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permalink just wanna know what kind of best friends you have....tell something about them !!!!

okay I'll start

i have a best friend that can write fictions and i believe that she can surpass all the works of famous writers someday.... :D

furthermore, i have a loyal best friend that is very expert in love problems...and can make me laugh every time i approach him.... :RBstickout: :D

likewise, i have a out of this world best friend that always pinch me yet my longest best friend ever and a best friend that looks like enma ai and really loves marshmallows..

lastly, a bestchum that i really admire because of his courage in facing life's hard obstacles....

what about yours??? :) [edit]Last edit by on Tuesday 01 Sep, 2009 at 05:59 +14.2%[/edit][edit]Last edit by on Saturday 29 Aug, 2009 at 09:04 +9.9%[/edit]

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permalink I have 8 best friends...
and it means that I have 8 BF with 8 different characters..
BF1 : annoying (sometimes), but cheerful...
BF2 : a lot of things in common with me... we're close...
BF3 : shy.. smart... and kind but sometimes she's selfish
BF4 : not open ( mostly ) but when she's talking to you.. she can tell you all the things that she has kept for a long time
BF5 : aggressive.. cheerful, smart, freindly... netral...
BF6 : shy, royal, loyal, kind........ the most generous girl I've ever met.. for sure.. :) :) :)
BF7 : she's a good listener.. she always listen anything I tell her... she's an understanding person
BF8 : we're BFs for almost 15 years of our lifes.. I know her better than anyone else.. except her mom of course.. and she's kinda crazy and soo funny...

well that's all...
my lovely best friends.. :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart:

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permalink I've got a tight ring of friends I don't want disappearing anytime soon.

First, I've got this best friend who's the expert at completing my sentences and knowing stuff that I didn't know myself. We're almost sisters since we've been best friends since Preschool. She's the best, and she writes crack like hell funny.

Second, I've got a best friend who's writing just PWNS. She likes writing CSI fanfiction and some poems. She's highly intelligent, and loves debate. She was actually my inspiration when I felt like my english was crap.

and Third, I've got this best friend who's the 'mother-figure' of my circle of friends. She's always the one who reminds me to think that God's there for you, and never give up on Him, 'cuz God's not a silent God. She's also the one who always calms my nerves when I feel like stabbing someone to death.

Well, those are some facts about my friends. I've still got some more, but that'll take forever to type, yeah?

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permalink hmmm. best friends?
i have quite a few, considering the friends that i have [or knew] which comes with different personality and style

well, my best friend is a guy [even though i'm a girl]
and he's not that kind of gentleman either [which is my type :RBblush: ]
but despite being a guy, he's an extremely good listener :RBsealed:
anyway, he's just a fun person to hang out with and i'm comfortable with him~

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permalink well I am proud to say I am one of the bestfriends of the topic starter here :RBstickout:

well I have lots of bestfriend.

BF1: Has an extraordinary pride.
BF2: can keep secrets and I enjoy staying with. Lots of common
BF3: tiny but super cute and adorable. Always laughing with me and when I have problems willing to help me.
BF4: a bestfriend whom I did not have any interaction yet, a long distance bestfriend.
BF5: a brother to me, smart, kind, caring, we have lots of common, if you see us you may think we are real biological brothers.
BF6: loyal best friend who is so kinda, and we are shikshins, love to eat foods! ahah
BF7: a girl bestfriend who is really good but I lately I talk with her less often,
BF8: a kid and a baby bestfriend. She's really tiny but so powerful. We love J-K nation

Hello everyone! DR. LOVE is BACK XP

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permalink lol I love my besties.

Becca can be so out there sometimes, it's hilarious. She loves the beach and it going to Santa Cruz for college. She loves making up funny dances to songs[like Shake it by Metro Station]. She gets nervous really easily but is really good at hiding it. She loves to be on the move and talk to lots of people. She is the one I call when I need to talk.

