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9yr ago
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permalink There were some rumors about this film being racist so I just wanted to write in to say that this is absolutely NOT TRUE! The Princess And The Frog is the best non Pixar animated movie that Disney has done in years! All the characters are beautifully drawn, the voice actors did a wonderful job in depicting them, and the music is really great! Considering the times in which the story takes place, Disney gives a very small nodd to Tianna's, the main characters and her family's, situation and status but doesn't come anywhere close to overduing it. The Villain is convincing enough, in that little kids will find him scary, but not too scary. There are some sad scenes( It Is Disney after all) but makes up for it with a heartwarming ending. The biggest difference about this film is that it doesn't tell you that all your dreams come true if you just wish upon a star. It counters some of the flaws it's older pervious movies have had and has Tianna enforce the fact that no matter how much magic may be out there, you still have to work hard to fullfill your dreams YOURSELF, or at least work hard enough to meet the magic halfway. Like Jasmine and Ariel Tianna's chracter is young and girly but strong and even a little headstrong so that girls and women alike can associate.

The story takes place in New Orleans. There Tianna, the main character and first African American Disney princess ( FINALLY) is the daughter of a seamstress who works for a rich family. There every night she reads Tianna and her client's daughter the story of The Frog Prince before bed. Years later as adults Tianna is working two full time jobs so she can save up to open her own restaraunt. Her lucky break comes when her old childhood friend, the rich man's daughter asks her to bake pastries for a party she is throwing. A handsome prince is comming to town to viset and it's that party that will welcome him. Little does anyone know that an evil Voodoo Man has turned that prince into a Frog and given his greedy servant a charm that will lend him the body of the prince. when the now very real frog prince sees Tianna at the party he mistakes her for a princess because she is so beautiful and asks her to kiss him. But Tianna is not a real princess. What would have worked backfires and turns Tianna into a frog as well. Now the two of them, along with their friends, a trumpet playing aligator and a simple minded yet brave firefly, must go deep into the swamps of New Orleans to find the good Voodoo Woman( who is the perfect fairy godmother type) and convince her to help them break the spell.

Of course I can't tell you what happens after that because that would ruin the moivie for you. But if your into this kinda stuff( And most Anime fans would be) then don't hesitate to go see the movie yourself.

7yr ago
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permalink Went to the cinema to watch this with my best friend :)
Loved the music <3 Good Disney movie :moved:
I don't really think it's racist.

7yr ago
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permalink In America,it is sometimes labeled that way because of political correctness and all that jazz but the film was great. Rushed sometimes but great.

Though among my friends,some of them didn't like the fact that Prince Naveen wasn't black. I for one don't care. I'm just glad Disney gave this Prince a personality. :)

7yr ago
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permalink Oh, I loved this movie so much. I watched it with my best friend, and her and I both really enjoyed it. :)

7yr ago
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permalink I dont think it was racist it may have been about being shallow cuz in the beginning Navin didnt like Tianna cuz she wanst a princess.. but later he learned that its not about being shallow or money its about being and loving yourself for who you are..

anyways I love this movie its super cute! I can do the accent for Ray and all my friends love it O:)

6yr ago
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permalink wat the hell?it wasnt racist at all such acute and sweet movie

6yr ago
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permalink I LOVE this movie... but I love all those types of disney movies. Of course you will always have your haters and if you look hard you can cream at everything has raciest... but thats getting into something completely different.

6yr ago
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permalink I loved it too :), its story, characters, all about it. People are always judgmental, thats the world we live in. But I dont care what others say, Im glad they made this movie and everything about it.

6yr ago
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permalink I really like the movie! It's now one of my favorite movies. :)

6yr ago
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permalink great movie watched it with my mom she loves these kind of movies

6yr ago
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permalink REMOVED - SPAM

6yr ago
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permalink It was an interesting movie

6yr ago
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permalink great movie. i watched it

6yr ago
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permalink I love this movie. I don't see any bad things here, so I think that RUMOR is not true. for me, it is one of the MOST TOUCHING MOVIES THEY MADE. I like Tangled and this movie mostly.

6yr ago
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permalink I love this movie. I don't see any bad things here, so I think that RUMOR is not true. for me, it is one of the MOST TOUCHING MOVIES THEY MADE. I like Tangled and this movie mostly.

5yr ago
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permalink its a great movie..seen it with my family once

5yr ago
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permalink So it's alright...I think Disney has done better movies in the past

5yr ago
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permalink it was a really nice movie :)

5yr ago
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permalink I thought it was a really cute movie. But racist? No way. :\

5yr ago
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permalink i think this movie is cute..

3yr ago
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permalink I don't see anything racist about this movie at all. Maybe there are some discrepancies with some facts but racism wasn't really there.

3yr ago
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permalink I just don't like frogs kissing a humans :p ew! lol

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