More confused by an Asian music video AFTER you see the lyrics!

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6yr ago
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permalink Have you ever been more confused about an Asian music video after you see an English (or whatever your native language may be) translation? :) Haha or am I just too much of a simpleton? Unfortunately, I only speak English, so I am completely at the mercy of the translators.... but I wonder if they just put confusing stuff in there at times. The most confusing video I've ever seen after viewing the lyrics was Dir en Grey's "Obscure." But maybe that's just because I was scarred by the content of the video... :D Anything like that ever happen to you?

6yr ago
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permalink It sometimes happen to me. An example would be After School's Shampoo. The lyrics is about shampoo but the MV is anything but! It has nothing to do with shampoo! I just got confused and I just lost it :confused:

6yr ago
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permalink True I agree. Sometimes you just wonder if you shoud take the video in consideration or only care about the song. Troublesome.

6yr ago
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permalink Haha, I don't know, I always think about things so deeply that I can find a connection somewhere.

6yr ago
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permalink HAPPENS many times to me..haha.....especially when it comes to jrock.. xD
in jpop, i don't encounter many cases like this :D

6yr ago
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permalink Sometimes was :D

6yr ago
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permalink I think that lyrics written in foreign languages have its meaning lost in translation. Just like there are certain words and feelings in your language that not necessarily got an equivalent in other languages. But yes, it has definitely happened and blaming it on language boundaries doesn't work, sometimes it's just a poorly made MV xD

6yr ago
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permalink Things like this happens a lot even in my native language which I understand well.
We could say that those are poor MVs. Surprisingly, the number of top artist who have those kind of poor MVs are many too... :D

6yr ago
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permalink Sometime I dont really think that, I listen to the music video and if I know some words in Korean I know more or less about it. Plus how they sing it and the beat goes and their facial expressions help me to understand it with out lyrics I guess it depends on the person

6yr ago
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permalink Yeah, that happens to me sometimes. XD

3yr ago
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permalink i am mostly confused with kpop mv. hahaha..
buti have grown used to it...
or but maybe, there are translations that are very literal, but in that particular language or asian songs, it was referring to some idioms or proverbs. well..

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