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permalink I'm really concerned for privacy here and it's making me think on terminating account xD
I love JPA, been a member for 6 years.... I always come here to know more about my favorite artists and their new materials, and whatnot .... but I noticed that it's too easy to get info off users without even being a member... I didn't even logged in and I was looking at a lot of things on people's profiles to make sure it wasn't just mine..

as someone who has been stalked before... I think it's better to play it safe..
that or the fix the settings on privacy.. and soon ..... Like make journals for users only at least? xD allow us to change name even if we have to pay for change

so if anyone still reads this... what do you think on this? should this be an issue to be addressed? am I being too paranoid @.@?

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permalink Well personally I don't worry about that, but I would agree that for people that do it might be a good idea to make it so you have to be a member to see people's 'about me' sections and their journals and that..

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permalink Hmmm... Well, I think that the privacy here is mostly up to users themselves.
1 a. Aren't journals meant to be read by everybody? o__O
1 b. Making an account is free - even if you limit them to registered users, the stalkers will just make an acc and go for it. o.O
1 c. Limiting to Friends might work, but still, how sure are you that the person you add won't turn out to be stalker? O.o

2. You can switch privacy settings for: friend invites, posting on your wall, showing your online status/age/friendslist/pages already...

3. Name change won't work if you True Fan / buy shares/houses. If someone knows at least 1 house you own, they will find you on the house list... o.O

4. Common sense is the best advisor. If you don't want random people to read something - don't write it. And if you want to tell someone something privately - use PM. xP

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permalink If there's any compromising journal entries, you can also delete them.

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permalink It's simple, don't post personal information (address, phone number ect.) and you won't have a problem.

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