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4yr ago
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permalink Heya all,

i spent the last 2 days searching for a specific song / music video i saw couple of years ago. I really liked that song but totally forgot about it after all those years and suddenly it came back into my head like a flash and now i need it. xD

So, what i remember about the music video:
- Female Singer in a white dress (Song was mainly if not complete in english language)
- very dark setting (hence she really stood out in her dress)
- The voice from the singer was not a clean voice, it was slightly distorted
- Lightning effects during the video with rings of (lightning?) around her while she was singing a part of her lyrics in a very poweful way
- the meldoy was in my opinion more rock than pop, maybe even slightly metal

Really hope that those details are enough to find the song. Thanks in advance! :-)

2yr ago
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permalink After over 2 years i found it myself. It was the Music Video "MELL - Red fraction" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AC6REhy5L38). *happyface*

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