Allison is friggin' smart. She just went away for college though so i won't see her like ever. We played on the same soccer team for 7years. She is tall and has really long hair. Super nice but, can act mean very well. Becca's partner in crime, they learn the dances to songs together and make up handshakes that -seriously- can go on for minutes. Shy yet can easily surpress it if she needs to. Great smile :STbigSmile:

Us three have been together since our first day of Middle School. Allison and I knew each other from soccer and had 6 classes together that year while me and becca had all 7 together. We were Choir nerds together all through high school. :RBcrying: I'm gonna miss them since they are going off to college....

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permalink '. my bestfriend is a girl and she is a nursing student..'

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permalink I only have 1 Best Friend. my BFFL.
She the one u mostly read about in my journals. Barbie. She funny,sweet, always there 4 me when i need some one and my BFFL. It so cool. We can talk about anything.

my other Best Friend is no longer my friend. He used to be the same as Barbie, but then he bcame my Boyfreind and then we broke up. so...

thats my Bestie.
Sarah + Barbie = BFFL's

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permalink my bff is nice and caring but out personalities are different to eachother so we fight quite alot (but we always make up hehe). she is REALLY sensitive so when i tease her she doesnt like it - and i tend to be sarcastic all the time hehe. i dont really see her that often because shes not in some of my classes (she is below me in most subjects). Yeah i tease her about that too lol. she doesnt get my love for asian music haha

my other best friend is really funny and we get along alot. (i remember my other friend got really angry because i hung out with this friend more....) shes in most of my classes and i talk to her alot...although is quite emo and listens to bands like mcr and stuff like that. I dont see her that much at lunch because shes always with her bf Lol.

my other friend (who isnt really much of a best friend) is moody lol. she doesnt like my other friends lol. we walk home together after school and she talks to me alot. we both like asian music and since shes the same nationality as me, we have quite alot in common.

i have others but cba lol

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permalink '.my bestfriend is very honest and loyal..'

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permalink My bbf is loud,loves to talk. she's really kind and always got my back. i've known her for 2 years.

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permalink BF1: I have my best friend whom I known for 3years and on-going. she makes me laugh and she loves to eat! HaHa~ she is also my lovely co-writer~~ ♥ We love to hug each other and laugh until our jaws drop. Haha!
BF2: She became my best friend because we have the same personality. She is easy to talk to and someone who can lean on!
BF3: she is my childhood friend whom I grew up with. She's a year older than me but I only seldom talk to her because of school activities. She's an anime lover~ XD
BF4: and last is my little brother! XD He's naughty at times but with a caring heart! Even though he's not my bestfriend anymore, he will always be my little brother!

LOL~ hello to all!

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permalink hoiy XDD
weyh, i love u guys so much. no matter what happen, (except u guys betrayed me XDD) u guys are still my friends.

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permalink she the same age as me. she innocent beautiful and intelligent. she a total opposite of me. she also here in jpa. i forgot her user name because to long.

she the only one in my school that I can trust. she a mama's girl.

that's all i can say. :RBstickout:

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permalink My Bestfriend..

He's a boy... He's an engineering student... He's annoying and always makes me mad because he's somehow against my Jpop addiction and Tegoshi obsession. He even jokingly said that he'll banned all jpop in my computer... xDD harsh ne? but he's great.. He's a good shoulder to cry on.. a good listener.. and he trusts me as well..

He's so inlove with his girlfriend that sometimes he doesn't have time for me.. LOL... but once in a while he'll just text or call suddenly.. or even shows up in our house.. reminding me that he's just there for me... xDD

yasashii... xDD

My bestfriend is not perfect.. I'm not perfect as well.. but when we're together we are the most crazy best friends ever seen... lol..

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permalink aws my best friend is very much different than me. tho we also have many things in common. she has a very difficult past and currently she is in a complicated relationship with a guy that's really awesome but also kinda clumsy and clueless. sometimes i wonder if she's done a right choice, but i trust her judgement. if she needs help, she will come to me.
my BFF is rather amazing because she understands me so well dispute all the differences between us. we disagree in things but we understand each others reasons and motives. we respect and love each other a lot.
even if sometimes we don't talk with each others for a days, it doesn't mean either one of us is upset or anything. we just work that way! we don't need to cling to one another to know that we care. lol.
we've never had an argument, because we are too much afraid of hurting each other... but then again, we are able to communicate just about anything, without getting mad. that's why she is so important to me <3

