Song That You Like To Hear Right Now

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1decennia ago
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permalink what song that you all like to hear right now ?

1decennia ago
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permalink Chemistry' My Gift To You.

LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT SO MUCH!! :RBkiss: :RBheart: :RBkiss:

From 6 years ago & until now, I'm still listening this song. This is the song that I like to hear right now and tomorow and tomorow..... 'till the death take us apart.

1decennia ago
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permalink I can't stop listening to TABOO by Koda Kumi :RBheart:

It's so amazing, I'd say it was the best song she's ever made... seriously

1decennia ago
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permalink The song that I like to hear anytime is Your Seed by Hey!Say!JUMP.
It's always fun to hear.
Totemo kakkoi!
I even know most of the dance moves!

1decennia ago
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permalink Evolution - By Hamasaki Ayumi :)

1decennia ago
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permalink Here By tenjochiki..
amazing songs...
great vocal..

1decennia ago
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permalink Drive Away by Girl Next Door, very anime like song :boogie:

1decennia ago
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permalink more than love by morumon

1decennia ago
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permalink Doushite Kimi Wo Suki Ni Natte Shimattan Darou & Rising sun by Tohoshinki
Kiseki by GReeeeN

1decennia ago
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permalink First Kiss by Aa!. it a cute song and i remember the first verse. it the 2nc Jpop song i listen to.

1decennia ago
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permalink NEWS' Why
this song is stuck in my head right now so yeah, this is the song i wanna hear..

1decennia ago
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permalink EXILE - i believe.
ii really like the beat of that song :D
it's really nice ! hahaas.

& Show me your love by DBSK & SUPER JUNIOR :D
this song makes me really HAPPPPYYY xDD[edit]Last edit by xiia0rednei on Monday 27 Oct, 2008 at 03:55 +54.2%[/edit]

1decennia ago
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permalink :D Love Call by RYTHEM & kimaguren! LOVE IT SOOOOOOOO VERY VERY MUCH!!!!!! :RBohNo:

1decennia ago
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permalink yui aragaki
-akai ito
-i believe
-heavenly days

-mirrorcle world

-eat you up

and many more~

1decennia ago
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permalink Miss You by Yuna Ito

Megumi No Ame by Alan

Rock Steady by Namie Amuro

Happy Birthday by NEWS

1decennia ago
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permalink pray by Tommy Heavenly6

soooooooooo goooood!!!!!!!!!!!

1decennia ago
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permalink heaven - Ft. island
mayonaka no shadow boy - hey say jump
mirotic - dbsk
36 Do - WaT
happy birthday - NEWS
Natsu no kakera - aqua timez

1decennia ago
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permalink 36 Degrees - WaT

Koi wa Groovy x2 - Yuna Ito[edit]Last edit by roserocker on Monday 10 Nov, 2008 at 06:17 +5.9%[/edit]

1decennia ago
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permalink Smap Kono tokki kito yume ja nai :RBheart:

1decennia ago
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permalink Smap Kono tokki kito yume ja nai :RBheart:

1decennia ago
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permalink koike teppei - kimi ni okuru uta
wat - 36 do
melody - realize
boa - eat you up
yui aragaki - akai ito
ayumi - heaven
ayaka - te wo tsunagou

1decennia ago
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permalink DBSK - Wrong Number, Purple Line, Hug, Balloon, The Way U Are, and all song's of them :totallylove: :love: :lovec:
Super Junior - U, Don't Don, Miracle, Me (chinnese vers), Wonder Boys :RBheart: :RBheart: :lovec:
Big Bang - Haru haru, With u, Number 1 :totallylove: :love: :lovec:
Wonder Girl - Nobody, So HoT :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart:
SNSD - Girl's generation :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart:
SS501 - Deja Vu :lovec: :lovec: :lovec:
RAIN - Love Story and RAINISM :lovec: :lovec: :lovec:

1decennia ago
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permalink right nOw...

i would like to hear Mirotic by TVXQ....

the beat is very addictive...


10yr ago
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permalink yui - i'll be...
yui - Last train
uura saeka - kajitsu

10yr ago
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permalink Teppei : Ehagaki :lovec:

Ayumi : Days, GREEN, Together when... ah i think im hearing ayumi more than 15 :D

YUI: Goodbye Days... ima~

melody.: Ready to Go!, Haruka(i will listen it forever)

Moumoon: Cinderella (aki give me this song :asd: )

[edit]Last edit by josias on Sunday 18 Jan, 2009 at 06:02 +10.9%[/edit]

10yr ago
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permalink HaMC: Ichirin no hana

Orange Range: Inshin denshin,Oshare Banchou,Walk On

UVERworld:Ukiyo crossing,Hakanaku mo towa,Gekidou

Tohoshinki:Wrong Number,Mirotic,Purple Line

Beat Crusaders: Tonight Tonight Tonight

Regina Spektor: The Call
(sorry,she is not from Asia)

Saboten:Shinario(old song)

Aquatimez:Niji,Sen no yoru wo koete, Velonica

10yr ago
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permalink thruth by arashi

i cant stop listening to it!!!
its a great song and the video rocks, im not used to arashi yet but the song captured me muahaahahah :RBheart:

10yr ago
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permalink i think im going to listen to some

Analog fish - speed

naruto songs own.

