Most moving visual kei song?

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1decennia ago
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permalink Here you can post some of the most moving Visual Kei songs you've ever heard. But if you can't think of Visual Kei, J-Rock is fine too.
Some of mine are:
Morpho, Yasou Kyouku, Rem_, Simple Life, Mad Black Machine, and Lost in Blue. (Nightmare)
NUMBER SIX and Hana. (Alice Nine)

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permalink SID- ATASHI WA AME :RBcrying:

1decennia ago
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permalink hm...too many 4 me 2 name all of thm...but frankly i just cant remember all of thm...

but i always just love dir en grey's

Dir en Grey-Aint afraid to die
-the final,etc...

Alice nine-Ruri no ame,Sleepwalker, etc...

Girugamesh- Kowarete iku sekai,etc...

...well i cant name all of thm but my super tops r these

1decennia ago
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permalink I can name lots of songs, but right now I can't think of any.. Last time I cried to one was Ageha by MUCC an hour ago, when I read the lyrics. It was very beautiful. But there are lots more.

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permalink The Pledge of Dir en grey is pretty hard T_T The lyrics are great and so true T_T
Also one part of Vinushka makes me really cry:''(
So does the song Swallow rain by Sadie =''(

1decennia ago
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permalink I'd have to say
Ain't Afraid To Die by Dir En Grey
Crying Rain - Girugamesh
Sleepwalker by Alice Nine

1decennia ago
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permalink Vamps- Sweet Dreams

1decennia ago
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permalink Nightmare-Lost in blue,Mad black machine,Loopain,Raven loud speeker,cynical re:actor,nothing you lose and rem...etc...
DuelJewel-Aishuu melancholia
An cafe-Aroma
The Gazette-Distress and coma,Burial applicant,Crucify sorrow
Kanon Wakeshima-Still doll
Deluhi-No salvation,Vivid place

i think these are the ones...

1decennia ago
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permalink There are many but the first that come to mind are the GazettE's "D.L.N." "Saraba" and "Reila." [edit]Last edit by Sodonii96 on Saturday 10 Oct, 2009 at 21:05 -68.3%[/edit]

1decennia ago
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permalink Girugamesh - Crying rain
The gazettE - Calm Envy
12012 - aitai kara
Acid black cherry - nemuri hime, yasashii uso
nightmare - melody
miyavi - tsurezure naru hibi naredo

1decennia ago
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permalink the GazettE- Cassis, Relia, Sumire, Without a trace
dir en grey- the final, ain't afraid to die
versailles- sympathia
Sadie- Slient Eve, a holy terror, scarlet, swallow rain
alice nine- jewels, armor ring, sleepwalker

1decennia ago
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permalink An cafe- Meguriaeta Kiseki

1decennia ago
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permalink Miyavi - ''Aishiteru'' Kara Hajimeyou
girugämesh - crying rain
D'espairsRay - Yami Ni Furu Kiseki
Sel'm - saezuri
Dir en grey - Inconvenient Ideal
The GazettE - D.L.N
RED universe - Reincarnation
RENTRER EN SOI - To Infinitiy and Ushinawareta fuukei no yume
Sadie - Hakanaki risou wazuka na ai

1decennia ago
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permalink Thank you for your replies! I LOVE Visual Kei and I just wanted to know what other people loved about them. J-Rock is the best!!!

1decennia ago
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permalink Dir en grey - Akuro no Oka, I'll, Glass skin
Miyavi - Coo quack cluck
Gackt - Orenji no Taiyou, Mizerable, Story
HYDE - Season's Call
Versailles - Prince
Kra - Amaoto wa Chopin no shirabe

I have cried to all of these songs before. :']

1decennia ago
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permalink I can't, I seriously can't listen to Plastic Tree's "Kuuhaku no Hi" without crying. I'll scream the chorus along with Ryutarou while bawling my eyes out. A lot of their music affects me, but "Kuuhaku no Hi" is impossible to not cry to. I was already on the verge of tears at their VRock live. Had by some chance they played that song, I wouldn't collapsed on the floor crying like a child.

1decennia ago
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permalink Janne Da Arc - Gekkouka
SID - Hosoikoe
PIERROT - Haruka

1decennia ago
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permalink May hav missed a few, but this is what i cud come up with for now

Nightmare- Lost in Blue, Akane, Anima, Over, Wasurenagusa ~k no souretsu, Jibun no Hana, Shian, Tsuki no Hikari Utsutsu no yu (istrumental version), Criminal Baby, Toroimerai, HATE, Varuna, Gianism Shichi, Tsubasa o Kudasai, Raven Loudspeeeaker (alot i kno, but naitomea's just so good wth tht kind a stuff...)