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permalink ha, i have 3 amazing best friends and im so proud i met thm! :D

okay, i have my one best friend who LOVES J-Rock like me and we talk about it ALL the time, and she likes to write stories like me and the stories are just so amazing! and she also likes manga and anime like me!! haha

my nxt one is, shes super hilarious and rlly weird and we have the most weirdest/strangest moments evr! and we're ALWAYS laughing together to the point of almost dying! haha and the moments we have r so awesome, we ALWAYS remember thm!

and i have one who has done the same wrong-doings as i have done so we understand each othr and we have so many laughs!

and, the vry thing we all share in common is, WE'RE ALL CRAZY AND WEIRD AND WE LUV HAVIN FUN! AND WE DONT CARE WAT OTHR PPL THINK! XD haha
my best buds r like family 2 meh. :D

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permalink i dont have one XD

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permalink my best friend is Puerto Rican!!

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permalink ii have 2 bestfriends. a girl and a boy.
thee girl...her name iis Ioana [thats thee samoan way of saying Joana lol] and she has been myy best friend for thee past 4 almost 5 years. she's ride or die with me and iis always there when ii need her. she's like an older sister to me and ii can tell her anything and everything. without her, ii dunno how ii'd progress thru life. :)

thee boy...he's myy bestfriend, ride or die, boyfriend and husband. :smilec: when ioana iisnt not available, he does thee job of being myy everything and more. even tho ii can tell ioana everything, myy dear husband Dywone, knows everything lol. we're such best friends that we always know what thee other iis thinking without them saying iit or showing iit. we know each other so well, iit kills us lol.

all iin all, ii love both equallyy. well, actuallyy, maybe myy husband more lol. without thee 2...ii'd have prettyy much no friends at all ;)

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permalink My best friend is a girl named Paige. She is awesome, really really sweet, quiet, funny, and just generally amazing. She is also really pretty and skinny, although she doesn't think so. She's really nice and modest. She is my best friend and I love her. :)

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permalink my bffl is more like the sister i dreamed of. i meet her when i was 3 at preschool. she has been there fro me even threw all our ups and downs. she was even right next to me the hole time i was in hospital.

i have 2 other best friends. they make up the parts me and my bffl lages in but we still have a lot in commen
1 is really smart but really laid back and is a cook (she really good)
2 is tall, cute, careing and a singer like young jae ho

together we make up the f4 ( im jun pyo)

i also have a korean best friend. i can tell her any thing and she understands. i can have lots of fun with her as she makes me laugh.

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permalink B1: Chelle Kaulitz: she really understands me and we like similar things, she always makes me laugh!
B2: Monica: She is loyal, we are very open mind and tolerate ourselves very well
B3: Mariale: she is very active, we talk a lot and share great moments.

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permalink Amm~ right now, I missed my best friend. Hmmm~ she’s my only best friend. Hmmmm.. I don’t know what is her doing right now. The last time that I’d saw her is on her 18th birthday last April. I got the chance to celebrate it with her. Ahh~ by the way she’s on our province. We became separated when my whole family moved and took my college here in the city. Right now we don’t even have any connection; and I forgot when is the last time that I got to talk with her. Though internet and phone are always there but sad to say I lost my phone and if Im going to rent a net and got online whaa, she’s not available. Whaa. Sad to say. But I wish that she’s OK! I know that she’s having a great friends there, me either. I guess she’s having a new best friend too. Whaaa..And we live by our own ways. Haizz.. And yes… Hope she’s fine. And Ahhh~ unlike me, she’s also having a boyfriend. AHH~ And I know that her boyfriend is taking care on her. I wished!

Ahhh~ I just missed her. Coz right now I’m always alone, doing nothing in our house . I just want to share my feelings with her, especially problems. Haizzz……. She’s the only person that I’m really comfortable to open up with.

