Socially-awkward people? Thoughts?

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5yr ago
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permalink What do you guys think of socially-awkward and shy people? People who don't really talk or interact with you because they are too nervous or shy?
If you have a friend that is socially-awkward what would you do? What would you think of that person?

5yr ago
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permalink If boy, I will just ignore.
If girl, I will kiss? :P

Kidding ~

As for people I've seen before, they are socially-awkward cuz they scared of being social. Well, it is true that everything has both advantages and disadvantages. For me, I learn most things via socially. That's the true treasure.

3yr ago
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permalink I feel like once you get really close to them they really open up and are less shy

3yr ago
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permalink I agree with tsubasayamada... coz I'm quite like that..

3yr ago
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permalink Socially awkward people are the best! They're super shy and it's adorable but if you're persistent they'll open up and you'll get an awesome friend. That's not what I think though... I'm socially awkward and it sucks. I want to talk to people but I can't, it crippling. Like my heart races and it gets hot and yeah... It's even hard to type this but I need j-pops (for some reason)...

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permalink They are the most adorable people in the universe. They are kind of shy and dress to not pop out much. When you know them, they are so cool, and when they get shy and they make a scared face, it's kind of cute. Basically, I'm describing myself because I am kind of that. I don't think I'm cute though. They have a lot of things pent up in them. If you don't talk, they'll watch you because they are wary of your reactions. Sometimes they stare at the ground or at you, but it's not like they are creepy. They just don't know what to say or can't say it. I have a friend like that. I work my way to be in her range. We talk about books all the time. I'm really trying to put my point across being a socially-awkward and shy person. The written word is so much easier.

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permalink I've been called socially awkward. But I have Asperger's Syndrome... a mild form of autism that affects my social and communication skills. I realize this isn't common and that people have other reasons for their behavior... like anxiety. Also, there are people who really just aren't social.

So my input would be to not be quick to judge people just because they don't talk much or seem aloof or shy.

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permalink I'm kind of socially awkward at times, but I'm actually more like really charismatic and open/talkative, etc, but once I'm alone I will self-doubt everything I said and really hate myself, fear making friends and stuff even though I sort of want them? I'm very black and white.

I usually don't have the patience to deal with VERY awkward and anxious people. If they're just a bit shy but still will open up to me though, it's okay.

9mo ago
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permalink I'm actually both shy and socially awkward offline. I often remain silent and usually avoid eye contact whenever I encounter new people. I usually wait for people to talk to me, often times I only answer their questions after that the conversation is dead like nothing happened. Usually when other people start talking to me I'm actually waiting for the opportunity to voice out my opinions and share my ideas regarding about the matter but there are times that I can't relate to the topic and would feel out of place. I fear that they would look at me pessimistically due to me being silent.

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