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7yr ago
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permalink What is your favorite one ok rock lyric and why? Also if you want to explain what you think the meaning of the song is, feel free to do so!

7yr ago
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permalink I love all of OOR's lyrics; their songs are beautiful and deep <3
My favourite would probably be "Hitsuzen Maker" because when I read the english translations, it made me reflect on how I was living my life and made me realize a lot of things about myself that I probably would not have ever noticed. I owe a lot to OOR and I'll support them forever \(>0<)/

7yr ago
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permalink Me too love all of them!
That's a good choice. Very well thought out! :)

7yr ago
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permalink I love the lyrics of Answer is Near and Chaosmyth

7yr ago
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permalink C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h. and Kemuri
Basically all of their songs have sooo much meaning. Kemuri has really deep meanings... i love it <3

7yr ago
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permalink I think all their songs have deep meaning about some certain aspect of life..
that what makes me love them more..
also the way they express each song also fit to the content/lyric,, so i never get bored repeating all of their song..
some of u mention C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h. as ur fave..
to tell the truth, this was the first song i knew, and immediately i become huge fan of them (means i just knew bout them recently).. everytime i hear this song, i always remember about my graduation, my precious time with my besties and friend, which i always cherish till now.. thanks to this song..
after i knew this song, i immediately search on net every song/single..
now i have almost of their song.. some still i cant find it, (hope someone can help me :p)
Thank you OOR !!! please keep delivering !!! We will always support u guys !!!
:D :D :D

6yr ago
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permalink Hitsuzen Maker, Kemuri, Sonzai Shoumei, C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h, Mikansei Kokyokyoku, Jibun ROCK... Aw~, I love all their lyrics:3

6yr ago
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permalink "Chaosmyth" and "Wherever you are"... I almost cried (ok.. I cried D: ) when I listened.. specially because I felt so identified with lyrics :')
Chaosmyth for friends and Wherever you are for that special person ♥

6yr ago
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permalink I love all their lyrics too!!! They are all very deep and so beautiful! But some specific lyrics will always stay in my head:
from Chaosmyth (which is also my motto): "Dream as if you'll live forever and live as if you'll die today"

from Wherever you are I think the refrain is sooo beautiful and it makes me happy when I'm sad

from their new song Notes 'n Words: I wanna dance like no one’s watching me
I wanna love like it’s the only thing I know
I wanna laugh from the bottom of my heart
I wanna sing like every single note
and word it’s all for you

Also the meaning in Jibun rock touched me and some other song I seem to have forgotten the title :( bad memorie

6yr ago
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permalink My favorite lyrics in a OOR song are probably from either Karasu or The Beginning. I love the imagery in Karasu, but I love the meaning in The Beginning...

6yr ago
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permalink I love notes'n'words ><

6yr ago
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permalink C.H.O.A.S.M.Y.T.H.. it has meaningful lyric and Make It Real also Let's Make It Someday

6yr ago
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permalink REMOVED - SPAM

6yr ago
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permalink REMOVED - SPAM

6yr ago
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permalink Naihi Shinsho *-*

6yr ago
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permalink The Beginning

6yr ago
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permalink never heard them yet but soon i will

5yr ago
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permalink The Beginning is the best :)

5yr ago
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permalink Be The Light is so touching <3

5yr ago
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permalink Be The Light. :3 So meaningful >.<

5yr ago
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permalink Mighty story, don’t hide it from me!
Itsudatte hito wa mayoun datte
Shiranpuri shiteiyou
Soshite good good days

5yr ago
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permalink Lately, it's the lyrics of Living Dolls.


5yr ago
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permalink Be the light has a very touchful lyrics

5yr ago
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permalink "Wherever you are, I'll always make you smile.
Wherever you are I'm always by your side...
Whatever you say kimi wo, omou kimochi
I promise you forever right now"
I find these certain lyrics sweet (might as well say the whole song is :)

5yr ago
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permalink I love c.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h, kasabuta, and Rock, Scissors, Paper!!! The lyrics are all meaningful and about life or love.

5yr ago
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I really like "The Beginning"

5yr ago
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permalink Hard to pick a favorite 'cause they're all so amazing! But I think Clock Strikes, because It's really motivational and powerful as well :) I also like Be The Light, simply because the meaning of the lyrics is so beautiful ! Argh there are so many amazing song lyrics from OOR!

4yr ago
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permalink Wherever you are. It is meaningful to me.

3yr ago
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permalink wherever you are... huhu just from the title, I feel so emotional. :)

3yr ago
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permalink All of their song lyrics had a great meaning :D But my favorite is Last Dance :D

3yr ago
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permalink i love all of their lyrics theyre amazing! songs like wherever you are, be the light, choasmyth.. so good. recently the one that hits me the most is Decision. "You say it's alright. You say it's ok. It's up to you. Is that the truth? Tell me. I'm feeling used. Will no one save me?" Helped me get through my bad days :)

3yr ago
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permalink i love the lyrics of smiling down, all mine, lost and found and the ending ^^

3yr ago
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permalink Wherever you are

3yr ago
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permalink Wherever You Are, Heartache, Cry Out

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