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permalink My best friend is marreid and five years younger than me. (Why I everybody I socialise younger than me??? :RBcrying: ) We became freinds at the unlikely time she was 14 and me 19. We are still not quite sure how that worked out. X:
She's sure the smarter of us two, writing her dissertation. She can explain everything in science that makes it sound cool; even fandoms, fanfic and fangirly geekouts. :STbigSmile: She also likes/writes fanfic, but genreally I am responsible fro bringing up the weird and geeky stuff. :laughing:

So wish I could see her again soon. :verysad:

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permalink I've got lots of really close friends, but I think I've only got two best friends that I can tell anything to. One of them probably doesn't know it, but yeah, I consider her a best friend :) .
The first one we'll call Liz (even though she hates that name :RBohNo: ). I've known her since 2nd or 3rd grade. We started out as friends, but alot of people hated her for NO REASON WHATSO****ING EVER. I had anoher bff at the moment that happened to be one of these ppl, and so I guess you could say she brain-washed me. I became a b**** and back-stabbed Liz :RBfrown: It really affected her. I gave her a sincere apology after several years, and the only way I felt that I could make it up to her was to start our friendship ALL OVER. She's become a special person in my life :) .
She's the only real person I can talk to about anime, J-Pop, and J-Rock. We, together, hold an obsession :RBhot: . We fight alot, but in the end, we always make up. We used to think that we fought like brothers, but now EVERYONE says that we fight like a married couple :D . We're those best friends that when you see one, you ALWAYS see the other. We're always asked about where the other one is. It gets annoying, but that just shows how close everyone [i]knows[/i] we are. She's really funny and cute and everything, but she had this self-esteem problem for a while, that really hurt me because I thought it was my fault, thinking that it was our past that affected her. It was, but she's gotten alot better, and our friendship I think has been greater than ever.
The other best friend is Feli. I only met her two years ago, but I already consider her a bff :) Shes HILARIOUS!!! To the nth power!!! Her liveliness made me think she watched anime, but no, she didn't, so I got her into it :D She's my mentor; she taught me how to be funny, without being too annoying :RBstickout: She makes funny faces, and know I can make them too :D I love that girl :) She's taught me so much about life

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permalink [i]My best friend and I are somewhat alike, but when it comes to a lot of things, we are quite different.
We're both pretty slow, and we are always being all hyper around each other. :) So I really enjoy spending time with her. <3
But our interests are very different. She's into the Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber,etc. >< So a lot of the time, I'll be bashing them and she'll be bashing J-pop,J-rock. :P But that's why I consider her my best friend. Even though our interests are mostly very different, we are still the closest of friends. ^_^

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permalink i've got 3 best friends so far :D:D:D yaaaay.. :boogie:

my first BF, Monica is a college student too XD she's learning some kind of pedagogy and will be some kind of thearpist which i don't know what exactly is but i suppose she'll care about handicapped children, she is very smart and i think she is the most appropriate person i know for this kind of job :)

my second one is Sarah, she is German and she'll be a pharmacist which is another hard job but she says she loves it :) and if she is happy with it i'm happy too :D

my third is Sophie, she is much more an artist-type person :D she is very talented indeed :D :D she plays in plays in the National Theatre, so she's a working, taxpayer person with a fix salary :) she has wonderful voice and can dance pretty well and her dream is to play in musicals in our capital :D (she doesn't dare to dream about the Broadway :D )

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permalink BF1:
-She has very long hair.
-She likes jpop!!
-She lives in the next block of my house.
-I met her 4-5 years ago.
-She's overreacting most of time.
-She's kind.
-Her grandpa is welsh.
-She's extremely sensitive.
-She has funny ears.
-She has funny english accent.
-She hates cats.
-She is funny in a weird way.

-He thinks he's the most handsome man in the area.
-He is the most handsome man in the area.
-He has a cute 4yo sister.
-He's funny as hell.
-When we order food, he doesn't want to order, but when i get my order he always eats from my food.
-When he sees a transvestite[i]-like[/i] person, he laughs and screams at me: "THE TRANS!!".
-He thinks his nose is big, but it's not.
-He hates dogs.
-He has his serious side also. (sometimes)
-He likes old anime, like Sailor Moon lmao.
-He's a bad person most times, but i've found his kind side too.

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permalink Bestie #1: Tetsuka
(because boyfriends count right?)

