sense to me. :)

5yr ago
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permalink Language: Finnish

You can say things in many different ways which would confuse anyone trying to learn it. We use so many abbreviations in our daily lives, especially kids my age. You can throw words around, put them in "incorrect" places in a sentence and still make it understandable, to another finnish person.

5yr ago
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permalink Silent letters. For example, "phone" the ph sounds like it should be f

4yr ago
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permalink Language: Czech

It's a very difficult language. Not only grammar which is terribly hard even for native speakers (each noun has 7 grammatical cases and you have to know which paradigm to use to know how to write it - mostly because of letters i/y)
But the biggest problem for strangers is that almost none is able to properly pronounce some of our letters. The most difficult is propably the letter "Ř".

4yr ago
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permalink Hmm strange things about my language or should I say my dialect? Well my Arabic dialect has a few weird things but I really love it! <3 (Libyan Arabic dialect): I will write using Romanji :P

Shin eljawu? This can mean how's the weather or how are you!! :D people who use other Arabic dialects always fall in this trap xD XD they will go saying the weather is really great today etc. And I will go I was asking about your weather! XD haha so the best is to say Saqa wo nawu which means cold and hot meaning you are fine .xD yeah I know so weird :confused:

Next! Libyan Arabic dialect is made up of mainly 4 languages : Italian, Berber, Turkish and of course Arabic! :D so we have a lot of words we use and even changed them slightly ex. Ciao in Italian means "hi" but in my dialect it means "bye" lol xD

We have other few weird things but let's end it here: Arabic romaji would be like Kaif7lk? 3lumum shenfukum ba3den bahi? 3ndkum 7jat gariba fi Lugtkum 7ta intu?, 3lamadun eh, 9h? XD

4yr ago
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permalink Baka in english cow, other word of that "Maybe" Hahhaa.

4yr ago
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permalink Italian grammar is really really difficult.. Even for native speakers. Believe me there are so many people who aren't able to use it properly and I can't really blame them ;;

4yr ago
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permalink When you say Puta you're insulting someone whereas in spanish it means beautiful.. If you say baka it means cow, not idiot.

3yr ago
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permalink I find it really funny how Czech has nothing to do with English, yet it has lots of identical words that even sometimes mean the real opposite. For example, "host" means guest, "sad" means orchard and "had" means snake. Also some words have more meanings, so when you say "nos", you could have simply meant a nose, or you have just ordered someone to carry something.

3yr ago
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permalink There are two letters for every sound but they're basically the same. There are two symbols that are commonly used but it's weird.

3yr ago
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permalink In my main language, Vietnamese, all the words have only one syllable. This means that the longest Vietnamese word is only seven letters long. That word is nghiêng, meaning 'tilt'.

My language also places a lot of emphasis on accent marks. A rather innocuous word like 'ca' can have many, many different meanings if you just add one accent mark on top of it. Using 'ca' as an example:

- ca = mug/cup or sing
- cá = fish
- cà = tomato or coffee, usually a second word is used to differentiate the two words
- cả = entire/all
- cạ = scraping

3yr ago
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permalink - There are way too many words that mean the exact same thing.
- Only the most basic of words actually are pronounced the way they sound.
- The spelling of a word can be completely different from the way it sounds.
- Punctuations

3yr ago
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permalink I'd say it's probably the 成语 or Chinese Idioms translation into English.

For example:
米煮成饭 translates to "Rice cooked becomes rice."
But it means something along the lines of "What's done is done."

3yr ago
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permalink My mother tongue is Finnish.
I'm going to teach you this simple sentence in Finnish, but SURPRAISE, it has 9 differend meanings...

''kuusi palaa'' (try to pronounce it... x'd)
Here are all the things it can mean:
1.'the spruce is on fire'
2.'the spruce returns'
3.'the number six is on fire'
4.'the number six returns'
5.'six of them are in fire'
6.'six of them return'
7.'your moon is on fire'
8.'your moon returns'
9.'six pieces'

Also fun fact about Finnish language: one word can have over 2250 different forms... (good luck if you're trying to learn Finnish...)

3yr ago
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permalink for one of the languages I know (Taiwanese),
there is no written language specifically for it and it is mainly just spoken

2yr ago
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permalink Portuguese is really a weird language, especially when it comes to verb conjugation. It all changes for every single subject, if you know what I mean.
There are words that are exactly the same, in writting and speaking, but have a totally different meaning from each other, but they're so different that you can't get them wrong lol
Portuguese is known as one of the most difficult languages to learn and I can't disagree with that XD

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