10yr ago
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permalink I keep playin' Forever from NewS!!! I really love this song! :totallylove: :totallylove: :totallylove: :totallylove:
I like Tegoshi's lovely voice :D :D :D :D :love: :love:
And the lyrics really caught me :RBheart:

If it’s a lifetime with you, even a thousand years wouldn't be enough
With all sorts of plans, and so many dreams
I hope we’ll laugh and always be happy no matter what
So that there won’t be any sadness we can’t rise above

In an unknown future, there might be some anxious moments
But if the two of us just believe, there’ll be nothing to fear

You’re my precious baby my darling
Can’t stop thinking of you Only you
From the bottom of my heart everyday, every time, Forever
You’re my precious baby For the first time, I can swear without hesitation
For always I will love you Forever

It'll make all girls melted :lol: :lol: :lol:

10yr ago
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permalink *wow...forever??? i like that song too luvR....but i like more to FLY AGAIN...hehehe....

back at the topic....not i can't stop listen to Kotoba by Abe Mao...i like this song since first time i heard it....^-^

10yr ago
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permalink Tak Matsumoto-Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

A very very nice instrumental music~ :RBheart:[edit]Last edit by Hazumu Sekai on Sunday 25 Jan, 2009 at 04:10 +5.2%[/edit]

10yr ago
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permalink I just heard Winds- Can't Get Back this morning and it's been in my head all day!! I love that song!!!

10yr ago
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permalink field of view - dan dan kokoro hikareteku :RBheart: perfect song! :otsu:

ayumi hamsaki - so many (it was..., blue bird, voyage, etc..)

melody - haruka (still forever :lovec: )

soooo many....

10yr ago
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permalink code - nishikido ryo/news
cherish - news
orchestra - remioromen
school girl fantasy - base ball bear

10yr ago
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permalink The Manpower-Morning Musume
Liang ai deng chang-Ice CreaMusume
Every Heart-BoA


10yr ago
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permalink It's kinda late though but I just listen to YamaPi's Himawari.. And I like that song!! :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart:

I hope you'll always chase
The vapor trail across the blue sky
We're not together, but I pray
Our days will never disappear
The sunflower reaches towards the sky
I wonder if I'll be able to fly to you on the other side

The same old road home, your tiny hand in mine
Your face when you laughed innocently at trivial things

Sometimes I said things that weren't in my heart, like "I hate you"
It was that sort of clumsy love
But you always accepted me

The sunflowers are beckoning, the scent of early summer
Wafts across the beach
The sun's shining almost too brightly
The memories float on the wide ocean
Will I someday be able to cross over
To the other side we saw together?

I just can't get to sleep, there are so many things I want to tell you
The park we always used to stop in is beginning to turn colors

My left hand feels empty, the road home is unchanged
If you've been able to overcome that loneliness
I'm right here now

I remember that hill where we felt we could reach the sky
"Let's come again," we promised
The town blurs as I look down on it alone
I watch you frame by frame

I hope you'll always chase
The vapor trail across the blue sky
We're not together, but I pray
Our days will never disappear
The sunflower reaches towards the sky
I wonder if I'll be able to fly to you on the other side

10yr ago
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permalink I would really love to hear all the songs I really love :) . I would like to hear One Love - Shimizu Shota ft. Dohzi-T :RBheart: :RBhalo: :D . That song is really awesome ;) . Its been a long time I hear that song many times :D :D :D XDDD

10yr ago
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permalink I'm a flippin' junkie for "Eien" by BoA

10yr ago
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permalink together when...ayumi hamasaki
kotoba-abe mao

10yr ago
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permalink OOOH my GOD haha there r sooo many right now... hmmm... at the moment I like :Stay Goldof Utada Hikaru

aaand many different other songs from Koda Kumi, Beyonce, aaand and and... :RBheart:

10yr ago
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permalink Passion (Japanese ver.) and Beautiful World by Utada Hikaru,
Just The Way U R by Koda Kumi, Bolero,Mirotic, and Wrong Number by TVXQ
Oshare Banchou,Sayonara by ORANGE RANGE
Niji and Velonica By Aqua Timez
Ichirin no Hana by HaMC

10yr ago
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permalink Buono! Co.No.Mi.Chi~~
KAT-TUN One Drop :D cant wait for full ver~
Hey!Say!JUMP School Kakumei~ :RBheart:

10yr ago
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permalink I want to hear Ayaka with Why (have some good memories with that one) or Gackt & Black Stone, let's go wild! :)

10yr ago
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permalink One last cry - Micky
My everything - Oppa
Umibe - L'arc en ciel
Love is really pain - Yesung

10yr ago
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ganbatte kat-tun on the 7?i think consecutive night performance at tokyo dome^-^
luvs all!

10yr ago
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permalink One Drop by KAT-TUN. XD

I'm learning how to sing it right now. >< Lol.

10yr ago
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permalink M - Cool/Wonderful life :)
K.Will - Love 119

10yr ago
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permalink cape of storms by hyde :)

10yr ago
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permalink Can't stop listening Berryz Koubou's new song Dakishimete Dakishimete :D

10yr ago
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