Alice Nine- Akatsuki, Mirror Ball, Sleepwalker

Girugamesh- Crying Rain

Sadie- Swallow Rain

Gazette- Distress and Coma, Reila, Calm Envy (this one really gets to you, i kno alot of ther songs do, but i feel this one deserves some special mention), Cassis, Guren, Chizuru, Taion, Kyomo no Owari Hakozume no Mokushi, Okuribi

Hyde- Season's Call

Antic Cafe- My Heart Leaps for "c"

1decennia ago
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permalink ClearVeil- SMILE

Aqua Timez- Alones

D'espairsray- Kamikaze

Heartless- HORIZON

High and Mighty Color (not VK- Remember, Okizarisu (this one'll get ya), Flashback

Kagrra- Uzu, Shiki

Kaya- Silvery Dark (Queen's Version)

ScReW- Kairos, Wailing Wall (it'll hit ya hard), Genei no Kusari

UnsraW- Gate of Death (seems wierd i kno, but the chorus is actually really dramatic)

Versailles- The Love from a Dead Orchestra (especially like the piano pieces in ths song)

Nega- Idle

Exist Trace- Umi no Shizuku

Dir en grey- Ain't Afraid to Die, The Final (special thanks to all the kids who listed this song, made me realize how awesome diru is again :STbigSmile: ), Ware Yami Tote (brought me pretty darn close to tears...), I'll, Red...[em], Cage, Ryoujoku no Ame, Sajou no Uta (another almost-tear-bringer), Ashita Muki Koufuku Komaeminaki Myounichi, Marmalade Chainsaw, Kasumi, Drain Away, Amber, Kodou, Itoshisa Wa Fuhai Nitsuki, Filth, Embryo

10yr ago
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permalink D - Snow White
Gazette - Guren, Distress and Coma, Kyomu No Owari Hakozume No Mokushi, Cassis, Taion (a bunch of others too)
Antic Cafe - Orange Dream (this one made me bawl :RBcrying: The lyrics are so sad....)

10yr ago
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permalink Surprise surprise,
Vidoll - sister.
I've seen that clip from the seat for last lovers DVD a thousand times, and I cry as much every time. He's crying and singing and it's so sad, I can't help it :RBcrying:

Girugämesh - Kowareteiku Sekai, Freesia (just because of the power)
Gackt - Mind forest
Kra - Amaoto wa chopin no Shirabe
Kaya - Hydrangea
Janne da Arc - DOLLS

10yr ago
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Quote by Juruwa
Kra - Amaoto wa chopin no Shirabe
Kaya - Hydrangea

T__T <3 <3 <3[edit]Last edit by JustIronic on Saturday 05 Dec, 2009 at 16:28 +6.7%[/edit]

10yr ago
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permalink Hm. The ones I can think of right now, are Armor Ring by alice nine. It makes me :RBcrying:
And Eternal Silence by Phantasmagoria.

I'll come back with more later.

10yr ago
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permalink ah, eternal silence... I love that song <3

10yr ago
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permalink It is so beautiful. And sad. :RBcrying:

10yr ago
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permalink Eternal Silence by Phantasmagoria
Forever Love by X Japan
Silvery Dark by Kaya

Dang, I know there's more xD

10yr ago
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permalink ^ Why is it always that one seems to forget the songs when you need them? xD

Last song for you is one damn pretty song, by Lareine. Also honey drop and alkoloid showcase by Matenrou Opera have some lines that just makes me want to cry .__. <3

10yr ago
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permalink When I read the other posts I see I've forgot some .__.

