Movie characters that freak you out?

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4yr ago
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permalink Are there any movie characters that just plain as day freak you out? They shouldn't do but they do?

For me its

Johnny Depp's version of Willy Wonka

And finally ....

Saw's Jigsaw [My clown phobia's back :(]

4yr ago
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permalink 'nuff said

4yr ago
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permalink Sweeny Todd-the demon barber of fleet street, played by Johnny Depp

3yr ago
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permalink balloon farm & up

3yr ago
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3yr ago
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permalink samantha from the ring

3yr ago
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permalink Ju-On The Grudge :) and the saw.

3yr ago
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permalink Smiley and the dude who got stitched into a walrus in Tusk

3yr ago
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permalink Semi's character in Grasshopper

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