Outside of UK Penpal?

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4yr ago
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permalink Hey there JPA! I am 19 and a girl from England. I would love to make friends outside of England. The people I hang out with here only like gaming. I love gaming to I have a channel but I upload rarely post on it. I have one friend who is hooked on anime. I am a little shy around new people but ready to meet people with the same interests.

I would be more keen to meet people who are at least over 16 I would be more comfortable with that. Sorry... :(.

I am learning Korean and I plan on teaching English there. That is a dream I gained recently. I am also love anime, K-Pop, J-Pop, J-Rock, Visual Kei and Vocaloid.

If you don't mind just saying which bands you like or were you are from. Just so we have something to talk about. Also tell me how you would to talk to me. Through JPA messages/email/Skype. It's up to you. Depending on which one is easier for you.

Thanks to all those who answer. Can't wait to talk :)

4yr ago
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permalink Hi my name is Christin.My fav groups are SHINee, SISTAR, EXO, 2NE1, and BTS. Skype would be the best for me.

4yr ago
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permalink Hi , my name is Tiffany. I really love Kpop and Cpop. I speak french and english. I will be happy to know you. Skype is better as well , I think. :)

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