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10yr ago
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permalink ...to practice your skills?
Wanna share music taste, movies, books, jokes, interests, talk about travel/life/love experience...? Anything that comes to mind really... in exchange for anything japanese related: culture weather it'd be social, trends, food, history, ..., art, traveling experience, and blah-blah-blah... :RBstickout:

Let me know! Cheerios, :)

10yr ago
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permalink If you mean English as in British (as opposed to 'english speaking' lol), I'm from England, I'd be happy to chat with you :)

10yr ago
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permalink I'm from canada british columbia if you're interested. I've been travelling quite a bit to. I know how to speak a little bit of french since it is an important subject at my school

10yr ago
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permalink hehe, your french is probably better than mine. I studied it for 6 years and can barely remember a word, i lived in china for one year and my chinese is FAR better than my french, lol.
Quite embarrassing really :RBblush:

10yr ago
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permalink You're lucky chinese is way better than french, :D plus I almost failed french last year since I never handed anything in XD

10yr ago
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permalink hehe, chinese is cool yeah - but it's still shameful to say i studied french for 6 years and can't remember anything, lol.
my old french teacher used to get really annoyed with me cuz i stopped doing the work, i don't think he caught on that i stopped doing it because he was a douche, but whatever :RBstickout: lol!

10yr ago
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permalink lol it was the same thing with my teacher but I just got sick of him. I had for math and science as well as french. He always sent me out into the hall so I got to miss most of my lessons anyway :)

10yr ago
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permalink lol - harsh.
Fact is, French is one of those pain-in-the-ass languages :RBsealed: lol

10yr ago
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permalink Hahaaha... Japanaese, English, and French are my three favourite languages.

:STbigSmile: Wanna share some French artists in common?

9yr ago
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permalink sure. i'm from the worldwide-hated US of A (had no choice

looking to share a little cultural-thing with like minds & interests, namely, anime & scifi, 3D stuff & Trance music! :wave: [size=9][i]*just LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE that stuff*[/i][/size] :otsu: :totallylove:

9yr ago
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permalink I speak both English and French ^^ I could be your penpal if you want :3

9yr ago
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permalink i'd been dreaming my whole life to hv a penpal fr france.
anyone fr france. feel free to be friend with me! :)

9yr ago
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permalink If interested, I'm actually French and I can share a lot about French language and culture! Besides I'd love to learn more about Japanese or Asian culture! ^^
Interested? If you are, here is my email: did_didjey@hotmail.fr

9yr ago
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permalink My native language is English and I know a lot of French (Still learning)
We could talk if you want ;D

9yr ago
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Helloooo ^-^ those all sound like SUPER
fun things to talk about. I like all those
Ideas lol
I'm not English (like, British or anything) but
I do SPEAK English, and French also. But I'm
still learning that too. I feel as if you can
never completely learn a language because there
is still so much in it that you may learn
through the rest of your life ^^
But, I am also learning Korean, which I look at the
same way. I will never completely learn every SINGLE
word, but I love the language SO much and it's really
I'd be your penpal if you like too^^

9yr ago
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permalink hey. i wanna learn alittle of a different culture. can u help?

7yr ago
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permalink i speak english fluently and i'm learning french

7yr ago
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permalink I speak french fluently and I'm quite good in english :)

7yr ago
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permalink Hey ^^ i can speak english and im learning French :) hope we can be friends :)

6yr ago
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permalink I speak English and French fluently :D if you want, we can always talk :p just post something on my wall or something (since I don't give email to strangers) :p I would also love to exchange cultural things and to talk about Japanese culture ;)

6yr ago
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permalink I'm pretty fluent in English. :) Learning French though. Care to chat? ^^

6yr ago
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permalink I am an American so I speak English well~~ do you want to learn the language?

5yr ago
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permalink Hi! My name is Nikky and Iam French Canadian :) I'm learning French right now.

5yr ago
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5yr ago
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permalink Looking for a French pen pal. I just wanted to know what kind of culture you have over there and maybe introduce me to some cool French music :)
Don't hesitate to write on my wall and talk :D I am looking forward to it :)

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