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6yr ago
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permalink Mina-san konnichiwa ! ! !

[i]Line[/i] is a similar application like [i]Whatsapp[/i] but pretty much better ! Created by japanese people and with awesome and funny emoticons.

If anyone is using this application, please feel free to contact me by JPA, I would like to add people to chat with ! !


6yr ago
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permalink BUMP LINE from Naver is a better/more stable alternative than WhatsApp/Viber, etc. It can be installed on your PC as well and has with the latest version made it possible to do PC - smartphone; smartphone - PC calls via WiFi/3G/4G.

It has also introduced LINE cafe. A growing international community of fellow LINE users.

6yr ago
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permalink i love line! lol i have the hello kitty stickers i have alot of the line apps, too bad i only use the chatting one to communicate with one friend

6yr ago
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permalink hey , add me ^^
LINE ID >> danielars25
thank you ^^

6yr ago
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permalink Ooh I didn't know other people had this :o My username on there is Nightgaze on there for anyone who's interested :D

5yr ago
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permalink i cant found your line. :(
how about ID?

6yr ago
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permalink Wow, some people know about it~
My LINE ID is [i]fyyy4[/i] if you're interested~ ^ ^`

5yr ago
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permalink and this my line id dianelpe thanks :D

5yr ago
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permalink i don't have line coz i delete mine

5yr ago
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permalink add me my user id : linahartz
we can chat!

5yr ago
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permalink My username on there is Kana on there for anyone who's interested :D

5yr ago
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permalink Username: brethecat
Add me! Chat me! Looking for friends with similar interests. Especially in Canada.

5yr ago
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permalink Please contact me if you want to add me on your Line.
Thanks, Andy!

5yr ago
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permalink REMOVED - SPAM

4yr ago
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permalink @aiyaline3

4yr ago
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permalink vania_10969
add me if you're interested :3

4yr ago
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permalink LINE? sure, just like the name i have on jpa ;) ~> yoanaa29 :crazy: :crazy:

4yr ago
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permalink こんにちは

i'm new here. who has use LINE here? feel free to send your LINE ID at my wall, and i would add you.
my LINE ID : meltchocs

4yr ago
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permalink Add me if you guys want :) :)

Line ID: sone9elf13

4yr ago
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permalink @Deadscream15

hope to make some friends! add me!

4yr ago
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permalink My ID is: Plumeloid. Feel free to add me :)

4yr ago
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permalink hey~ add me : firaghs
thanks before :)

4yr ago
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permalink My ID is oppas_aegyo_queen if anyone wants to add me~~~ I love making new friends from all over the world~!

4yr ago
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permalink I use Line as well ;-) My ID is Chrissy2504

4yr ago
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permalink Hello ^^
I've always used LINE for as long as I remember (in our country we use LINE most out of other chatting apps)

LINE ID --> suhavni02

3yr ago
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permalink Line is pretty interesting... I love its stickers more that the other similar apps... I do have a lot of anime stickers.. haha xDD ohh well~ ^^

3yr ago
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permalink Reighle.. but i don't use it much

3yr ago
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permalink You guys should add me ^-^ @Eccentric-bambi

3yr ago
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permalink Mine's is Astrodynamix! ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゙ Feel free to add me and shoot me a message any time!

3yr ago
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permalink My ID's are
desuzee - my main LINE for chatting with my friends
drevoi - my other LINE for used fandom
(i use 2 lines so that I could transfer photos from my laptop to my iPad and Fonepad 8)

Well, don't mind to add me..

3yr ago
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permalink talk to me :D @reighle

3yr ago
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permalink Yay! I have like no friends on Line which is pretty sad. My ID is minglechan

3yr ago
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permalink my ID is jansary

3yr ago
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permalink I downloaded line but none of my friends actually use it xD so I'd be glad if someone from JPA talks to me~

3yr ago
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permalink My ID is priyamchan

3yr ago
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permalink My ID is Anjelliex

Feel free to add and chat to me! I'd love to make new friends (・∪・)

3yr ago
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permalink Hey there, my ID is soloelsolo3 add me and free to talk about anyrhing
By the way im add all of you :o

3yr ago
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permalink I have LINE, but sadly no one reall talks to me on there xD
if anyone wants to add me im

3yr ago
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permalink i have 2 account
feel free to add and chat with me~ ^^

3yr ago
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permalink Can people from Taiwan use line?
Just wondering.
If so I'll make a line account

3yr ago
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permalink Yes~~ I have LINE PLAY for almost 4 years!! It was fun before the Feb 2016 update. It is not as fun as it used to be. BUT, if people go to the cafe, we might meet :D

Anyways, this isn't related to this post, but please, please take this quick survey for me!! Thank you^^

3yr ago
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permalink I have line too, I't really great!!
If you wanna add me, just ask my username *3*)9

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