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permalink Hi. ^_^ I'm Aubrey. I can speak English,Chinese and a little Japanese.
I'm learning Japanese by myself and i study Chinese.

Well, as a Filipina. Its so hard for me to perfect a English grammar because i'm a filipino-speaking girl. Tagalog is our language in Philippines.

Translation of Tagalog into English

Mahal kita - I love you
Maraming salamat - thank you very much
paalam - bye
Ikaw - You
Ako - Me
Magandang Umaga - good morning
Magandang gabi - good evening
sige - okay

Translation of tagalog into Chinese

Mahal kita - wo ai ni
Maraming salamat - xiexie ni
paalam - zaijian
Ikaw - ni
Ako - wo
Magandang Umaga - zaoshang hao
Magandang gabi - wanshang hao
sige - dui.

i do have so many words i know in Chinese but this is just the general.

I'm 15 years old and still learning about Japan

arigato ^_^

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permalink We already have topics for these languages where you can post in.

Philippines language (tagalog)

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