looking for penpals from around the world

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6yr ago
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permalink Hi there, i´m a spanish girl looking for friendship from people around the world.Feel free to write me.Interested in Kpop,Jrock,writing,reading....Thanks

6yr ago
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permalink Hey , My name is Anyana and i am interested n my hobby r kinda the same n i am american black

6yr ago
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permalink I'm not that far away from spain (I'm from Germany), but I also love K-Pop (your profile picture <3), J-Rock, writing and reading! So if you want to exchange letters, just drop me a line! :D

6yr ago
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permalink Your more than welcome to penpal me :3 I am american XD

6yr ago
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permalink Hi! I'm Magdalene and I'm from Bulgaria...I'm interested in Jrock and Visual kei, writing, reading so feel free to write

6yr ago
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permalink Hello. I'm from Croatia. Intrested in lots of things. :)

6yr ago
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permalink Hi! im a norwegian girl who loves kpop. my interest are writing reading music and of course kpop. I have a crazy affection for japan. i love everything about the country culture and more ^^ Recently i have this urge to write handwritten letters >< dont ask me why.... i read beastly by alex flinn. i think that is the main reason. Anyways that me XD

5yr ago
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