He is a tightwad, he doesn't spend money on ANYTHING, even though he can.
He is crazy.
His nipple is pierced :RBsarcastic: :RBangry:
His best girl friend is in love with him. :RBveryAngry:
He likes gyouza.
His favorite band of all time is the Ulfuls. (lmao)
When he's in a spending mood, he buys me stuff I don't need and calls it gifts.
He hates cats.
He looks best with black hair.
He's very smart.
He owns his own business.
He thinks his car is the best thing ever. I'm not allowed to drive it without permission.
He is an avid surfer.
He gave me my first birthday party and cake when I was 16.
Is my first love/kiss/etc.
I've been engaged to him 4 times.
Off and on we've been together almost 7 years. :RBfrown:

Bestie #2 Kimiko
I've known her since I was 12
She was my neighbor for a while.
She married her high school sweetie.
She has 2 children and one on the way.
She is younger than me!
Her favorite movie is Hold Up Down XD
She lost her first child at birth, he was stillborn.
She named her first child after me and Te :RBcrying:
She is living in America, far, far away from me and I miss her.

Bestie #3 Traci
Lives in America also :(
Is married also
Has no children.
Is crazy about Koreans. :D
Is about to graduate from university!!
Is a great listener even if she wants to fix my love life all the time.
Got me hooked on twitter!
Got me hooked on good fan fics!
Makes my roaming charges outrageous!
Thinks Te and I should be a household topic. XD
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permalink I've known my best friend for two years.
She is:
- loyal
- outgoing (sometimes)
- funny
- creative... she has an amazing imagination. xD
- a little bit clingy
- she loves Pokemon just like me
- exactly like me in every way
- she likes j-music and k-music. She's waaay more into k-pop though.
- awesome.

The first year we met eachother (the beginning of highschool), we got mistaken for sisters and/or cousins because we looked and sounded so much alike. xD Weird. Not at all now though...

She's pretty great. n_n

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permalink Margaux: We've known each other for about five years, and we're inseparable :D Her and I had troubles about a half a year ago. But we progressed, and left the past behind us.
Leon: My best guy friend. He's hilarious, and extremely kind, but a bit defensive when it comes to his friends. I'm alright with that, though. Gorgeous.
Yuri: Even though we've just met this year, she's definitely a best friend! :) She's in Japan though, we really miss each other. We can't wait until we see each other in person again.
Ethan: Kind of ditsy, but kind and always entertaining. Also gorgeous.
Gia: The tough one. She never starts anything, but she'll never back down. :RBstickout: And she has a hookah. She definitely reminds me of the Gia from a reality show, lol.

And I have a lot more, but those are definitely the top five. <3[edit]Last edit by Asyriaux on Sunday 19 Dec, 2010 at 21:15 +7.6%[/edit]

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permalink BF1: She's in love with Yakumo of Psychic Detective Yakumo, she's very friendly and caring as well.
BF2: She makes me laugh a lot and even though she seems to some family problems it surprises me how she always has a smile on her face.
BF3: Okay, it's been a while since I last saw her. But I will never forget the day in which she stood up for me or when we ditched school with other friends. She teached me a lot, to ignore those who dislike you and to be a strong person.

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permalink well my best friends are so kind,funny and all of them are so naughty

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permalink I've known my best friend since the birth of her little brother in 1995! He's now 15, haha. She's totally PG-13 and hasn't tasted a drop of alcohol despite being old enough. She's obsessed with the whole tween vampire craze and plays way too many video games for me to keep track. Also she adores anime and manga and is always trying to get me into it (but I'm not into the sappy shojo stuff she likes). She's totally loyal to her boyfriend, who lives in another country, and she even travelled in the snow to see him last month despite 50%+ of all trains being cancelled in both countries! Ahh, and she's madly in love with Koki Tanaka. G-Dragon too, but her first love was Tanaka-san - I even imported a tour poster of him from a kind seller in Taiwan for her wall this Christmas. ^.^ She fell for him when she slept around my house last summer and (albeit reluctantly) sat through a concert DVD with Chaz (a former close friend) and I. :D

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permalink hmmm..she is a helpful person..n kind person..xD

