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4yr ago
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permalink So, this is may be a little inappropriate but I have a question for the guys.

You were flirting with this girl and she doesn't seem interested in you but you keep going for some reason, maybe you thought you can get her to like you or something. It was VERY clear that she is getting irritated BUT then, after a few more tries she got sick of you and your flirting and said 'I am going to C.R.U.S.H. your grapes if you don't f*ck off' or 'I am gonna crush your balls so hard you will be in hospital for the next few months'. What will you guys do next? How will you react? Will you be a little scared? What do you think of it overall?

*Grapes = balls


4yr ago
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permalink Yes, this is a slightly strange question but..
Personally, I don't think I'd be scared, I'd probably say something like "whoa, calm down" because, yeah, maybe I would have annoyed her, but that's still a little aggressive don't you think? There's no need to threaten a guy like that if he was only flirting

4yr ago
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permalink depends on the Kind of guy, some guys will stop at nothing to get what they want.
Me per say though, if im Flirting with you like that i think i might deserve a swift kick lol

3yr ago
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permalink Well personally I would never go that far because I hate feeling like I'm annoying someone and I respect girls so if they show that they're not interested I'll leave them alone
But some guys do it because they are just stupid and don't know the meaning of the word "no" and these are the guys you need to be watching out for because they could be dangerous

3yr ago
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permalink I'm far, far above in putting a girl anywhere close to that position. Normally I'm quite taciturn~ I only say what is necessary and I keep my distance between them. Unfortunately it seems that some guys out there are rather... relentless in this matter.

3yr ago
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permalink Were not called the Human RACE for nothing some guys do not know when to stop

3yr ago
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permalink Haha I guess I'm smart enough to notice that the girl isn't enjoying my company :p
So I'd just leave her alone as soon as I started to notice she had enough

3yr ago
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permalink What will you guys do next? - Well, let's see. If I heard the word "crush your grapes", then I would take that as a sign of back off xD
How will you react? - I will leave immediately! I really wouldn't feel like paying hospital bills for what I did.
Will you be a little scared? - I might be...for my balls' sake xD
What do you think of it overall? - I think you were really brave at speaking about how you truly felt about him ;) Girl power to you!

3yr ago
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permalink Lol.. If this happens to me i will sit on her nose and shit inside her mouth... J.K

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