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3yr ago
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permalink Um, hi guysss

Just call me Riela here :) I'm from Indonesia and new here
FYI, I'm not really good at English. But I'll try hard to make you all understand :)) Sorry for grammar mistakes & lack of vocab :(

I really love anime & stuff, and I'm a fangirl :3

I don't really know more about this web yet, so could anyone please become friends with me and teach me?

Yoroshiku! ;)

3yr ago
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permalink Hello, it is nice to meet you. I am new too. :)

3yr ago
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permalink Hello, welcome to JPA and have fun!!

3yr ago
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permalink Hello Riela~!

3yr ago
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permalink Another Indonesian user! Welcome welcome!! :D
It's good to see you around :D
I'll send you FR..let's get along well :crazy: :crazy:

3yr ago
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permalink Welcome to JPA!
Don´t worry about your english most of us aren´t native speakers :D mine is messed up too!
If you have questiony just post on my wall :D

3yr ago
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permalink Hi Riela! Nice to meet you ^^

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