- Dir en grey - Glass Skin (T__T)
- Schmelz Cure - 祈烏の眼 (One of the only quiet songs I could listen to again and again. Soooo beautiful T__T)
- Byakura - Shizumu Kotodama Shiki no Sora (...Undiscribable...)
- Dir en grey - Red...(em)
- Sadie - Silent Eve
- Sadie - Scarlet


10yr ago
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permalink Setsurenka by Lareine ^-^
(Thank you JustIronic for reminding me of this band xD)

10yr ago
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permalink Mushi by Dir en grey (makes me cry like a baby T_T especially live)
Glass Skin by Dir en grey
Oh!Oh! Aint Afraid to Die by Dir en grey Dx
Silent Eve by Sadie
Sayonara no Hate by Sadie
Silvery Dark by Kaya
D.L.N. by The GazettE ;o;
Kowareteiku Sekai by Girugamesh
Utakata by Kagrra,

I know there're more...:/

10yr ago
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permalink D - Snow White
UnsraW - Kyuumin Oyasumi
Versailles - Serenade

10yr ago
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permalink alice nine. - ruri no ame, sleepwalker, and shunkashutou
an cafe - aroma
the gazette - distress and coma
versailles - serenade

10yr ago
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permalink the one that's come closest for me is Nobody by Girugamesh. it's come close, ive felt my eyes quiver.

10yr ago
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permalink Ok, there's a new song that makes me cry all the time I listen to it :RBcrying:
It's a very emotional song and the lyrics are pretty hard T_T
Ningen no Kaname by Suicide Ali....
:crying: Amazing song

10yr ago
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permalink ^ Agreed.
Other moving songs include SINNER by DEATHGAZE <3 which is one of my favorite songs ever, Replay by Plastic Tree, Hoshi no nai Yoru ni by DELUHI, and Kimitote by el-Ethnic Legist-.
These songs just get me <3

10yr ago
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permalink crying rain - girugamesh♥

10yr ago
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permalink for's Nakigahara of Gazette!

10yr ago
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permalink :RBundecided:


10yr ago
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permalink Right now for me.. its Hoshi no nai yoru ni by DELUHI.
I read the english lyrics and I almost cried.
If you havent heard it I really suggest giving it a listen!!

10yr ago
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permalink Hmmm...
I hate to sound typical with my list but i have to say:
Versailles-Serenade(For obvious reasons. On my birthday too :RBohNo: )
The Gazette-Reila(Though a lot of their songs are sad this one was just... :RBcrying: )
Miyavi-Itoshii Hito(I just seem to love all his lyrics ;) )
Alice Nine-Time machine(Even they were crying!>.<)
Girugamesh-Crying Rain

10yr ago
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I still think that it is Nakigahara of GazettE

10yr ago
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permalink Silent Knight by Versailles
The guitar playing is amazing and every time I hear that song I can’t help but to stop everything I am doing and just listen to it. It’s amazing!

10yr ago
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permalink I'd say Reila by GazettE. I cry every time i read the lyrics...
And Serenade by Versailles cause when I listen to it, I think of Jasmine. :RBcrying:

9yr ago
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permalink I found a new one.

Saezuri by MoNoLith.

Gosh, I wish these guys had a PV for this song. It's so amazing.
To me this song tells a very sad story, even if I don't understand the lyrics.
And the suffering screams in it make the whole song much more dramatic.
Simply amazing. :verysad:

9yr ago
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permalink Miseinen by the GazettE, or at least when he sings it live with all those emotions he put in that song. Gosh, I love it so much! Never fails to make me cry

9yr ago
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permalink Nightmare- Star[K]night especially Five Stars Night budokan version.

9yr ago
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permalink Girugamesh-Kowarete Iku Sekai: OMG! :RBcrying: That song is seriously sad but it's soooo true about how we humans are destroying the Earth and living peaceful happy lives are no longer visible in humanity

The GazettE-Taion: After I heard the song I just felt... IDK the was just sooo much pain and sadness that i cried for 2 hours straight. But, I didn't even know the story about Junko Furuta. After I learned the story....... :RBcrying:

9yr ago
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Quote by Kouyou

Sadie - Hakanaki risou wazuka na ai


Gazette- Without a trace/ Crucify Sorrow
12012- Over/ the swim
Miyavi- Yameteyo Shite Sawaranaide
despairs ray- hai to ame
Girugamesh- fukai no yami
meth.- Goodbye to Myself
lynch.- from the end/ prominence
Licker- Sky/ Sin
Juliadoll- Eternity
M- Renon

I'm also searching for some sad one's^^

9yr ago
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permalink I would have to say that JRockers always seem to write touching and meannin full songs~ i normally find the most touching songs from the GazettE, Nightmare, and Alice Nine~

Some from gazette are: taion, chizuru, guren, cassis, distress and coma, and many many more~

Some from Nightmare are: lost in blue, ochiwa, melody, yuki sou, and theremust be more, but i dont know many sons from them yet XD

Some from Alice Nine are: number six, armor ring, sleepwalker, and white prayr~

9yr ago
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