men are simple

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7yr ago
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permalink i dont think you ladies realize how simple a man is... i see alot of post where a girl is asking "how do i know if a guy likes me" all you have to do is ask. be straight forward or you can just talk to him and find out if he is really the right guy for you. i am no professional match maker, but feel free to ask any questions about relationships. i will be more then happy to answer them for you :)

7yr ago
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permalink but if the girl's too straight forward, there's a tendency that the guy will stay away from the girl, right?

7yr ago
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permalink i wouldn't, no way i would try to get to know her better. that is something that would make my day, i dont know about you but just knowing you are liked is an amazing feeling

7yr ago
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permalink @dangerose Haha... well, i'll find it awkward at 1st but will stil try to get to know her better^^ afterall, being avoided by some1 is not a nice feeling

7yr ago
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hey! im Mr simple :cool:

loool ... anyways ... i do tend to notice how males are as "complicated" ... girls like to other think sometimes or worry too much about things ... whereas males ... they dont really think ... they just do xD

^ thats not be btw ... its just what came to mind and after random observations xD

7yr ago
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permalink When some men say, "just be straightforward", isn't it that they refer only to themselves? Some guys like straightforward girls, but some avoid girls who are straightforward, and sometimes it is just so awkward when you suddenly ask a guy whom you are somehow close with, "Do you like me?"
Well, that's kind of a manga-like situation, but in mangas they end up happily, but in real life, I don't think it does. And it even gets more awkward when you see each other again.

7yr ago
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permalink I know that guys are simple but when us girls get caught up in our emotions when we see a guy we like, we forget about logic and start reacting to how we feel. So if we see a guy we like, before we even decide to make the move just to say "hi" to him we play up many different scenerios how saying "hi" could go wrong or bring possble hope for him to notice you. Same thing with the straightforward approach. We start to play even better or worse scenerios about confessing. So mostly blame our emotions for getting the best of us when it comes to the matter of love. lol

I don't if every girl acts like that but I speaking out of my own experience. :)

7yr ago
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permalink lol sneaky it just too easy.. men really are simple but girls have complicated mind... lol

7yr ago
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permalink well people always did say i was a really simple minded person. not really sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing, but i will take it how it is :)

7yr ago
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permalink Men are just like women. Guys are like girls. With thwir won thoughts and feelings. They aren't complicated.

5yr ago
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permalink Everyone is simple. Everyone wants the same thing companionship. What makes it complicated is everyone overthinking everything and having crazy high expecations. That and not communicating. All the "hypothetical"situations people always come up with always kill the relationship before it even has a chance to start. Communication is key. You cannot always assume everything.

5yr ago
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5yr ago
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permalink Uhm... men are really picky. Men are not simple.
They notice every single thing that girls do.

4yr ago
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permalink I think men are simple and when they like what they see they need to tell the other person and not hold back~ women try to analyze everything a guy does or says to them~~
So just be straight forward guys!!!!!

This comes from a women that has been married for over 30 years

4yr ago
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permalink Maybe it depends on the guy and age. lol
I don't understand highschool guys act so indifferent and rude, so it's hard to tell. Maybe older guys are more obvious if they like you?

4yr ago
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permalink haha don't really think men are simple, depends on who are with and yeah <.< you can't just judge a book by it's cover you know, that's called being judgemental and those things don't get you far in life.
If you think men are simple, then men will think you're simple as well. XD

3yr ago
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permalink Men are generally straightforward. Me, on the other hand, I'm a lot deeper than meets the eye. I might seem like an open book, but deep down I observe every little thing they do and keep it at the back of my head.

Though I would much like to be simple and not think too much about everything.

3yr ago
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permalink Yeah, sure I'm simple. Just come and talk to me ladies; I won't bite xD

3yr ago
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permalink Men and women are both pretty complex, but I think people will always understand their own born sex more because they experience the same basic things.

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