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5yr ago
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permalink I'm 18 and a girl from England I'm looking to make new friends and pen pals from around the world.

I am a fan of anime, vocaloid and tokusatsu. I also love Kpop and Disney.

I am a fan girl of the company Hello! Project. I mostly listen to Jpop songs but I do Like S.M. Entertainment and YG Entertainment artists. I love SHINee and EXO-K. I also like Boyfriend and MBLAQ. I like girl groups SNSD, 2NE1 and f(x).

Hatsune Miku is my favorite vocaloid character and Pokémon and Shugo Chara! are my favorite animes.

If you want to be my pen pal then please reply and I might send you a friend request then my email link :D Thank you!!

4yr ago
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permalink Hello! I am 18 yearls old and from America. I would love to be your penpal for I also love anime, jpop, kpop and Vocaloid. :3

4yr ago
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permalink Hi ! I am 16. I'd love to be penpals. We can post on each other's walls or private message each month (:

4yr ago
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permalink Hi, I like a lot of had same things you do

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