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permalink I have 4 best friends but 2 of them are fake... I don't want to be with them anymore, one best friend of mine is just a user while the other one likes to make fun of me but when i do that he gets so mad, i hate him... I'm backstabbing both of them. :RBstickout:

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permalink um. she is insane, she laughs like she's about to kill you, and she's madly in love with a guy 5 years older than her. <3

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permalink I have lot's of best friends and they're all amazing. They're all interested in asian music too which is great, because it's hard to find people in England who are into that kinda thing. :giggle: But the problem is that they're all obsessed with K-pop and although I love K-pop too - I listen to J-pop more :tongue:

However, I've discovered recently that this might actually be a good thing :boogie: For example, two of my best friends (Evie and Chloe) are in Singapore right this minute and several hours ago they were watching Super Junior :shocked: if I was as K-pop obsessed as they are, I'd probably be rocking in a corner, dying of jealousy right now :laughing: but because I prefer J-pop - I'm just happy for them! :lovec:[edit]Last edit by AmyEmily on Sunday 30 Jan, 2011 at 10:14 +1.3%[/edit]

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permalink all my friends are so cool & i love all my friends

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permalink best friends: 2 guys and 2 girls.
BF1 (guy): known him for 8 years. smart, acts childish, funny. we have a lot of things in common, especially with us two being immature most of the time, plus we listen to J-pop and K-pop
BF2 (guy): known him for 10 years. not really a smart kid, had a few problems with life in general but i usually help him out. always being there for him.
BF3 (girl): only known her for three years, and she is like a sister to me. i love her very much.
BF4 (girl): known her for two years. We always do things together, go out, enjoying our time. We both used to like each other but realised she was planning to go back to Vietnam at the end of this year (no point creating a relationship). She is a wonderful person to be with and I love her for who she is

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permalink ah, I'm not ready yet..

7yr ago
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permalink well i have some but i just don't care... hahaha but one thing for sure.. they always there when i need someone to talk to...

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permalink heres some! of my friends

Taku loves U-KISS & UVErworld a lot shes very nice & liks to show others bands she likes

Mikey hes very cool he loves anime & jrock & jpop he dosen't like kpop at all but thats ok coz hes very careing

izumitatsu i call her sis shes the bigest Nightmare fan ever & she a very good artist & she like all kindas of stuff

ZomBiE shes super nice & very brave she always helps her friends no matter what & she loves Dir en Grey & OutSider very much

Dolly shes very sweet & careing & a big kpop fan

Zeeppo is really funny & silly & he knows lots of stuff & likes anime & hes very nice

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permalink I have a tight ring of friends, but I only consider one as a "best friend". Her name is Serafina and she's sometimes really loud and obnoxious. I still love her to death though, even if she pushes it too far sometimes. She's an out of the closet yaoi fangirl (and I think she scarred most of our guy friends). We're perfectly in sync, and we usually think about the same things at the same time and finish each others sentences.

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permalink I have 4 kinds of bestfriends >:3 Shinji , Mikuna , Keiichiro , Yuuna they have different ideal xD in my group im the most cheerful >:3 we meet eachother this past 3-4 years

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permalink My best friend just left America last Sunday to get ready to go to college in Japan :D

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permalink Well my best mate is named Takuma, he is from Japan. Known him for 5 years when he first came to my high school/college in 2007. Lived with him in Japan for 1 year. He is moving to New Zealand to live with me on May 11th this year to get away from Japan. If New Zealand allow him to stay he will never go back to Japan.

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permalink well, i have lots of friends, but my best friend? havent heard from her, ever since she made new friends,kinda wild, turned very*slutty*, its her life, i dont judge, but if she needs a kick in the a$$, ill be proud to do it, just saying lol, she doesnt talk to me or call, no more. i ask her, hey, im going to go visit u, cause also her kid is my godson so, she tells me she has to work, and cause of fb, she posts pictures of her nastiness the nights shes supposedly to be working, sooo, i havent heard from her in 3 months. Though no matter what,ill always be her beasty ;), thats how awesome i am as a friend eh ;)

7yr ago
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permalink I know how that is, I have a friend that remind me of that. But i still like her because, i know shes good inside ^_^somewhere in there lol

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