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7yr ago
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permalink Why do a lot of people rush straight into love? Is there truly a thing as love at first sight? I, personally, think its attraction at first sight. Get to know the person first, then determine if its love at first sight.

I say this because my cousin rags on me because I'm do I say this? "Falling in love" every other week like she is. Is it wrong of me to want to know a person before I even go on a date? JUST a date nothing else.

7yr ago
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permalink Definetly not! If all your going on is appearance than thats not love, thats just a chemical reaction in the brain.
Obviously your cousin jumps to saying "love" because she thinks thats what she's feeling...but love is alot more than someones looks. Love is a feeling that doesn't develop until you'd know you'd do anything for the other person.
* I'm not saying your cousin is wrong, but her idea of love is...undeveloped.
Love takes time, affection is what she's feeling.

7yr ago
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permalink I don't think you are wrong, I knew my gf 6 months before we first started dating. That way you know what the person is really like and can make a good decision. I am glad I waited, been together now for over 2 and a half years. You will know if you find the right person anyway. Don't let other people influence what you want to do. I really can't answer why people rush in though.

7yr ago
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permalink Take your time ! :) I'm taking my time. I'm 18 and never had a bf lol! But I'm totally cool with that :) I don't plan to date anyone. But if I do, I'm going to get to know the person really well. I don't like wasting my trying to date different guys every week or something.

7yr ago
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permalink Another question...there's this guys that I like... I think he likes me... we flirt and smile, but...that's it...what to do next?

7yr ago
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permalink an awesome friendship, wonderful conversation with lotz of laughs ;) be yourself, and let the fireworks go with the flow. ;)

7yr ago
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permalink i don't really believe in love at first sight... yeah like u said... u should better know each other first before determine it love or not... some times it's not love only admiration..

7yr ago
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permalink Everyone wants love, so they take affection for love - love at a first sight. I don't believe in it. I believe in love after years.

7yr ago
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permalink You're are right in what you do and it's really mature of you.
Some people nowadays fall in love every friday. Love is built, it's not sudden. I also think "love at first sight" is a strong attraction that leads you to date the person. The real love comes later or not.
Love is not that easy.

7yr ago
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permalink I agree with Yuki, love is built and it comes with time. First what you get is affection.

5yr ago
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permalink "Wise men say...only fools rush in, but I can't help falling in love with you..."

Who is to say how fast a person can fall in love? I have met a couple of elder couples who have said that they had shot gun weddings. (marrying in less than month upon meeting) and they make it to their silver and golden anniversaries. It all depends on the two individuals.

And then some people just don't have love as a priority in their lives. Everyone has their own agenda. Some people take time to fall in love some people just simply fall.

5yr ago
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permalink don't rush into it

5yr ago
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Why do a lot of people rush straight into love? Is there truly a thing as love at first sight? I, personally, think its attraction at first sight. Get to know the person first, then determine if its love at first sight.

For me it was love at first sight~~ I was dating a guy at the time and I straight out told him "see that guy in the parking lot, I'm going to marry him" two years later I married the guy in the parking lot

5yr ago
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permalink I don't believe in love at first sight, either. What it boils down to is infatuation. You can be extremely attracted to someone immediately without falling in love. Falling in love comes with time, getting to know the person, building trust and even arguing. Personally, I think that when you really love a person, you love them for and despite their flaws, and are aware that not everything is rainbows and butterflies. After the honeymoon period of the relationship is over, there is bound to be problems in some form or another.

With "love at first sight" you literally only see what the person is projecting. You don't know their personality, what makes them tick, what pisses them off, what their passions are, etc. You literally only have their outward appearance and maybe a bit of basic knowledge of the person to go on. That isn't love, that's attraction/infatuation/lust.

That being said, there are many people who believe in love at first sight, and for those who find happiness, more power to them. :) Rushing into it can lead to disappointment very quickly, or it can lead to happiness. Love is a gamble anyway.

5yr ago
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permalink love at first sight.. it only happened to romeo and juliet..jeje i dont believe in it.. :P

5yr ago
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permalink Not love maybe infatuation, don't rush at all

4yr ago
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permalink I don't think it's best to rush into love at all either. >.< There are so many people around me like that and then they break up three weeks later because they don't get along with the other and such..there are better things to do than date people all the time :p

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4yr ago
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permalink It's more like infactuation at first sight. Once you've been together for awhile then if the feelings grow it will turn into love.

Just got to go with the flow. :)

4yr ago
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permalink I feel the same way as you.
And my cousin sounds like yours. rofl. Thankfully I don't talk to her anymore xD
I think if people rush into things they're more likely to end up in a bad relationship and get their hearts broken.

3yr ago
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permalink I think in the beginning it seems like a rush because the feelings you have are very strong and infatuated for the other

3yr ago
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permalink I never believed that there is "love at first sight". Love is built on trust and trust is earned over time and thus that defeats that ideology. That feeling you experience to be "love at first sight" is infatuation, nothing more.

Rushing into it will only get you hurt. You need time to know that person and you need to take it slow. But that shouldn't prevent you from having an awesome time together! Everything starts off as friends first! :)

As to why some people rush into relationships... well, maybe it's because we tend to think with our hearts rather than our heads in this situation. Emotions can blind people very easily.

3yr ago
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permalink I think love at first sight is bull unless you fall in love with their appearance. She's just attracted to faces and eyes that look deep but probably aren't. Sometimes it's a feeling that hits and develops, but love at first sight- not me. I wouldn't love someone immediately.

3yr ago
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permalink For me rushing into love was a gift, but sometimes a regret. I fell in love with my childhood friend when I was around 10, but getting into a relationship too soon was not wise for us. We were young and didn't have a clue of what we wanted in life. I was so arrogant that matter.
From personal exp, I would advise you to wait a little longer until you know deep down that you are ready. :)

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