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5yr ago
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permalink Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren work to help a family terrorized by a dark presence in their farmhouse.

i've noticed, on facebook, that everybody's been talking about this movie...
i've watched this too but, it guess it wasn't soo scary as i expected it to be...

i was amazed yet a bit disappointed

5yr ago
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permalink well i watched just the beginning by myself i was scared i had to turn it off ..

5yr ago
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permalink yes, I also agree about this movie..
According to me this movie is not scary ,but this movie really startle ..

5yr ago
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permalink i havent seen it yet but it cant really be that scary right? theres very little that scares me :p

5yr ago
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permalink haven't seen this movie but it seems to be scary :(

5yr ago
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permalink Watched it yesterday. The first part was a bit like Paranormal Activity, while towards the end it seemed like it all of the sudden it became influenced by the Exorcist.

It had its moments like when the maid showed what the witch made her do. I feel like it was a pity they didn't use scenes like that more than what they did. Also the clapping game when the mom was locked in the basement.

I wrote the spoilers in white.

I have to agree the movie was more startling with big bangs and jump scares, but it was still good. I don't regret watching it.

5yr ago
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permalink nothing much to expect

5yr ago
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permalink Never saw it but heard it was ok

4yr ago
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permalink looks pretty scary!

4yr ago
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permalink Not really scary. Even my little cousin watched it. :P

4yr ago
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permalink Don't think I've watching it

4yr ago
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permalink good movie! im a horror geek. and when it comes from supernatural it makes you want more :crazy:, like how did it start,etc. specially when its based on true life experiences or stories.

4yr ago
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permalink Still haven't seen it! a friend said it was impressive but I usually don't take others advice on horror, but I wanted to see it to begin with so.. :]

4yr ago
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permalink Not so scary as I expected. I thought that the story is all about the doll, but it wasn't

4yr ago
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permalink It was entertaining but it wasn't that scary :|
The only thing that freaked me out was Annebelle •~•

3yr ago
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permalink It wasn't too bad. There was only one part that scared me, and two parts that creeped me out. I liked the link to Anabelle though (even if Anabelle wasn't that great of a movie)

3yr ago
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permalink I might give this movie a try...

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