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permalink http://www.watchcartoononline.com/thumbs/Howl--s-Moving-Castle-English-Dubbed.jpg
Sophie, an eighteen-year old hatter, is a responsible young woman who encounters a mysterious and tremendously powerful wizard named Howl while on her way to visit her younger sister Lettie. The Witch of the Waste, who romantically pursues Howl, comes to the hat shop and curses Sophie who refuses to serve her by transforming Sophie into a ninety-year old woman. Seeking a cure for the transformation spell, Sophie travels into the Wastes but instead finds a cursed living scarecrow whom she calls "Turnip Head", who takes her to Howl's castle. Here, Sophie meets Howl's young apprentice, Markl; and the fire-demon Calcifer, who is the source of all of the castle's energy and magical power. Calcifer offers to break the curse in exchange for Sophie's help in breaking the spell he's under, which keeps Calcifer bound to the house. When Howl appears, Sophie announces that she is the castle's new cleaning lady hired by Calcifer.

credits: wiki (has more info to the plot)


I was just getting into Studio Ghibli films after I saw [i]Spirited Away [/i]and [i]Nausicaa Valley of the Wind[/i]. When I found Howl's Moving Castle. I bought it after reading the back and watched it. I was a bit scared I wasnt going to like it.... BUT I did!! :moved: It's my favorite movie from Studio Ghibli :moved: :moved: I never get tired of watching it!!
lol ~ xD

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permalink It's one of the best movies by Studio Ghibli~! :moved:

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permalink It's cute and pretty okay to watch; definitely not one of his strongest movies, but does have a certain charm.

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permalink It was a good movie to watch. I quite enjoyed it. :)

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permalink I luv all what studio Ghibli creates, this movie was wonderful to watch :)

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permalink Definitely one of Studio Ghlbli's best movies thus far~ saw it on TV a couple of weeks ago! :D

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permalink It's got an amazing soundtrack and just like his other films, it imparts lessons or at the very least, some ideas which are good to ponder upon.

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permalink It's really good movie, definitely worth watching.

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permalink Just the title make me reminisce the scenes :)

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permalink i absolutely love the theme song
it's so catchy

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permalink Howl's Moving Castle is my favourite movie!
I can watch it again and again without getting bored
I loooove it <3

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permalink I tried learning "Merry-Go-Round of Life" on guitar

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