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10yr ago
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permalink Hello ~~~~~~ :wave:

So, anyone here who has a Livejournal account? :D

Weeeell, I do have one XD

7yr ago
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permalink Thank you! :)

10yr ago
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permalink I started following fanfic on LJ awhile ago, but only recently created an account/started using it.



10yr ago
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permalink Wow...blood and mika is active there...

I have one but never post any journal yet!!!

But I join there just to search bout KATTUNlove community!!! :D :D :D

10yr ago
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permalink yeah, i´ve got one too!
but the last time i was too lazy to post some entries.. x_____x

9yr ago
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permalink i got LJ too...


9yr ago
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9yr ago
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9yr ago
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permalink ooohh.. anyone who got great life should add me in lj~!
LJ babbles~

9yr ago
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permalink Mostly fanart but oh well... JustIronic

9yr ago
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permalink Death_Bird

I'm new in there.. :RBhalo:

9yr ago
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9yr ago
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feel free to add me :) I add back.

9yr ago
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permalink ozakism

I'm not finished with the journal yet, just only recently started to post, but I'm getting there, lol. Feel free to add me. :D

9yr ago
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permalink[edit]Last edit by turarachuu on Wednesday 19 May, 2010 at 14:06 -92.6%[/edit]

9yr ago
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9yr ago
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permalink i have one. i read but have not posted del_sur81

9yr ago
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permalink My HC angst and Super Juniorno life babble here @ puppel

9yr ago
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permalink Shall I put in mine as well?

I actually wonder if it's of any use, as I friend-lock almost everything and I hardly accept new friends. (just because people friend me randomly most of the time it seems... or just because the few downloads I have available)

Well. just take a look if you like[edit]Last edit by Sindra on Tuesday 25 May, 2010 at 15:51 +1.1%[/edit]

8yr ago
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permalink i do and im always on!!!!!

i always add back so feel free, its mainly just poetry and fanfics<3

8yr ago
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permalink iv just started using this website :)

my usernames red_ruki

8yr ago
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permalink O_O im happy to see this on here^__^ hello everyone i am looking for new friends who share my love for anime and asian music! my favorite japanese band is arashi and korean big bang lol i like other bands to so just ask^__^ i also have a livejournal and i love ranting on it all the time please be friends with me on both my livejournal is jessica-chama ^_^ thankyou!

8yr ago
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permalink I have 3 :RBblush:
Though only one of them is really active, and that is with mostly fanfiction, though XD
Another one is where I've only posted one fic so far... And the last one I don't even care to link, because up until now, there's only an introduction there, lol XD

Btw, is it only me that usually creates account after account on some sites? :RBsarcastic:

8yr ago
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permalink im jus using dis one...
quite dont know bout it...
but feel free to visit my page :D

8yr ago
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permalink Anyone interested in joining my translation/subbing team for the Jrock/VK band D or anyone that loves D or Jrock is welcome to add me. My account is hero_love18 I'd love to chat!

8yr ago
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permalink GiselleNihonLuv

That ish mine! XD Add me people!!! Please?

8yr ago
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permalink I used to love LJ. I just got a new one. I haven't been on LJ in a long time. Here is my journal.

It's still new but, I'll post lots! Please let me know you are from JPA if you decide to add me. I hope to make friends on LJ and JPA.

8yr ago
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permalink Oh, an LJ thred~ <3

Mine is:

My journal is a bit lonely lately~ ^^" Add me if you'd like~

7yr ago
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permalink i also have my livejournal account but i don't open it frequently....
but please add me...!!!

7yr ago
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permalink my account may seem strange or just boring but you can add me if you'd like.

7yr ago
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permalink Mine is here.
You can add me as friends if you want to, but let me know if you do~
Then I can add you as friend, too. n_n. Oh, and I just started to use this site so I won't release new entries very often. ^-^

7yr ago
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permalink Here's mine. :)


LOLZ it's a little boring and I haven't updated in a while but you all can add me if you want ;)

7yr ago
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permalink Feel free to add me~
I write some fics but dont post as much as I should
Riiiight here

7yr ago
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permalink I would like to post this again,, because my journal feels lonely... XD please do add me.. :3

Click here.. :3...

6yr ago
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permalink I have a live journal account .. I am not a very good user though ..
I am under 1crazy4drama ...friend me if you like ...

6yr ago
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permalink :)

5yr ago
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permalink Feel free to add me~ ;)

5yr ago
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permalink still new on livejournal~ feel free to add me ;)

Ai Tsuyoshi

5yr ago
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permalink yes i have ..

4yr ago
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permalink Mine is 1crazy4drama

4yr ago
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permalink Not a lot of people use LJ nowadays, do they?

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