Minna-san Konnichiwa watashi wa Mimi..

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permalink Konnichiwa!Mimi desu,genki desu ka?
Hai ureshii desu..

No,really my name is Telle and I am not new here,I have two older accounts here..
I'm from the Philippines but I now live here in Ireland..I just love Japanese World soo much since I was 16,with the influence of my big bro,who's birthday is the same as Reita the Bassist in Gazette..

Short inro about me is
I'm 22 but forever 17
I have two brothers
I am the leader,rap and vocalist of my upcoming 13 all girls band in collab with our husbands Seventeen in South Korea.
I am also the CEO of my own Entertainment Company called Tint Ent,coming soon!

My husband is Choi Seungcheol
My SEOULMATE and no.2
I'll see him and our sons on May 4 2016
As heaven calls..

Nice to meet u all..chat you soon!!

take care and God bless you all!!

-Telle A. Choi
^^, xxx <3

3yr ago
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permalink Herro! ^ ^
Great to meet

3yr ago
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permalink just to say HAVE FUN

3yr ago
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permalink Welcome to JPA :cool: ENjoy

3yr ago
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permalink hehe nice to meet you! and welcome back to jpa

3yr ago
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permalink Hi! Nice to meet you! OwO

3yr ago
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permalink Haha lol what an interesting intro XD

Welcome for the third account!

3yr ago
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permalink Hi, what propelled you to make another account if you don't mind me asking?

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